(Korean Movies) Chaw, 2009

Chaw, 2009

Chaw, 2009
Audience over 12 years old
running time
121 minutes
cumulative audience
1778843 people


Samma-ri, a crime-free village for 10 years
A murder case of unknown cause has occurred!

Sammae-ri, a quiet and peaceful village located deep in the mountains. One day, a horribly torn corpse is found in this busy weekend farm preparation, and the villagers are instantly engulfed in anxiety and fear. The indiscriminate murders that follow… Cheon Il-man (Jang Hang-seon), a former catcher who lost her granddaughter in this incident, is convinced that all this was the work of a mutant wild boar named 'Chow'.

Meanwhile, an incident occurs where the elderly mother of the hot-tempered Kim Soon-kyung (Uhm Tae-woong), who was demoted from Seoul and descended to Samma-ri with her family, goes missing. Kim Soon-kyung, who had a foreboding that it was done by 'Chow', joins the pursuit team formed by Cheon Il-man. Finally, an animal ecology researcher Byun Byun (Jung Yu-mi), a professional hunter Baek Po-su (Yoon Je-moon), and Shin Hyeong-sa (Park Hyuk-kwon) in charge of the investigation, the five-man pursuit team heads to the mountain to catch the cannibal boar 'Chow'. …

Hunting for humans by the cruel man-eating wild boar 'Chow'!
In July 2009, the showdown between 'Chow' and the five-man chase begins!

[ Prologue ]

December 23, 2004 / SBS 8 o'clock news
Tomb damage in winter due to wild boar tyranny
There are more than 200 cemeteries that have been attacked by wild boars in Mijo-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

September 1, 2006 / YTN News
Crop damage due to the increase in the number of wild boars is getting worse! The number of cases of agricultural damage increases year by year

October 14, 2006 / Chosun Ilbo
Wando, Jeollanam-do, kills a 280 kg giant wild boar that attacked black goats every night
More than 30 black goats found with only their bones left
It is estimated that there are several more wild boars of similar size, and the residents at the time were terrified.

April 11, 2007 / No Cut News
A wild boar the size of a calf appeared at Yongheung Elementary School in Buk-gu, Pohang-si, and a fight with the gym teacher

October 19, 2007 / Money Today
"The wild boar is catching the farmhouse!" 90.4 billion damage in the last 5 years from 2002

March 20, 2008 / SBS News Parade
Ulsan, wild boar 'escape from the farm' breaks into elementary school

May 11, 2008 / SBS 8 o'clock news
The story of Geoje residents who set out to hunt wild boars attacking the edible bamboo shoot fields

Damage to crops, as well as attacks on livestock and people
Until recently, incidents caused by wild boars were frequent and varied.
And recently, the appearance of a giant pig making headlines!

June 2, 2009 / Now News
The reality of the giant pig revealed for the first time in three years, witnessing the scene of eating a cow

June 2, 2009 / Yonhap News
Wild boar riots in downtown Gumi at night

Even during the Japanese colonial era in 1937, a wild boar appeared in the case of the Baekbaekkyo sect. Baekbaekyo, a murder religion that gained notoriety by slaughtering about 2,000 members. The head of the school, Jeon Hae, committed suicide while being pursued by the police. After that, the Japanese police found his body, which was eaten by a wild boar, making it difficult to recognize. The only thing left of the corpse was the head and the nape of the neck. Jeon Hae's head was dipped in alcohol and is still stored at the National Institute of Forensic Sciences.

and… In 2009, deep in Mt. Jirisan, Sammae-ri, a village without crime for 10 years
A man-eating wild boar 'Chow' has appeared!

[ CHAW ]

Because it lives deep in the mountains.
Rarely has anyone seen

through the media such as TV and newspapers,
common wild boar
Scientific name: Sus scrofa cranus
Classification: Joiner Boar
Lifestyle: When it's cold and snowy, they come down from the mountains in search of food.
Size: body length 1.1~1.8m, shoulder height 55~110cm, weight 50~280kg
Body color: brown or black
Reproduction: Breeding period from December to January, gestation period for 114 to 140 days, and from 7 to 8 to 12 to 13 are born in May.
Habitat: Deep mountains, especially hardwoods
Distribution: Central and southern Eurasia

What is 'CHAW', a cannibal wild boar?

