(Korean Movies) CHEER UP, MR. LEE, 2018


Audience over 12 years old
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
1181960 people


'Chul-su' (Cha Seung-won), a reverse handsome man with a heart-pounding visual that makes the road stop
Contrary to his perfect appearance, in front of him who is more child-like than a child.
One day, a daughter who is more mature than an adult, Saetbyul (Um Chaeyoung), appears.

I saw it for the first time today… my daughter???
who are you?!

This Chuseok, 'daughter' was struck by lightning in the dry sky
The mysterious identity of Cheol-su is revealed!

[ Secret recipe for a comedy restaurant ]

Chuseok 2019, the only anti-war comedy
Comedy Masters' 'Funny Encounter' Captivating 20 Million Audiences
Director Cha Seung-won and Lee Gye-byeok, who believes and smiles

This Chuseok, a 'funny meeting' took place without losing the belly button. The original comedy restaurant Cha Seung-won and director Lee Gye-byeok, a new comedy restaurant that emerged from <Lucky>, visit the audience with <Cheer Up, Mr. Lee>.
Cha Seung-won, an all-around actor who is loved by the nation for not only movies, dramas, but also entertainment shows, will take on the role of 'Chul-su' and return to his main job, a comedy film. Cha Seung-won, who led the revival of Korean comedy films in the early 2000s with his charismatic appearance and savvy comedy acting in contrast to his charismatic appearance, is the director of <Silla Moonlight> <Turn on the Lighter> <Liberation Day Special Envoy> <Teacher Kim Bong-doo> <The Ghost Lives>< The 'Original Smile Guarantee Check' actor who made 14 million people laugh with comedy works such as "Chief and Governor". Director Lee Gye-byeok expressed his overwhelming feelings, saying, "For directors who make comedy films, learning Cha Seung-won is a kind of dream." Cha Seung-won also said, "I've been thirsty for the comedy genre for a long time." In particular, he perfectly digests the role of 'Chul-su', who holds the key to a mysterious reversal in this work, raising expectations for the essence of Cha Seung-won's character comedy.
The reason why Cha Seung-won-pyo's comedy acting, which has been released for a long time, is more anticipated is the excellent comedy directing ability of director Lee Gye-byeok, who proved the ability of actor Hae-jin through <Lucky>. Director Lee Gye-byeok, who has emerged as a new comedy restaurant by mobilizing about 7 million viewers with <Lucky>, plans to bring another pollution-free laugh to the theater this fall through <Cheer Up, Mr. Lee>. Director Lee Gye-byeok introduced a differentiating point, saying, "If <Lucky> was an anti-war comedy with 'fate reversed', <Cheer up, Mr. Lee> is an anti-war comedy that 'exceeds fate'." He added, “Every filming had to be fun and funny. If it's not funny, it's because it's unconditionally NG." In particular, this work raises expectations for the movie as Yong Film, a production company that continues to hit the box office by showing various genres from <The Handmaiden> to <Solo>, and director Lee Gye-byeok work together for the second time after <Lucky>. In this way, Comedy Master Cha Seung-won and director Lee Gye-byeok's 'Funny Encounter', which captivated a total of 20 million viewers, will sniper the nation's laughter during Chuseok.

'Comedy on Chuseok' continues the box office formula!
The one and only family movie that gets stronger the more you laugh!

