(Korean Movies) Blind, 2011

Blind, 2011
Youth not allowed
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
2367942 people
32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2011


one incident! Two Witnesses! Conflicting statements!
A series of female college student disappearances and hit-and-run accidents.
The two victims were identified as the same person.
Police search for witnesses, but the investigation becomes increasingly difficult.

Witness 1. Blind person ‘Soo-ah (Kim Ha-neul)’
The first person who appeared as a witness to the incident was none other than a blind person, Sua.
She was a promising police college student.
It describes the circumstances of the incident in detail and guides the investigation.

Witness 2. Ki-seop (Yoo Seung-ho) who checked the scene with his own eyes
While the investigation centered on Su-a,
Another eyewitness to the incident appears.
Unlike Soo-ah, Ki-seop witnessed the scene with his own eyes.
By making a statement contrary to Sua, the investigation gradually finds itself in a different phase…

Their fierce battle for the truth begins!

[ Intro ]

Witness 1: The first witness to “feel” the event.
Blind Suah’s Statement

“In your mid-40s, your height is about 175 to 6 cm? He had a chubby body.
It smelled like disinfectant, and it was a model taxi!”
Witness 2: The second witness who “confirmed” the incident
Ki-seop’s statement

“It was not a taxi. You didn’t even see it.
Because I saw with my own two eyes!”

[ About Movie ]

Recognized for the highest degree of completeness and commercial feasibility! The best project chosen by Korean producers!
Won the Most Popular Project Award at ‘2009 Hit By Pitch’ hosted by the Korea Producers Association (PGK)!

<Blind> won the Most Popular Project Award at ‘2009 Hit By Pitch’ hosted by the Korean Film Producers Guild (PGK) for its new material and exciting story that has never been seen before. It is already attracting attention as the most anticipated work among the Chungmuro officials. In line with these expectations, <Blind> presents the audience with novelty as a thriller that stimulates the five senses for the first time in Korea.

The film created the most interesting and dramatic character in Korean thriller history with the setting that the blind person was the first witness to the incident. The thrill that comes from the scene where Su-A (Kim Ha-Neul), a blind person from the police force, tracks the case with only her senses except for sight, and is threatened by a criminal who can see, unlike her, is something that can only be felt in <Blind>. It immerses the audience in the play.

In addition, by introducing ‘Ki-seop (Yoo Seung-ho)’, who makes a statement that contradicts ‘Su-ah’, the incident that can flow in one dimension is made more three-dimensional and rich. do. In this way, the movie <Blind> stimulates the audience’s curiosity about who’s words are true, along with the thriller tension that comes from the situation where the blind are the witnesses and the conflicting statements, and captivates the audience this summer with the best quality and commerciality. It will be remembered as the only film to catch.

Birth of a Hollywood-style human thriller with a sense of excitement, humor, and emotion!
A thriller that combines the best thrills, delightful humor, and even hot emotions!

Breaking the genre limits of a domestic thriller with a dark side of a psychopathic crime, the movie <Blind> is attracting attention as a Hollywood-style human thriller with thrill, humor and emotion, claiming that it is the first domestic chase drama that utilizes the five senses.

In addition to the sense of urgency that comes from being a witness to the incident, the blind ‘Soo-A’ is arranging the changing emotions she feels and changes while interacting with characters such as guide dogs ‘Seulgi’ and ‘Ki-Seop’. The bond between ‘Sooah’ and ‘Seulgi’ is responsible for the warm heart in the film, and ‘Ki-seop’ and ‘Soo-ah’ also create a relationship in which they have no choice but to rely on each other, giving warmth to the film. At the same time, the moment when they become each other’s senses gives a desperate crisis, so that the thrill of the film is not missed.
In addition, as a whole, the film carefully captures the process of overcoming her wounds and trauma while providing a sense of thrill and urgency in the process of solving the crime of a blind witness, ‘Suah’. Here, the bright and lively personality of the ‘sculptor’ is fully demonstrated, giving the audience a natural laugh, preventing the play from flowing dark and heavy. In this sense of urgency, the film <Blind>, which blends natural humor and emotion, is stimulating the audience’s curiosity by announcing the birth of a Hollywood-style thriller that combines thrill, humor and emotion under a solid composition and plan.