Hangul (Myeong) A frame for luring and catching beasts. Dialect of 'trap' (Gyeonggi, Chungbuk)
English (dialect) to chew on (slang) a bite, … get rid of
Movie (People) A cannibal wild boar that made the three villages of Jirisan, a crime-free village for 10 years tremble in fear
The scientific name of 'Holochorus minor chjani' is an exotic and unidentified species.
The nucleotide sequence that determines the genetic pigment is mutated, leading to a cannibal tendency.

[ About movie ]

The evolution of entertainment movies, a well-made monster adventure <Chow>
A movie that everyone can enjoy together!

The movie <Chow> revolves around the fast-paced confrontation between Chow, a cannibal boar who goes on a hunt for humans, and the pursuit of 5 people. Adhering to its distinctive genre, this work, which claims to be a 'monster adventure', is expected to present the essence of a well-made movie in 2009 with a fresh material called 'man-eating wild boar', lively CG, and impressive performances by actors. Director Shin Jung-won's new work <Chow>, which captured 2 million viewers nationwide by creating a unique genre called 'funky horror' with <Sicily 2km> in 2004 Not only did he give birth to a real monster by giving him the intimidating tendency of 'cannibals', he also thrilledly captures the battle between 'Chow' and humans in the adventure genre, and will also show his unique comical sensibility and theme. A monster 'Chow' that gives a realistic sense of fear. And the dizzying chase of the 'chasing' chasing 'Chow', who commits indiscriminate murder, gives you the unique entertainment that an adventure movie has to offer, and it will become the best entertainment movie for all generations of 1070's.

First Korean movie! A familiar but fresh material that you have never encountered before!
Man-eating wild boar 'Chow' appeared!

A recent hot issue in the Korean film industry is making films based on real stories or historical facts as motifs or events that are likely to happen in real life. This is because works based on facts that have been encountered many times through the news or the media add a sense of reality to the audience and arouse higher curiosity. In the first half of 2009, <Chow>, who seeks the screen, is the first in Korea to show 'Rebellion of Familiar Animals' in line with this trend, amplifying the curiosity of the audience. In particular, if many monster movies, including the Korean films <The War> and <Monster>, were based on creature monsters, <Chow> emphasizes reality. Like <Jaws> and <Anaconda>, which gave realistic fear to the public with real life beings as the subject, the monster adventure <Chow> is about a 'wild boar' that actually appears in private houses in rural areas of Korea and even in the city center, causing various damage. adopted and reborn as a real monster, adding to the sense of fear. In this way, the struggle between 'Chow', who goes on a hunt for humans while making Sammae-ri, a village without crime for 10 years, trembles with fear, and 'The Chase of Five', each trying to catch 'Chow' for different purposes, gives viewers a sense of freshness in the movie. You will enjoy the excitement and thrill of the material.

Uhm Tae-woong, Jung Yu-mi, Jang Hang-seon, Yoon Je-moon, Park Hyuk-kwon
Korea's representative actors gathered in one place!

Tae-woong Uhm, Yu-mi Jeong, Hang-seon Jang, Je-moon Yoon, and Hyuk-kwon Park, who are considered representative actors across the screen and CRT, united in the monster adventure 'Chow' as a 'five-man chase' who fights for life with the cannibal boar 'Chow'. Those who boast excellent acting sense are harmoniously integrated with the characters with strong personalities appearing in the movie to enhance the perfection of the work. Uhm Tae-woong, who is called 'Um-Force' for his gentle and charismatic image, Jung Yu-mi, who was loved for his quirky and lively image in <Birth of a Family> and <Isn't It Good>, and <Monster> and <Mean Street> left a deep impression on the audience. Yoon Je-moon, Jang Hang-sun, a middle-aged actor who gives weight to the work, and Park Hyuk-kwon, who has his own acting style. Those who have played the role through many works boast fantastic acting breathing in <Chow> and go hunting for 'Chow' with different goals. In addition, the purpose of hunting 'Chow' of the characters they take on is to create various episodes, build a dense story, and captivate the viewers.

