(Korean Movies) C’est Si Bon, 2015


C’est Si Bon, 2015
Audience over 15
running time
122 minutes
cumulative audience
1715370 people


There was a third member in 'Twin Folio', which became a legend in the Korean folk music scene?!

‘Cési Bong’, a music appreciation room that produced folk crazes such as Cho Young-nam, Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-ju, and Song Chang-sik, who caused a folk craze in the Korean music scene. They meet for the first time as rivals. The president of 'Ce Si Bong' proposes to form a trio team for their singer debut, and Janghee Lee, the exclusive producer of the self-proclaimed 'Ce Si Bong', accidentally hears Geun-Tae Oh's low-pitched voice and intuitions that he is a 'hidden stone' that will fill the gap between the two. Geun-tae Oh, a 'Tongyeong village boy' who can't even catch the guitar chord properly, accidentally joined as a member of 'Trio Cesibong' due to Lee Jang-hee's teasing. I decide to sing a song for…

At that time, the music listening room 'Cesibong' that dominated Mugyo-dong, the street of youth.
The one and only muse that captured everyone's hearts and the unforgettable memories of first love…

[ Hot Issue ]

Kim Yun-seok-Jung-woo, Kim Hee-ae and Han Hyo-joo are the hottest two-person cast!
Jang Hyeon-seong, Jin-goo, Kang Ha-neul, Jo Bok-rae, Kim In-kwon
Boasting amazing synchronization with real people
Fantastic casting combination!

Boasting a highly complete scenario, <Ce Si-Bong>, which boasts a highly complete screenplay, all actors unite and say, “I decided to appear immediately based on the scenario”, Kim Yun-seok, Jung-woo, Kim Hee-ae, Han Hyo-joo, Jang Hyeon-seong, Jin-goo, Kang Ha-neul, Jo Bok-rae, and Kim In-kwon are representatives of Korea. From actors to screen-watchers, we have completed the strongest casting combination. As Kang Ha-neul, who plays the role of Yoon Hyeong-joo, said, “I was thrilled just to be able to feel their music and live their lives for a while by playing the youths of ‘Ce Si-Bong’ at that time. Based on one gem-like masterpiece, the harmony between Hyun-seong Jang, Jin-goo, Kang Ha-neul, Jo Bok-rae, and Kim In-kwon, with real people and unique actors boasting an amazing synchronization rate, presents a joy to watch. In addition, Kim Yun-seok, Jung-woo, Kim Hee-ae, and Han Hyo-joo are expected to portray the heartbreaking first love with the perfect breathing of the two-person cast, which caused a lot of attention.

Director Kim Hyeon-seok, who directed <Cesibong>, said, “Jung-woo took on the role of Oh Geun-tae, a 20-year-old villager in Tongyeong, who showed his pure first love. By casting Kim Yun-seok, who has been playing the role, I wanted the audience to be curious about the changes in Oh Geun-tae’s life.” About Han Hyo-joo and Kim Hee-ae, who played the role of Min Ja-young, the only muse loved by 'Cési-bong', he said, "For the role of Min Ja-young, we needed an actor with an aura that is attractive and not discouraged even among prominent men. Currently, I think that Han Hyo-joo is the only actor in Chungmuro who can satisfy both conditions. Casting a 40-year-old comparable to that was difficult, but the moment I met Kim Hee-ae, I thought she was the best actress. Kim Hee-ae, who is still enjoying her heyday with her unchanging beauty 20 years ago and now, is the actress who best fits the saying 'People who love never grow old' that <Ce Si Bong> is trying to convey."

On the other hand, about Jin-goo and Jang Hyeon-seong, who play the free spirits of Lee Jang-hee in 'Ce Si-bong', "I was surprised to see Jin-goo as Jin-goo and Jang Hyeon-seong as Jang Hyun-sung, and teacher Jang-hee Lee as they really resembled each other. Even the acquaintances of Mr. Jang-hee Lee recognized it,” he added, adding to the anticipation for the amazing synchronicity of his appearance. In addition, Hyung-joo Yoon and Chang-sik Song, members of the legendary duo 'Twin Folio', which caused a folk craze in the Korean music scene, were marked by Kang Ha-neul, who has been reborn as a popular actor, and Cho Bok-rae, who has solidified his skills on the theatrical stage. . Lastly, the role of superstar Jo Young-nam of 'Ce Si Bong' is played by Kim In-kwon, who has established himself as a representative individual actor in Chungmuro through <Haeundae> and <Divine Move>. You will show your presence.

