(Korean Movies) BLACK MONEY, 2019


Audience over 12 years old
running time
113 minutes
cumulative audience
2480257 people
40th Golden Cinematography Awards 2021


Complaints are obligatory! Investigation goes straight ahead!
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The so-called 'Makpro' of the Seoul District Prosecutors' Office! Yang Min-hyeok, who is known as a problematic prosecutor who is just coming out of the prosecutor's office, is pushed to the brink overnight due to the suicide of a suspect in charge of his investigation. As he digs up the inside to get rid of the unfair accusation, he finds out that the suspect was an important witness in the case of the sale of the Daehan Bank at a low price.

The basis is 5 mysterious faxes! In front of the rare case in which a bank with an asset value of 70 trillion won passed over 1.7 trillion won, prosecutor 'Minhyuk Yang' faces the reality of a huge financial corruption involving the Financial Supervisory Service, a large law firm, and an overseas fund company…

Korea's biggest financial scandal, the case is not over yet!


This time, the actual event was the starting point. Even though it actually happened, people often don't know the details. When I think that the incident greatly affects our life conditions and values, I want to know the other side of the incident, and I want to share the story with others. So another movie was made. <Black Money> is a dramatization of several important facts based on the case of a foreign capital taking over a bank at a low price after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and leaving soon after taking a huge profit. It was a bit complicated to the point where I couldn't even come up with a huge amount of data at the scenario stage, but the more I dig into the case, the more interesting it was and I was determined that it was a must-tell story.

Many people are indifferent to the economy and don't know much about it, but no one can live without it. The economy is an indispensable element in our lives, and because of that, the joys and sorrows of life are mixed. Through <Black Money>, I wanted to present the other side of the economic cycle logic that the public does not know about how the Korean economy works. As we follow the case with the protagonist, we hope that the audience will feel a warm afterglow and exhilarating catharsis, while at the same time facing the truth of the case we need to know and sharing it with more people. 'Banks are a scarier weapon than the military' When the financial capitalism of the established rulers dominating the world mocks us who do not know the economy well, who should we lean on?

Directed by Jung Ji-young

* In 1832, when foreign ownership of the Bank of the USA, the state-run bank of the United States, reached 30%, the license was revoked on the grounds that it threatened the national interest, and the 7th President Andrew Jackson said.


'Treasure Boy' Jo Jin-woong X 'Trendy' Honey Lee united!

Cho Jin-woong's 'choice', a trusted and seen actor representing Chungmuro
The 'transformation' of Lee Ha-nui, the trending actress who captivated 2019
We finally met as a hot prosecutor VS a cold lawyer!

Cho Jin-woong, a 'trustworthy actor' representing Chungmuro, and Lee Ha-nui, a 'trend actor' who captured 2019, met for the first time through director Jung Ji-young's true story of financial crime, <Black Money>.

First of all, actor Jo Jin-woong has met 100 million viewers by showing off his powerful presence in numerous works such as <Myeongryang> <Assassination> <Going to the End> <Solo Battle> <Duke> and <Perfect Stranger>. Regardless of genre such as action, drama, comedy, thriller, etc., from directors who worked together with a wide spectrum of acting and animalistic senses, “an actor with a hot magic that sucks people in” (Director Choi Dong-hoon of “Assassination”), “a terrifying Jo Jin-woong, who has received rave reviews such as “an actor who delivers a delicate performance as if he ever did” (Director Park Chan-wook of The Handmaiden) and “an actor who creates a picture perfect enough to feel awe” (Director Hae-young Lee of The Solo) The new choice is <Black Money>. He is called 'Makpro' of the Seoul District Prosecutors' Office, and takes on the role of 'Yang Min-hyuk', a prosecutor who goes straight ahead without hesitation, showing amazing character attraction and sincere acting with his unique tenacity and honesty, once again demonstrating the true value of a 'trustworthy actor'.