A new paradigm in Korean film production!
The movie <Chow> was born when Korean and American technology met

While the reputation of Korean films is increasing worldwide, filmmakers from many countries are focusing their attention on Korean films. As technological cooperation with other countries becomes easier, Korea is also creating high-quality works by introducing a more rational system. In keeping with this trend of the times, the monster adventure <Chow> presents a new paradigm for Korean film production by combining talented Hollywood staff and technological prowess. In particular, the location in the US, which was conducted for the perfection of the film, brought about a reduction in production costs. First, in order to vividly bring back the cannibal wild boar, the most important material of the movie and the starting point of the story, on the screen, <Lemony Sneakers' Dangerous Showdown> <Perfect Storm> <Tomorrow> <Sign> <Star Wars Episode 1: Invisible 'Hans Ulric', who was mainly in charge of CG for Hollywood blockbuster movies such as 'Danger', 'Shin Dong-yeop', a Korean-American who was in charge of CG supervisor in Hollywood such as <Superman Returns>, <Sin City> and <Die Hard 4>, and the CG staff for <The War> was completed by In addition, the location in the United States, where it was possible to create a mysterious and peaceful atmosphere of 'Sammae-ri', which is the main stage of the movie, facilitated the shooting. The US location of <Chow>, which is set in a wooded forest, not only facilitates the post-production process, including CG, but also has a forest with a movie shooting system compared to Korea where it is difficult to shoot a movie due to the steep mountain. It was possible to proceed with the production cost and reasonable system. <Chow>, which caught both rabbits in terms of cost-effectiveness and technology throughout the production, will show its true value as a next-generation well-made movie.

[ Production Note ]

This is how the man-eating wild boar's attack on the screen, 'Chow', was made!
'Chow' through the hands of famous Hollywood and Korean staff!

The completion of 'Chow', a cannibal boar, is the most important key and key in the movie <Chow>. There were a lot of difficulties in the production stage because we had to create a new image of a familiar animal 'wild boar', which is not 100% imaginary like the existing 'monster' movies. In particular, in the case of 'Chow', it requires more delicate and sophisticated work because it is a mammal whose body is made of hair, rather than a smooth appearance like a dinosaur or an alligator. Accordingly, while the production team was looking for a team with a lot of experience and talent, they chose 'Hans Ulric', who was in charge of CG for Hollywood blockbusters such as <Star Wars Episode 1: The Unseen Danger>, <Tomorrow> and <The Perfect Storm>. In addition, three versions of 'Chow' were created with the advice of 'Stiffen Pengmeyer', who was in charge of visual supervisor in <Terminator 2>, <Jurassic Park> and <Saving Private Ryan> and grabbed the megaphone of <Eragon>. Those are 'CG Chow', 'Animetronics Chow', and 'Stunt Chow'.

'Animetronics Chow' is a robot-like body that can express delicate movements from body movements to a single facial muscle. played a role 'Animetronics Chow' was in front of the actors, helping them to focus more on the situation in the play. In the case of 'Stunt Chow', the action of 'Chow' in the movie was expressed, and it gave a movement effect as if a real wild boar had flesh. Finally, 'CG Chow', which was created through post-production, was completed by 'Hans Ulric', Korean American 'Dongyeop Shin', and the CG team of <D-War>. If 'Animatronics Chow' and 'Stunt Chow' increased the tension of the play on the set, 'Dongyeop Shin' and 'Hans Ulric', who created 'CG Chow', used delicacy and reality in 'Chow'. 'CG Chow' enhanced the film's perfection by showing the hair and movements surrounding Chow's body more naturally.

Sammae-ri, a crime-free village at the foot of Jirisan!

From San Francisco to Jeongseon, Gangwon-do
The location campaign that crosses borders is completed!

<Chow> completed a long six-month long journey between Korea and the United States, from the first filming in San Francisco in March last year to the crank-up in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, Korea in July of the same year. The location that crossed the border had to be made because the film's main setting and crime-free village Sammae-ri at the foot of Mt. In order to select a space that is easy to shoot while having a deep and quiet mountain setting, the production team has been traveling the whole country, including Gangwon-do, Chungcheong and Gyeonggi-do, Gyeongsang, and Jeolla-do for nearly two years, searching for filming locations, Sokcho, Jeongseon, Chuncheon, Sokcho, Misiryeong, etc. were finally selected, and filming took place not only in Korea but also in San Francisco, USA.