<Cyrano; Love Operations Team><Kwangsik’s younger brother Gwangtae>
Director Kim Hyun-seok of 'The Romantic on the Screen'
Recharge the emotions of all generations of audiences with analog first love!

The movie <Ce Si Bong> is set in Mugyo-dong music appreciation room ‘Ce Si Bong’, which produced Cho Young-nam, Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-joo, and Song Chang-sik, who caused a folk craze in Korea. A work that tells a story. <Cyrano; Director Kim Hyun-seok, a romantic on the screen who stimulated the sympathy of the faint first love of many audiences with works such as "Love Operations Team" and "Kwang-shik's younger brother, Gwang-tae", returned with <Ce Si-Bong>.

Director Kim Hyun-seok, who said, “<Cési Bon> is the story of the youth of those days and the story of our first love through music”, explained why he chose 'Ce Si Bon' as the main setting as well as the title of the movie. I got a lot of inspiration when I listened to the songs of the teachers of 'Cési Bong'. In the music of Youngnam Cho, Janghee Lee, Hyeongju Yoon, and Changsik Song, there are especially many songs about love. The story of 'Cési Bong' began with the imagination that they might have written these masterpieces when they fell in love. started writing,” he said. He also said, “I wanted to show in a roundabout way that the image of the youth of ‘Ce Si-Bong’, a youth street in Mugyo-dong at that time, and the image of the youth living today, have not changed.”

He said that he wanted to portray the sympathy for 'love' that transcends generations through <Ce Si Bon>. <Ce Si Bon> is set in the culture of my father's and mother's generation, but it contains the love story of young people regardless of age or generation. The clumsy, yet fresh, and heartbreaking love around the age of 20 existed at any age, and everyone must have experienced it at least once. I want the audience to feel that our parents’ generation loved these kinds of music while experiencing the same worries and pains as we did.”

<Cesibong>, which depicts the heartbreaking first love story of a 20-year-old who has experienced at least once with director Kim Hyun-seok's unique, delicate directing ability, is scheduled to fill the sensibility of audiences of all generations in February 2015.

'Cesibong' syndrome resurrected on the screen!
Fun to look at, fun to listen to, and a feeling of affection
The birth of a movie that satisfies the five senses in 2015!

The members of 'Cési Bong', such as Jo Young-nam, Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-ju, Song Chang-sik, and Kim Se-hwan, who appeared as guests on the entertainment program [Come to Play] in 2010, gave honest and pleasant talk and memorable folk music, creating a fanatic base regardless of generation. It spread as a craze for 'Cési Bong' and created a retro craze in Korea. Based on the story of young people who met for the first time there, fell in love with music and fell in love, as well as the fervor of 'Cési-Bong', which dominated the era, the movie <Cési-Bong> heralds the 'Ce-Si-Bong' syndrome once again on the screen following the CRT. .
<Ce Si Bong>, which started from the assumption that the legendary duo 'Twin Folio', which emerged as a god of popular music at that time, was actually a trio of three, was born in the background of the music listening room 'Ce Si Bong', which was a hot place for young people. Real people such as Jo Young-nam, Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-ju, and Song Chang-sik and their music, as well as real people such as Oh Geun-tae and Min Ja-young, and their heartbreaking first love story are added, the film satisfies the five senses. was born with From the debut song of 'Twin Folio', [White Handkerchief], to [Tobacco Shop Lady] with Song Chang-sik's excellent voice, [Wedding Cake] containing Oh Geun-tae's mournful heart for Min Ja-young, Cho Young-nam's debut song [ Delilah], 'Trio Cesibong' Hyung-joo Yoon, Chang-sik Song, and Geun-tae Oh stand out for the exquisite harmony of [When the saints go marching in], and Jang-hee Lee's representative song [I'll give it all to you] ] and other representative songs of Korean folk music will catch your ears. This gem-like repertoire is placed in the right place for the story of <Césibon> and blends with the scene as if it represents the heart of the protagonist.