Meanwhile, Lee Ha-nui, a popular actress who captivated 2019 through the movie <Extreme Job>, which mobilized 16 million viewers, and the popular drama [The Fiery Priest], which recorded a high rating of 22%. “An actress with the power of positivity” (“Extreme Job” actor Ryu Seung-ryong), “I fell in love with her sincere acting” (“Silence” actor Choi Min-sik), “The power to lead the set is amazing. An actress full of energy” ([The Fiery Priest] Actor Kim Nam-gil), who has been praised by her fellow actors, heralds a new transformation through <Black Money>. He disassembles into an elite lawyer 'Nari Kim', who judges unwaveringly with cool reason, exuding a unique charisma that has never been seen before. In the process of 'cooperating with the enemy' with 'Minhyuk Yang' to uncover the truth only, Lee Ha-nui, who portrayed how everything he was sure of turned into doubt with his delicate acting, perfectly digests the character and enhances the immersion of the play. pull up

It is said that Jo Jin-woong and Honey Lee, who are raising expectations with the meeting of the popular actors in Chungmuro, showed fantastic breathing even on the set. Regarding Honey Lee, Jo Jin-woong said, "She is an actress with great energy. We were able to work comfortably together with natural breathing,” and Lee Ha-nui also said, “It was very exciting and grateful just to work together.” The chemistry between the two actors, acting as a hot prosecutor and a cold lawyer, will provide special fun to the audience.

Problematic Prosecutors Meet Problematic Cases!

There is no sanctuary before the event!
The main character who represents the hearts of the audience, the problematic prosecutor 'Minhyuk Yang',
A relentless investigation against the mighty power begins!

The movie <Black Money>, which is drawing much attention due to the meeting of leading actors Jin-woong Cho and Honey Lee and director Jung Ji-young of <Broken Arrow>, is a 'makpro' prosecutor Yang Min-hyuk, who goes without hesitation for investigations, and the suicide of the suspect he was in charge of. It tells the story of a person who gets into trouble because of this, digs out the inside of the case to get rid of the frame, and comes face to face with the reality of a huge financial corruption. Director Jung Ji-young, who was struggling to explain the economic story that could be complicated and difficult to the audience more easily and in a movie-like way, set the narrator Yang Min-hyuk, who represents the audience, as the main character, and added dramatic tension and immersion to it. It borrows the form of a crime drama.

Yang Min-hyeok, a problematic prosecutor at the Seoul District Prosecutors' Office, who has no up and down in front of the case, faces a fatal crisis in the prosecutor's life due to the suicide of a suspect in charge of his investigation. In order to escape the frame, he ignores the orders of his superiors and conducts the investigation, but finds out that the suspect was an important witness in the case of the sale of the Daehan Bank at a low price. Facing the reality of huge financial corruption involving the Financial Supervisory Service, large law firms, and overseas fund companies, Yang Min-hyeok does not yield to the pressure of powerful power, but rather Kim Na-ri, a lawyer who acts as a legal representative for the Bank of Korea, and 'collaboration with the enemy' ' and goes to the end to uncover the truth of the case.

Director Jung Ji-young, who set the main character as a person who has no information about the case and no expertise in economics to make contact with the audience, said, “If a general prosecutor, not an economic prosecutor, is the main character, it is important to know the truth of the case with the audience. I thought it would be a story. The film's sense of speed was increased by the reckless, reckless hit of the main character.” Actor Jo Jin-woong, who played the main character of the movie, 'Min-hyuk Yang', said, "I naturally play the role of a narrator who leads the audience so that the audience can follow the emotions of 'Yang Min-hyuk'. I acted with my heart. It was an important point to look at the event from the audience's point of view,” he said, revealing that he had been thinking and working hard until the birth of the problematic prosecutor Yang Min-hyuk, who represents the audience in <Black Money>. The audience will be able to get information with 'Minhyuk Yang' and follow the flow of the play by digging up the clues of the case one by one, as well as being assimilated to 'Minhyuk Yang', who opposes enormous power, and will be able to laugh, cry, anger, and empathize together.

A master of the Korean film industry, revealing the reality of a financial scandal!

<Broken Arrow> Directed by Jung Ji-young, a heavy stone ball
Korea's biggest financial scandal that cannot be overlooked
In 2019, the case is not over yet!

<Southern Army>, a film depicting the tragedy of war and ideology with the topic of ‘partisan’, which was taboo in 1990, is the first film to look at the Vietnam War from a Korean perspective, and <White War> ( 1992), <Life of a Kid in Hollywood>(1994), <Blackjack>(1997), etc. Director Jung Ji-young, a famous Korean film industry. He made a successful comeback by being recognized for his work and box office performance with his sharp insight, solid storyline, and exhilarating character that aimed at the absurdity of the judiciary through the legal drama <Broken Arrow>, which is the directorial comeback film after 13 years and a film adaptation of the actual crossbow terrorist incident. We return to <Black Money>, a story that contains more serious topics and exciting events.