While the box office formula for 'Comedy on the Holidays' is working with laughter that encompasses all generations of men and women, <Cheer Up, Mr. Lee>, which will provide laughter as well as reversal fun, is expected to take over the box office box office success. Released on the occasion of the Lunar New Year holiday in 2014, <Suspicious Woman> recorded a surprise box office hit with a character full of personality and a sympathetic story that spans generations. Then in 2017, Chuseok <I Can Speak> captivated the audience with a reversal of sincerity and communication between generations that made me laugh. <Extreme Job>, which visited the audience during the Lunar New Year holiday in 2019, hit a box office home run with 16 million viewers in a fresh setting where the whole family could laugh together.
<Cheer up, Mr. Lee> draws attention with the setting in which Mr. Lee's 'Chul-su' finds his mysterious secret after being struck by lightning by his daughter overnight. 'Chul-su' is known as a master of hand-crafting the famous restaurant 'Daebok Kalguksu', but as his past as a firefighter who changed everyone's fate in the movie is gradually revealed, he plays an active role as a person with 'the key of reversal'. Cha Seung-won, who plays the role of 'Chul-su', will show various performances like a representative comedy actor through various reversal charms, from a perfect suit to unconventional perm hair.
In this way, the only comedy film this Chuseok that adds unexpected twists to a delightful comedy, <Cheer up, Mr. Lee> is a box office hit that will brighten up the holidays in 2019 following <Miss Suspicious>, <I Can Speak>, and <Extreme Job>. will establish itself as a runner.

'Daughter' Cha Seung-won hit by lightning & Um Chae-young, a grown-up daughter, reborn as a true family!
Pleasant bloodline chemistry & reversal fun

<Cheer up, Mr. Lee> is a work that depicts an anti-war comedy that takes place as 'Chul-su' (Cha Seung-won), who is struck by lightning overnight, finds his mysterious identity. 'Chul-su', played by Cha Seung-won, the representative actor of the original comedy, catches the eye with a pure reversal charm that is more like a child than a child with a perfect visual that stops the road. One day, Cheol-su's daughter, Saet-byeol, appears like a thunderbolt, making a strange contrast with Cheol-su with a more mature figure than an adult. The existence of his father, Cheol-su, whom he met for the first time in his life, is also unfamiliar to ‘Saetbyul’, who has matured a little earlier due to his long hospital stay. Before they even realize each other's existence, 'Chul-su' witnesses his daughter 'Saet-byeol' escaping from the hospital and follows her unconditionally. The pleasant bloodline chemistry of 'Chul-su' and 'Saeb-byul' created by the quarrelsome journey, as well as the hidden reversal of the mysterious past of Cheol-soo, is revealed, and the way he grows up into a true family will bring a warm smile to the audience.
Cha Seung-won, who plays the role of 'Chul-su," and Chae-yeong Um, who plays the role of 'Saet-byul', work together like a real woman in the pleasant bloodline chemistry of a novice woman who grows stronger when they work together. In particular, Um Chae-young, who took her first lead role in <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>, surprised all the actors and staff on the set with a fantastic breath of receiving Cha Seung-won's ad-lib from the first filming. Um Chae-young's natural acting was possible thanks to Cha Seung-won's delicate consideration. In the middle of filming, Cha Seung-won not only leads a comfortable atmosphere by playing pranks without a break, but also shows a friendly side by preparing snacks and singing songs to comfort Um Chae-young, who is crying over the regret of the last filming. Cha Seung-won and Um Chae-young's real-life chemistry, who were close like a real family, was reflected in the characters of 'Chul-su' and 'Saet-byul', and completed a single anti-war comedy for Chuseok, which is powerful when you watch it with a pleasant laugh.

From Haeun Park to Hyeok Kim, Gilgang Ahn, Hyebin Jeon, Hancheol Jo, Jiru Seong!
Comedy scene stealers with both personality and acting skills are on the go!

In 2019, Chuseok's only anti-war comedy <Cheer up, Mr. Lee> draws attention with the rookie daughters Cha Seung-won and Um Chae-young, as well as comedy scene stealers who believe and watch with their unique presence and unique acting skills.
Actor Park Hae-jun, who left a deep impression with his intense acting across various genres, took on the role of 'Chul-su' and his younger brother 'Young-su' in <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>. “I wondered why I haven’t done comedy until now. Like the story of director Lee Gye-byeok, "I was happy to know that such an actor exists," he showed off his presence by challenging the comedy genre for the first time through life-like acting. Here, actors Kim Hye-ok and Ahn Gil-kang, who are full of acting skills, returned to the screen after a long time and breathed life into the movie. Kim Hye-ok played the role of 'Hee-ja', a foolish granddaughter of her most sincere granddaughter, and Ahn Gil-kang perfectly digested the role of the gym leader that 'Chul-su' attends, adding a pleasant laugh. Jeon Hye-bin, who worked with director Lee Gye-byeok for the second time following <Lucky>, took on the role of 'Eun-hee', who lives with her immature husband 'Young-su'. Jeon Hye-bin, who received a lot of love for leaving the famous line "I'm so scared" in <Lucky>, which captured 7 million viewers, showed off the power of a comic fairy by delivering the line "I'm so scared" in the trailer for <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>. In addition, following <Lucky>, actor Jo Han-cheol, who once again met with director Lee Gye-byeok, and licorice actor Seong Ji-ru, who boasts an irreplaceable personality, have completed a fantastic comedy lineup.
In this way, the lively comic chemistry of the scene stealer corps of shining acting powers doubles the expectations for the movie <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>, which will be responsible for the laughter of the people throughout Chuseok this year.