The giants of Korean folk music, who are called the friends of the so-called 'Ce Si Bon', said, "It's the 'Ce Si Bon' of that time, but I think it's a youthful image that even young people these days can relate to. I hope that <Cési Bong> will become a film that can serve as a bridge to confirm that ‘this is our youth’” (Hyung Joo Yoon), “I thought that ‘Ce Si Bong’ was the cradle of youth culture, which was based on acoustic guitar, jeans, and beer. it costs I am also looking forward to the movie more because I enjoyed the 'Ce Si Bon' culture, which I was immersed in music because I just liked music, and I was also a member. The place that brought me the biggest change in my life is ‘Cési-Bong’” (Chang-Sik Song), etc.

[ Production Note ]

From the fashion style of the youth to the music that dominated that time
Perfect reproduction of the best hot place 'Cesibong'!
Behind-the-scenes story behind the production of <Cesibong> directly heard from the staff!

“Even in the costumes, we tried to match the synchronicity of the characters.”
#1_ <Sunny> <Tazza – Hand of God> Chae Kyung-wha, Head of Costume Department

At that time, most of the outfits, such as the mini skirts of young women who roamed the streets of Mugyo-dong, were self-made by referring to old samples and 1960s fashion books that were airlifted from abroad. In particular, Min Ja-young, in her twenties, made a variety of clothes with so much effort that there were clothes that were never worn. As the muse of 'Cési Bong', Min Ja-young's outfit in her twenties, whose goal was to look attractive and sophisticated, was modeled on Jane Birkin or Twiggy for a style that doesn't look outdated even now. Actress Kim Hee-ae, who played Min Ja-young in her 40s, tried to express herself naturally by matching a white shirt and jeans, which can be called 'classic', because she has a very sophisticated image. Director Kim Hyeon-seok, who emphasized the overall natural feeling, paid the most attention to the costume of Oh Geun-tae. Oh Geun-tae, in his 20s, played by Jung-woo, is a 'village' character who moved to Tokyo from Tongyeong at the same time as he entered college. Compared to the other 'Cési-Bong' members, he doesn't care about fashion, so he focused on looking like a friendly and innocent young man. There is a link in Kim Yun-seok and Jung-woo's outfits, who seem to be business men with a profound impression. In the scene singing a song at a Korean radio station in Los Angeles, Kim Yun-seok's costume was based on the style of Oh Geun-tae in his 20s. In addition to this, Jo Bok-rae's costume as Song Chang-sik, a single gentleman, referenced the stage costumes of Song Chang-sik during his singer activities, and Kang Ha-neul, who plays Yoon Hyeong-joo, the mother of 'Ce Si-bong', showed a colorful ivy look suitable for the character of a sophisticated rich son. Lee Jang-hee, a free-spirited woman, decorated herself with a splendid fashion fit for Jin-goo's character, who played a 20-something, and used various patterns. The costumes of the characters based on real people were made with reference to real photos at the time, and efforts were made to match the synchronization rate in the costumes.

“There is a story in the music of <Cesibong>”
#2_ <Kwangsik's younger brother Gwangtae><Cyrano; Love Operations Team> Music Director Lee Byung-hoon

<Kwang-shik's younger brother Gwang-tae> <Cyrano; It's already the fifth project with director Kim Hyun-seok, such as "Love Operations Team". Before writing the screenplay, I talked a lot with director Kim Hyun-seok from the time I first got the idea. Among the numerous masterpieces of Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-joo, and Song Chang-sik, the main theme song of the movie was 'Wedding Cake' and 'I Will Give It All to You', and the fictional song 'Daydream' is also called 'Grandpa's Old Clock'. Director Kim Hyun-seok directly wrote lyrics to the original melody of the folk song and was mainly used for the music performance scene of 'Trio Cesibong'. As such, it is clear that all the music in <Cési Bong> has a role to play to explain the character or run the play. 'I'll Give It All to You' and 'Wedding Cake' are important motives for explaining the feelings of Oh Geun-Tae and Min Ja-Young, while 'Tobacco Shop Lady' is a song with a musical feel. The actors practiced hard for three months to actually sing and perform. It was a difficult and difficult time, but all the actors had a high basic interest in music, and they did their best to fully immerse themselves in the role, so they perfectly reproduced the singing method, feeling, and style, and as a result, they were very satisfied. Audiences who watch the movie <Ce Si Bon> will naturally enjoy the rich music that is exquisitely blended into the affectionate love story to the extent that they wonder, 'Is there so many songs?'

Representative of Korean folk music craze
Lee Jang-hee and 'Twin Folio' Yoon Hyeong-joo, Song Chang-sik
'Cési Bong' captures the youth of legendary musicians!