In the deep forest where 'The Chase of Five' is chased by a cannibal boar Chow, the Grange Forest in San Francisco, USA, which was also the backdrop for one of the chase scenes in <Star Wars Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi>. It was possible to proceed with a more reasonable system in this place where a movie shooting system can be easily equipped compared to Korea, where it is not easy to shoot a movie due to the steep mountains. In particular, the scene where the white catcher invited by the villagers captures the sow and holds a feast in the village is an important scene in which 'Chow' appears in front of the villagers, and was filmed separately in the United States and Korea. The scene where 'Chow' threatens people outside the town hall was filmed in the United States, and the scene where 20 to 30 auxiliary actors and actors portrayed as villagers appeared in Korea. The part where 'Chow' appears and creates tension is a scene where a mysterious atmosphere and tension must be created, and it was conducted in the United States, which boasts a more exotic landscape than Korea. On the other hand, the village hall set scene, which shows the chaos caused by 'Chow', was filmed in Korea, effectively coordinating many extras, and was able to create a perfect scene. The town hall scene created in this way is one of the highlights of the movie <Chow>, which will bring visual pleasure to the audience.

100% real!
9 nights and 10 days in an abandoned coal mine where all the movie family risked their lives!

The highlight of the monster adventure <Chow> is the scene in which Kim Soon-kyung (Uhm Tae-woong) and Soo-ryun (Jung Yu-mi) are chasing after each other in a coal mine. This scene, which gives the viewers the best tension and makes their hands sweat, was conducted in an actual abandoned coal mine in Gangwon-do. After searching all over the country, the place that caught the eyes of the producers was an abandoned coal mine in Samcheok, Gangwon-do. This place, which started quarrying in the 1960s and closed in 2001, was a dizzying place with a 600m underground tunnel, a four-story steel elevator with inadequate safety devices, and dozens of tons of iron structures that looked dangerous. . However, the producers and actors started preparing for filming without hesitation, saying, “This is the perfect place for a breathtaking chase scene with ‘Chow’.” Filming in the abandoned coal mine took place for 9 nights and 10 days, and the actors and staff drank huge amounts of coal powder and showed their fighting spirit. The actors performed the act of running away on a four-story wall and a pipe without a double, and the cinematographer, who did not spare himself to capture a realistic image, was hit by a rail car, and dangerous situations continued. However, thanks to the staff and actors who came together for the key scene of the movie, the filming was able to end safely. In the weeks after filming was over, black coal that did not disappear even after washing was reported from the clothes and shoes of all the staff.

Roll, run, run, fall, fly!
The actors' action fighting spirit shines!

The monster adventure <Chow> contained a bout between 'The Chase of Five' and 'Chow', so there was no choice but to have a lot of action by the actors. Thanks to the fighting spirit of the actors who had to run and roll non-stop to film the scene of being chased and chased by a cannibal boar, the film's characteristic 'Adventure' was able to be captured on the screen. Uhm Tae-woong, Jung Yu-mi, Jang Hang-seon, Yoon Je-moon, and Park Hyuk-kwon continued to run around the Grange Forest of San Francisco and the mountains of Gangwon-do throughout the filming. In particular, Uhm Tae-woong and Jung Yu-mi were characters who compete head-to-head with cannibals until the second half of the play, so the intensity of the action was greater. Running all day is basic, and he had to perform high-level actions such as descending from a high place by relying only on wires from places where dangerous objects are scattered everywhere. In the process of chasing 'Chow', Uhm Tae-woong was burnt to the abdomen with a misfire of a small rifle, while Jung Yu-mi performed the action without a double in rehearsal, and ate raw black goat meat and caterpillars, acting hard to imagine as an actress. I digested it myself. Thanks to the action performances that did not spare their bodies, such as running on a slippery rock full of moss, their bodies did not have a good day throughout the filming. It was not uncommon to fall and get hurt, and I had to deal with major and minor injuries such as sprained ankles and bleeding. However, the actors clenched their teeth without a word of complaint and surprised those around them by acting, and the five actors who worked hard until the last filming were the first contributors to creating the fervor of <Chow> throughout the filming.

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