Yongfilm X Director Lee Gye-byeok, the most anticipated meeting this Chuseok
Anti-war comedy preview that will continue the box office genealogy of <Lucky>!

Yongfilm, who has presented meaningful works to theaters with excellent planning skills, is coming again with the upcoming Chuseok <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>. Yongfilm, which brought about a revival of the comedy genre by mobilizing about 7 million viewers through the movie <Lucky> in 2016, prepared a special anti-war comedy <Cheer up, Mr. Lee> with director Lee Gye-byeok, who directed <Lucky>. Unlike <Lucky>, which depicts the anti-war comedy of a man whose ‘destiny is reversed’, <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>, which depicts the anti-war comedy of a man who ‘transcends fate’, is an unpredictable story and makes the entire nation laugh this Chuseok. It is expected to make you stronger. In addition, actor Cha Seung-won, who showed a relationship with Yongfilm through <Solo Battle>, is gradually increasing the audience's interest in Yongfilm's new work <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>, which heralded a return to the comedy genre after a long time.
Yongfilm, which is continuing its box office hit with films such as <Beauty Inside>, <Lucky>, <The Handmaiden>, and <Solo>, has achieved great success with its wide spectrum of films, from the production scale to the genre and the actors. All of the work has been recognized. From developing original screenplays to remakes, YongFilm, which has produced various films regardless of method, ambitiously presents the new comedy <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>, which will show its potential at the theater this Chuseok.

[ Reverse Laugh Recipe ]

A spoonful of hand taste, a spoonful of emotion
From Kalguksu restaurant to children's ward
Behind the creation of a special space

The production team of <Cheer up, Mr. Lee> focused on creating and expressing a space where the characters in the play could blend well. The space of Daebok Kalguksu, run by the 'Chul-su' family, is an old restaurant where two brothers continue their mother's taste, and was set in Seochon, where tradition and elegance still remain in Seoul. This was to create a space where you can feel the taste of the hand that has been passed down from generation to generation. The scenery showing the process of 'Chul-su' kneading flour and making hand-made noodles is enough to give the impression of a friendly neighborhood restaurant that you might have seen at least once while passing by. The staff actually focused on using detailed props to the point where they borrowed a stick from an old shop and took the picture. On the other hand, director Lee Gye-byeok said, "I wanted a house with a lot of luck." I think it’s a friendly name,” he said, telling the story behind the scenes. As such, Kalguksujip, which is also the home of the 'Chulsu' family, has been completed as a space full of emotions where you can feel the human side of each character.
The children's ward, where 'Saetbyul' lives in the movie, is portrayed with a comfortable and warm sensibility rather than the overwhelming feeling of a large hospital. It is a place where 'Saetbyul' and friends have been spending more time than at home, and it is expressed to feel like a family through the children taking care of each other's birthdays. Using a hospital in Busan, the production crew was able to capture the bright atmosphere of the actual scenario from the hospital room to the hallway, lobby, and clean room in the movie. Art director Lee Na-gyeom said, "I wanted it to be seen as a warm feeling like a children's hideout rather than a hospital." Due to the delicate efforts of the production team, the child actors in the children's ward were able to play comfortably in a warm and bright atmosphere.