<Ce Si Bong> is based on the real story of Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-ju, and Song Chang-sik, the legends of Korean folk music, who met and spent their youth at the music appreciation room 'Ce Si Bon', and their music, and was reconstructed with a passionate love story of a fictional character. Director Kim Hyun-seok, who directed <Ce Si-Bong>, told the story of young-nam Cho, Jang-Hee Lee, Hyung-Joo Yoon, Chang-Sik Song, etc., a few years ago, seeing the friends of 'Ce Si-Bong' appeared on TV programs and still showing off their health and communicating with the younger generation. said to be made into a movie. He said, "Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-joo, and Song Chang-sik are giants in the Korean music industry. Song Chang-sik is Gein, Yoon Hyeong-joo is the original mother-in-law, and Lee Jang-hee is a handsome bohemian. Of course, in the movie, the personality of the real people was considered the most important, and I worked on it based on that. In fact, for more than 40 years, we made it possible to keep the unique personality of their friends and music colleagues, while maintaining the synchronicity with the characters in the movie.” He also highlighted the most important part of the process.

# Lee Jang-hee of 'Cési-Bong' & Lee Jang-hee of <Ce Si-Bong>
Lee Jang-hee, whose trademark acoustic guitar, motorcycle and mustache is the one who opened the era of a full-fledged singer-songwriter in Korea, debuted as a singer in 1971 at the suggestion of DJ Lee Jong-hwan. 'Winter Story', 'That's You', 'I'll Give It All to You', 'Goodbye to Sadness', 'Memories of a Cup', etc. gained popularity. Regarding Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-joo said, "Unlike me, who lived like a model student because of a conservative family, he was a very free-spirited friend. If you want to do it, do it, and if you want to fly, you fly like a wanderer.” Lee Jang-hee, who served as the representative singer-songwriter and producer of 'Cési-Bong', is a character who recognizes Oh Geun-Tae's skills at a glance and puts him in the third member of 'Trio Cesibong'. Even after retiring, he met Oh Geun-tae, who was on a business trip to the United States while working as a DJ for 'Radio Korea', a Korean broadcasting station in Los Angeles, USA.

#Hyung-Joo Yoon of 'Cesi-Bong' & Hyung-Joo Yoon of <Ce-Si-Bong>
Poet Yoon Dong-ju's sixth cousin and Yonsei University medical student, Yoon Hyeong-ju, the 'original mother-in-law' met Young-nam Cho and entered folk music. After gaining popularity among female students for his outstanding appearance, he formed 'Twin Folio' with Song Chang-sik in 1968 and released 'White Handkerchief', 'Wedding Cake', and 'Festival Song', and received much love from the public. received. About Yoon Hyeong-ju, Lee Jang-hee said, "I first met Yoon Hyung-joo on the Yonsei University campus in 1966. Boasting a noble-like appearance and beautiful aesthetics, he had a manly and exciting personality unlike his appearance.” Yoon Hyeong-ju in the movie <Ce Si-Bong> is a character who is not missing anything from appearance, family, academic background, and music skills. Unlike a nobleman-like appearance, he has a manly personality and enjoys unrivaled popularity with his unique demonic beauty on every stage, stealing the hearts of all female students entering 'Cési Bong'.

# Song Chang-sik of 'Cési-bong' & Song Chang-sik of <Ce-si-bong>
Song Chang-sik, a 'geek genius' with a reversal voice that overwhelms the crowd despite his similar appearance. Based on his outstanding singing ability, majoring in classical and vocal music, he plays folk music such as 'Whale Hunt', 'Tobacco Shop Lady', 'Once Upon a Time', 'It's Love', 'Ganadara', 'Piper Piper', 'Why Call Me', etc. It gained great popularity at the time with its unique music that added traditional Korean music colors to it, and showed off a unique presence that was completely different from the other members of 'Cési Bong'. Regarding Song Chang-sik, Lee Jang-hee said, "I met Song Chang-sik for the first time at 'Cesibong', and he sang really well. When I asked how long he would sing, he said he would sing until he died. Even now, in my 70s, I still admire her singing every day. When it comes to singing, I think Song Chang-sik is the number one in Korea.” Song Chang-sik of the movie <Ce Si-Bong> also changed the game of popularity by proudly winning the title of Ce Si-Bong's 'University Night', which was swept by Yoon Hyung-Joo, with one singing ability.

[ Special Story ]

That song, <Cesibong>, was rediscovered at that time!
The moment of first love and the exquisite harmony
Sweet melody and romantic lyrics!