“It is a work that someone has to do, and because it is director Jung Ji-young’s field of specialization, I was able to trust and depend on it and run” (Jin-woong Cho), “It is a work that contains the director’s passion for film and the director’s passion for our society” (Lee Ha-nui). ), the movie <Black Money> is a dramatization based on the material of the low-price sale of the Korea Exchange Bank from 2003 to 2011 after the IMF. . <Black Money>, which looks behind the scenes of the financial scandal that shook Korea that we need to know, tells the story of a huge financial corruption involving the Financial Supervisory Service, a large law firm, and an overseas fund company in front of the rare case in which a bank with an asset value of 70 trillion won passed 1.7 trillion won. It depicts the activities of a public prosecutor who dug up. Director Jung Ji-young, who said, “I want to share the story of a case that people don’t know about and difficult and complicated economic problems in a cinematic way, and share it with many people,” is interested in the process of tracing the case of the problematic prosecutor Yang Min-hyuk through Black Money. It will be drawn seriously and armed with the tension and fun of a crime drama to deliver cinematic pleasure, while providing an exhilarating and exhilarating catharsis with a sharp subject matter and vivid reality that stimulates the consensus of the audience.

The best actors in Chungmuro have gathered!

From Lee Kyung-young, Kang Shin-il, Choi Deok-moon, Jo Han-cheol, Heo Seong-tae, Moon Seong-geun, Seo Hyeon-cheol
Special appearances include Lee Seong-min and Ryu Seung-soo!
Veteran actors, high-end supporting actors, and even scene stealers, all actors are in attendance!

Leading actors Jin-woong Cho and Honey Honey Lee, who are trusted and trusted actors, from veteran actors with decades of experience to up-and-coming actors, the best actors in Chungmuro have united for <Black Money>.

First of all, actor Lee Kyung-young, who gives strength to the work with his characteristic thick acting, takes on the role of 'Lee Gwang-joo', a former prime minister who controls the economy of the Republic of Korea with great power, and prosecutor 'Min-hyuk Yang' (Cho Jin-woong) uncovers the truth of Korea's biggest financial corruption case. It is in tight opposition to and shows off an irreplaceable presence. Veteran actor Kang Shin-il, who is active in all aspects of theatrical stage, screen, and CRT, is actively involved in investigations alongside 'Min-hyuk Yang', as well as his colleague Inspector Jang, who provides emotional support and help, as a luxury supporting role in various works. Choi Deok-moon, who is currently working, plays the role of Seo Kwon-young, a university senior who leads prosecutor 'Yang Min-hyuk' to access the truth of the case and a human rights lawyer representing the Korea Bank union. Here, actor Jo Han-cheol, who breathes life into the character with his own color in each work, plays the role of 'Kim Nam-gyu', a pragmatic chief of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office who directs the case investigation with sharp judgment. He takes on the role of Prosecutor Choi, leading the play richly with his colorful personality. On the other hand, actor Seo Hyun-cheol, who has won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor three times, disassembles into 'Kang Ki-chun', the representative of the largest law firm in Korea, adds tension to the play, and continues his vigorous activities between dramas, plays, and musicals. He takes on the role of 'Lim Seung-man', director of the Financial Supervisory Service, and breathes life into the film as a scene stealer.

In addition, actor Lee Seong-min, who swept major domestic film festivals with the movie <The Peacock> and won only the Best Actor award six times, made a special appearance as the 'Prosecutor General' who fights against enormous power and dominates the screen with overwhelming charisma even in a short amount of time, regardless of genre and character. And Ryu Seung-soo, an individualistic actor who continues to work in a wide range of works with his unique charm, appears at the beginning of the play and decorates the strong opening.

It is none other than the power of director Jung Ji-young, a master of the Korean film industry, that allowed actors like Gi Ra-seong to unite in <Black Money>. Actors who sympathize with the purpose of director Jung Ji-young, who has constantly expressed interest in and voiced over the various issues facing our society, expressed the desire to share the story of an event that we need to know, but do not know well, with many people. united in the will. <Black Money>, which boasts the best casting like this, will bring great joy to the audience just by watching the passionate performances of the great actors.

The hottest movie of 2019 is born!

About 50 production members from all walks of life came out to tell the truth.
A solid scenario created through the hands of 600 people over 7 years
In November, the reality of 'MOFIA' is revealed!