In 2011, the hottest stars in Chungmuro, Kim Ha-neul & Yoo Seung-ho, made a shocking transformation!
Kim Ha-neul, who challenged acting for the first time in his life, & Yoo Seung-ho, who returned as a man, radiating strong synergy!

The best couple in the Korean film industry was born in the summer of 2011. While most of the male and female protagonists in previous films appeared as couples, the combination of Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-ho in <Blind> is fresh. Korea’s best box office goddess Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-ho, the owner of popularity that surpasses idols, met as witnesses of different settings surrounding a single incident.

For Kim Ha-neul, acting as a blind person was the biggest challenge since she started acting. Before filming, she not only watched the exhibition for the visually impaired before filming, but also visited a special school to learn how to read Braille to practice walking with a guide dog, from one to ten. After the shooting started, the difficulty in processing the gaze fixed in one place was corrected by carefully monitoring. Throughout filming, Kim Ha-neul said, “Seeing was the biggest difficulty in acting this time.” Yoo Seung-ho, who has previously played a character with a straight image, also studied the character by referring to various movies to express the character of the rebellious ‘Ki-seop’, paying attention to every step, from small gestures to tone. In particular, he attempted a drastic transformation through harsh expressions that he freely spit towards the elders and real actions that threw his whole body.

Kim Ha-neul’s delicate acting and Yoo Seung-ho’s fresh energy created a strong synergy effect in the movie. Kim Ha-neul, who challenges the acting of the blind for the first time in his life, and Yoo Seung-ho, who has grown into a tough man by exuding his masculine beauty to his heart’s content. The dramatic transformation of the two actors and the strongest partnership will emerge as the hottest issue in 2011 through the movie <Blind>.

In the best works, they are the best supporting actors!
100% synchro rate casting approved by director Ahn Sang-hoon! Jo Hee-bong, Yang Young-jo, and acting dog Dal-i!

In addition to the box office partners Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-ho, in the movie <Blind>, there is a box office corps that overwhelms the audience with the best acting skills. They are Jo Hee-bong, Yang Young-jo, and the acting dog Dal-i.

Jo Hee-bong, who has recently established herself as the best scene stealer, perfectly played the role of ‘Jo Hee-bong’, whose real name and role name are the same. He captivates the audience by expressing 120% of his role in <Blind>. In particular, Jo Hee-bong is expected to bring unexpected laughter to the audience in this work.

Yang Young-jo, who played the role of ‘Myeong-jin’, is an actor with a long acting career in the theater industry. He played a leading role in the 2005 Rotterdam Film Festival award-winning film <Frakchi>, and in <Blind>, he plays a brutal ‘Myung-jin’ with a dual aspect, who is a gynecologist during the day and goes out to the streets at night to harass women. Director Ahn Sang-hoon said, “When I first saw this person, I thought that this person is ‘Myung-jin’.”

The last successful member was Dal, who played Seulgi, a guide dog who watches over Sua 24 hours a day. Before filming, he takes the cuteness of the actors and staff with his cleverness and overflowing aegyo, but when filming begins, he impresses all the staff on the set with his excellent acting that expresses 200% of the director’s intentions. Director Ahn Sang-hoon said, “After Dali’s performance, the admiration and praise of the staff continued. The decoction cleared away the preconceived notions about acting with animals that I had. Kim Hye-ja, teacher of the animal acting world, is a decoy!”

[ Production Note ]

Visualize the world of the visually impaired for the first time in Korea!
A unique visual of ‘the world felt by the visually impaired’ that has not been seen in any movie!

As the blind person appears as the main character holding the key to solving the case, Sua’s point of view is very important in <Blind>. Because of this, both the world ‘visible’ from her point of view and the world she ‘feels’ had to be captured on the screen.