# Delilah
In 1968, at the recommendation of TBC PD, he sang Tom Jones' Delilah in a short time, and his debut song, Delilah, made Cho Young-nam what he is today. In <Ce Si Bong>, Jo Young-Nam (Kim In-Kwon), who rose to stardom at a glance, visits the 'Ce Si Bong' college student's night stage and sang 'Dillaila', drawing enthusiastic cheers from the girl fans.

# Secretly shed tears
It is an aria from the second act of the opera 'The Elixir of Love'. 'Crying Tears', the first song performed by Song Chang-sik (Jo Bok-rae), a classical music student who majored in vocal music at Seoul Arts High School, on the stage of a college student at 'Ce Si-Bong', is this one song, and it is the first song to defeat Yoon Hyung-joo (Kang Ha-neul), who won 11 weeks in a row. and wins the first win.

# You mean everything to me
This song was released in 1960 by American singer Neil Sedaka with the meaning of 'You are my everything'. In <Cési-Bong>, Yoon Hyung-ju, who declared that he would no longer go on stage to concentrate on his studies, is sung in a confrontation with Song Chang-sik.

# My Bonnie lies over the ocean
It is a traditional Scottish folk song and nursery rhyme with the meaning of 'I miss my love Bonnie'. In <Cési Bong>, Yoon Hyung-joo sang on the stage of 'University Night' at the earnest request of girl fans.

# When the saints go marching in
'When the saints go marching in', which means 'the march of the saints', is an American oral song that became known to the world through Louis Daniel Armstrong in 1938. In the play, Yoon Hyung-joo's romantic beauty, Song Chang-sik's roaring roar, and Oh Geun-tae's (Jung-woo's) strong bass create exquisite harmony.

# Daydream (Grandpa's old clock)
An American folk song composed in 1876 by Henry Clay Work, it tells the story of a clock that ticked nonstop the night her grandfather died. 'Daydream' is the first song that Hyung-Joo Yoon, Chang-Sik Song, and Geun-Tae Oh sang together as members of 'Trio Cesibong'.

# Tobacco shop girl
'Tobacco Shop Lady' is a song released in 1986 by Song Chang-sik, and it was loved for its witty lyrics depicting innocent neighborhood youths who secretly spy from behind a wall in unrequited love for a local tobacco shop girl. The appearance of the main characters fighting for love over Min Ja-young (Han Hyo-joo) in <Ce Si-bong> perfectly harmonizes with the lyrics of 'Tobacco Shop Lady', providing fun to watch and listen to.

# I'll give it all to you
Lee Jang-hee's representative song 'I'll give it all to you', which became popular as an OST for the 1974 movie 'Hometown of the Stars', was actually a proposal song made by Lee Jang-hee for the lover he loved at the time. "I'll Give Everything to You", which appears in the scene where Oh Geun-tae sings for Min Ja-young for the first time in <Ce Si-bong>, expresses Oh Geun-tae's longing for a lifetime of singing for her first love.

# That's you
'That's You' is Lee Jang-hee's hit song released in 1973 and contains a confession to her unrequited love. There is also a funny story that the song was banned by the Song Purification Movement in 1975 because of the lyrics, “That's because of you.” The appearance of Oh Geun-tae singing for Min Ja-young to sing a song over the phone late at night in <Ce Si-Bong> makes the viewers smile.

# love heart
Released in 1974, 'I Love You' is a song written and composed by Song Chang-sik and sung by Kim Se-hwan. The paradoxical appearance of Oh Geun-tae singing this song while looking at the back of her first love, Min Ja-young, which cannot be achieved in <Ce Si-Bong>, makes the audience feel sorry for them.

# white handkerchief
This song was released in 1960 by world-famous singer Nana Mouskouri, and it is also called 'Song of the Siren' after the sea nymph in Greek mythology. . In <Ce Si Bon>, 'Twin Folio' debuted through the first historic radio broadcast, and they were called Korea's 'Simon and Garfunkel' and hit the music scene at the time.

# wedding cake
'Wedding Cake', released in 1969 by 'Twin Folio', is an adaptation of Connie Francis' 'The Wedding Cake' released in the 1950s. Unlike the cheerful melody, 'Wedding Cake' is a song about the heartbreaking parting of having to leave a loved one and represents the heartbreaking first love of Oh Geun-Tae and Min Ja-Young.