The filming site was fun despite the heat wave warning!
A delightful filming site where everyone, from the citizens of Daegu to the actors and the production crew, gave their strength!

At the time of filming in 2018, the highest temperature in Daegu was over 40 degrees Celsius, and there was a series of heatwaves. Actors and staff who continued filming in Daegu, the symbolic space of the movie, all united and recalled the hottest weather as the most difficult episode. However, even the sweltering heat of the site could not stop the pleasant and enjoyable filming atmosphere of the <Cheer up, Mr. Lee> team. On the hottest summer day, many actors, including actor Cha Seung-won, who took an outdoor shoot, created an atmosphere of constant laughter and enjoyed the scene enough to forget the heat. In particular, Cha Seung-won, as a comedy veteran, led the atmosphere by sticking to the character of 'Chul-su' in the film even on set. Art director Lee Na-gyeom did not spare his admiration, saying, "Actress Cha Seung-won pleasantly led the scene to the point of forgetting the heat." Director of Photography Kim Jung-won said, “It was a filming site that became ‘healing’. It was sad and sad to think that it was over,” he said, suggesting a fun scene.
The active cooperation and consideration of the citizens of Daegu also played a role in energizing the field. The production team, who had vague anxiety that it would be difficult to control due to the nature of the outdoor space, was able to proceed smoothly thanks to the consideration and cooperation of the citizens of Daegu. In particular, the scene taken while moving from Daegu Station to Dongseong-ro was possible because there were citizens who followed the crew and controlled everything from noise to vehicles. Thanks to the consideration of the citizens of Daegu, the actors were able to concentrate on the emotional scene even in an atmosphere where it would be difficult to immerse themselves in it.
Even in the heat of the heatwave, the movie <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>, which contains the atmosphere of the scene where everyone from Daegu citizens to actors and production team came together and filmed happily, continues the 'Comedy for the Holidays' box office formula, and the audience who visits the theater this Chuseok It will provide a lot of fun to them.

[ Behind story ]

An unexpected twist in <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>
Director Lee Gye-byeok's sincerity

February 18, 2003, Daegu Jungang-ro Station. A railroad accident that caused the greatest loss of life occurred in Korea due to a fire that should not have happened. 16 years have passed since the Daegu subway fire incident, and in many people's memory, Daegu in 2003 faded. <Cheer Up, Mr. Lee>, which will greet the audience with a single anti-war comedy for Chuseok 2019, tries to convey the power to remember that time and move forward to the audience through the story of a firefighter who threw himself there. Through a Q&A with director Lee Gye-byeok, who directed the film, we will find out the process that contains the sincerity.

Why was the story of Daegu in 2003 filmed?
When I was thinking about receiving an offer to direct, there was a fire in my house. I can't dare compare it to what happened 16 years ago, but I decided after seriously reviewing the scenario, recalling the emotions I felt when I went into the house to put out the fire. A movie character was created based on the story of a firefighter who entered the subway passage at the time of the incident and rescued 12 people who were trapped in the machine room. I interviewed the firefighters who were on the scene at the time, and watching them still bear the trauma of that time, I listened more to their stories. We wanted to give them strength through the movie, but he gave us advice and advice for the movie, and on the contrary, we gained a lot of strength. Always keep a grateful heart.

What process did you prepare for making the film?
Naturally, I first visited the 2•18 Safety Culture Foundation, which was established by the families of the victims, and listened to opinions about the film. Foundation members expressed their deep regret that the incident 16 years ago is gradually being forgotten from people's memories. Thank you for your active cooperation, such as watching the script of the movie first and doing the interview. 2•18 The Safety Culture Foundation is a group of people who want to inform the world of memories, healing, growth, and participation in order with the vision of 'a safe world in our hands'. We hope that through our film, we can 'memory', the first step in our hearts.

What message did you want to convey to the audience who will watch <Cheer up, Mr. Lee>?
We hoped that we would not forget that there are people around us who have suffered various injuries, including the Daegu subway fire incident, and I hope that the audience will extend a warm hand to them. I hope <Cheer up, Mr. Lee> will be one of the ways to share the pain and reach out to them.

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