When he closes his eyes and thinks of an image of an object, director Ahn Sang-hoon thought that the shape and color of an object he knew before came to mind easily, whereas the shape and color of an object without any information at all did not come to mind. So, based on this, the visually impaired began to design images from their own point of view that recognize and recall spaces and objects. Then, he visited the Association for the Visually Impaired and personally interviewed them, studied their point of view in detail, and succeeded in expressing it visually. This is very evident in the film. This is the way in which only the sidewalk blocks for the visually impaired are clearly expressed in the scene of crossing by following the signal at the crosswalk and the scene where ‘Sooah’ is chased by the criminal in the subway. In addition, she also delicately expressed what she felt through other senses, such as the scent of petals blowing in the wind, the sound of raindrops falling on the floor, and the sound of a clock ring swaying from her wrist. In this way, through this new attempt of visualizing the visually impaired for the first time in Korea, it is not a movie that simply watches and ‘watches’, but will allow the audience to feel and ‘experience’ it, and realize why <Blind> is a thriller that tracks the five senses.

Actors, directors, and even the staff for a high level of perfection in the film! Be blind!
See more than you see! [Dialogue in the Dark] Experience the blind person’s point of view!

Many films have dealt with the blind, but most have been portrayed as weak victims. However, Sua, the main character of <Blind>, does not stop at witnessing, but pursues the culprit directly. Director Ahn Sang-hoon and other staff members had repeated meetings about how this part could be filmed. In the meantime, I found out about a space exhibition called [Dialogue in the Dark]. Through this exhibition, which aims to evoke other senses rather than simply experiencing loss of sight, ideas that have only been circling in the head are starting to take shape. So, director Ahn Sang-hoon as well as actors and staff were able to experience this exhibition.

After the experience, director Ahn Sang-hoon answered, “The question itself, ‘How can a visually impaired person become a witness?’ means that we are already overlooking other senses.” Kim Ha-neul also said, “This experience was the beginning of the movie. It was so cramped and scary, and I think that feeling became the starting point for me to act more sensitively while filming the movie.” The other staff also realized that there are other senses other than sight, and they came to know that they can be used well enough. And the importance of relationships with people who move with you in the dark, and the way you live your life that relied solely on your existing perspectives, became an opportunity to change. The actors, directors, and staff all said that their hearts were pounding because they wanted to express these feelings through a movie.

Their passion shined even brighter on the harsh shooting site!
Cold as minus 15 degrees Celsius, a terrifying fire scene, and even real action smoke
Nothing dared stop them!

On the crank-in day of <Blind>, the temperature dropped to -15 degrees below zero, and the crew had to fight this extreme cold. The filming equipment froze in just 30 minutes, and the staff had to thaw and film the frozen equipment, then thaw and shoot repeatedly. Regarding this day, director Ahn Sang-hoon said, “It was the first cold I experienced in my life. It feels like standing in a freezer.” Seeing the staff suffering from the cold, Kim Ha-neul said that he couldn’t be alone in a warm place, and he warmed up with the staff at the bottom of the stairs to warm up from the cold. In addition to rain and real action acting in this cold weather, the actors as well as the staff had to shoot harshly. In particular, in major scenes such as the hit-and-run accident scene in the movie and the scene where the killer fights, real action must be accompanied by rain. The action in <Blind> was not the flashy action using fists and kicks in the existing movies, but actually grabbing, bumping, and knocking down, making it impossible to match. For this reason, while mobilizing a water fountain, the actors had to shoot while falling and rolling on the cold floor in the rain in the cold.

In addition, the flame of a match, which was a prop for the movie, flew into Kim Ha-neul’s eyes, almost leading to a dangerous accident. Kim Ha-neul, who had to act in a dark set, and all the staff on the set paid attention, but they could not prevent the sudden accident in which the flame of a match that Kim Ha-neul lit during the filming burst into her eyes. Fortunately, the flame barely escaped her eyes and only suffered minor injuries. However, since it was an accident that almost could lead to serious injuries, all the staff had to sweep away their shocked hearts. In addition, Yoo Seung-ho was also injured by being hit by a monitor attached to the camera while filming. At the time of filming at the hospital, the screw holding the camera located above his head was loosened and fell on Yoo Seung-ho’s head. We went to a situation where the filming almost stopped, but fortunately, the filming location was a hospital, so quick first aid was possible. Also, luckily, the staff and Yoo Seung-ho were able to continue filming because the later filming was a scene wearing a beanie.

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