# tie the clamshell
Released in 1971, 'Tie up the shells' is a song that Yoon Hyung-ju improvised in 30 minutes for a girl he met at Daecheon Beach, and was originally known as 'Lalala'. 'Tie up the shells' is a song sung by Yoon Hyung-joo while lighting a bonfire on a white sandy beach in <Cesibong> and playing the guitar, depicting young people making special memories at night.

# it's love
It is Song Chang-sik's representative song released in 1978 and was completed with lyrics by his wife Han Seong-suk and composition by Song Chang-sik. In the movie, it is a song that flows at the heart-pounding moment when they walked to Midopa department store with Min Ja-young digging into Oh Geun-tae's umbrella while passing the street in front of 'Cési-Bong' in the movie. things come together

# Canada
Song Chang-sik's song released in 1980 was made to teach Korean to Zainichi Koreans in Japan. In the movie <Cesibong>, Song Chang-sik, who was wandering around the country during vacation, appears in a scene where he improvises a tune while sipping a glass of makgeolli.

Everything about <Cesibong> delivered by director Kim Hyun-seok!

Cési Bong
'Cesibong' is a representative music listening room in Mugyo-dong, Seoul, which appeared and disappeared before 1972, when I was born. I, too, grew up listening to the songs of the original members of 'Ce Si Bong' when I was in middle and high school. The music of Young-Nam Cho, Jang-Hee Lee, Hyeong-Joo Yoon, and Chang-Sik Song mainly consists of songs about love. I imagined that they might have written these masterpieces when they fell in love, so I started writing a screenplay with the setting that all the members of 'Cési Bong', the mecca of youth at that time, liked one muse.

true story or fiction
The story was made based on the story of the first member of 'Ce Si Bong' at that time and the story behind the birth of music, but rather than focusing on reproducing that time, the 'Ce Si Bong' teachers like the line 'Lovers don't grow old' at the end of the movie. Like 40 years ago and now, the film was made from a diachronic perspective that it is the same as the Mugyo-dong I was walking in then and the Myeong-dong I am walking in now. Jo Young-nam, Lee Jang-hee, Yoon Hyeong-joo, and Song Chang-sik all appear in the movie with their real names, but Oh Geun-tae, played by Jeong-woo, and Min Ja-yeong, played by Han Hyo-joo, are fictional characters created for <Ce Si-Bong>. It took three months to create a fictional character named Oh Geun-tae, but I made it possible to naturally blend in without harming the personalities of the four giants who actually dominated the Korean music industry. Min Ja-young's character was created as a female character who was ahead of the times with unrivaled sophistication at the time.

first love
As in my previous works, I wanted to contain the content of immature and imperfect men maturing through love. The clumsy, yet fresh, and heartbreaking love around the age of 20 existed at any age, and everyone must have experienced it at least once. I wanted the audience to feel that their parents' generation loved them through the same worries and pains as we did while listening to these kinds of music, and I want them to sympathize with their first love that transcends generations through <Ce Si Bon>. What is the image of 'first love' that we remember? For that reason, Min Ja-young hoped to be the muse loved by all the members of 'Ce Si-Bong' and the icon of first love. They had to be attractive because they influenced their music and they were all women they liked. From the time I wrote the screenplay, I was greatly influenced by the songs of 'Ce Si Bon'. 'I'll Give It All to You' is a very famous song by Jang-hee Lee, and after watching the movie, you will know how sad this song is. The lyrics of this song itself are my new thoughts on the proposition of 'love'.

Even now, in my 20s or 40s, my emotions themselves are close to analog. Music was the most necessary device to express the analog emotion of <Cési Bon>. Since several years ago, the music of 'Cési Bon' has been talked about and re-examined through entertainment programs such as 'Come to Play' and 'Immortal Songs', so it seems that the analog sensibility of that time can be doubled.

heart touching song
Since there are so many hit songs by the teachers of 'Ce Si-Bong', I vaguely thought that I could write a scenario that fits the story of good songs in the drafting stage. As a result, I wrote the screenplay with an emphasis on Lee Jang-hee's 'I Will Give It All To You', and in the later stage of adaptation, 'Wedding Cake' from 'Twin Folio' became the main framework. The narrative was composed in line with the lyrical lyrics and song of 'Wedding Cake', 'When this night passes, I go to the person I don't love', and I hope that the emotions of the song will be conveyed to the audience as well.

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