<Black Money> is a dramatization based on the subject of the sale of the Korea Exchange Bank at a low price from 2003 to 2011. Shortly after the Financial Services Commission decided to simply sell KEB's stake in 2011, people from all walks of life gathered for the production of the film to inform the truth that we should not miss. Zillaravi CEO Yang Ki-hwan in charge of the production of the movie <Black Money>, as well as the film industry, finance, culture and arts, labor, law, intellectuals, and civic groups, as well as religious circles such as Father Ham Se-woong and Monk Myung Jin, and journalists including Shin Hak-rim New Stapa expert A production committee of about 50 people and 100 supporters worked together in the hope that such an incident would not be repeated in Korea again.

Writer Hyeon-geun Han, who showed outstanding skills in making a movie based on a true story through <Broken Arrow>, was put into the screenplay, and director Jung Ji-young, who has given a sharp tip to Korean society with works such as <Southern Army>, <White War> and <Broken Arrow>, Joined for the film adaptation of <Black Money>.

The production of the film started in 2011, but the preparation process for the film was not easy at all. It took a lot of time to understand a complex case in which several groups, hundreds of people, and numerous interests were intertwined in a single event. The process of collecting and analyzing a wide variety of materials, such as reports of the Board of Audit and Inspection, the Supreme Court's rulings, and the white paper on labor union struggles, and meeting and interviewing key figures related to actual cases continued for several years. Capturing an event that has been going on for nearly 10 years in a running time of two hours, and melting the other side of the esoteric economic cycle logic that the public is not familiar with, into the characters and situations that created a cinematic film, it was always a limiting task. Even after the draft scenario was completed in 2016, after hundreds of revisions with the professional help of 600 people's scenario monitors and domestic investigative reporters, a highly complete scenario with vivid reality was born.

In order to reveal the reality of 'MOFIA' (the expression of MOFIA: an expression of how people from the Ministry of Finance and Economy enter the political or financial world after retirement to build a powerful force by comparing them to the mafia), staff and producers. The movie <Black Money>, which shows their sincere passion and affection to make a better world, heralds the birth of the hottest movie in 2019.

[ Glossary of Terms ]

IMF (International Monetary Fund): International Monetary Fund
An international financial institution established in 1945 for the purpose of stabilizing world trade. Currently, 189 countries are members, and they are engaged in activities such as stabilizing the foreign exchange market, removing foreign exchange restrictions, and providing funds. Due to the worst foreign exchange crisis in 1997, Korea applied for a bailout from the IMF and received emergency aid 10 times with $19.5 billion as a condition of implementing the economic policies suggested by the IMF. After that, he graduated from the IMF system in 2001 by repaying the entire debt.

BIS (Bank for International Settlements) : Bank for International Settlements
It was established in 1930 as an international organization that promotes cooperation between central banks of each country for the stability of international finance. It is the oldest existing international financial institution and currently has 59 member countries. In 1988, in order to secure the soundness of banks, the BIS regulation was announced and international standards were set. The BIS regulation indicates the proportion of equity capital out of total assets, and requires that equity capital be maintained at least 8%.

ISD (Investor-State Dispute)
A system that allows foreign investors to seek relief by filing international lawsuits against the government of the other country if they have suffered damage due to unfair treatment or rapid policy changes in the other country. The International Organization for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), a private organization under the World Bank (IBRD), conducts the arbitration process, and an arbitral tribunal composed of three members makes a decision by a majority vote. If it is decided to violate the agreement, the investment target country's government must pay compensation to the investor.

financial committee
A central administrative agency affiliated with the Prime Minister, established in 2008 to advance the financial industry, stabilize the financial market, establish a sound credit order and fair financial transaction practices, and protect financial consumers such as depositors and investors. It consists of nine members, including one chairperson and one vice-chairperson, and is responsible for deliberation and resolution of major financial supervision matters, instructions and supervision of the Financial Supervisory Service, and promotion of financial industry and corporate restructuring.

ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists): International Association of Investigative Journalists
A non-profit investigative reporting agency established in 1997. Recognizing that crime and corruption have become more serious in the global society, we are conducting in-depth investigative reporting in collaboration with each country, and currently 160 reporters from 60 countries are participating. In April 2013, he made a big splash around the world when he first revealed a list of key figures from around the world who set up offshore companies in the Virgin Islands, a tax haven, and stole huge amounts of money.

tax haven
Refers to a country or region that grants preferential treatment by not levying tax on all or a substantial portion of a corporation's actual income, or by applying a very low tax. Because foreign exchange transactions are free, there are no corporate regulations, and the anonymity of financial transactions is thoroughly guaranteed, fraudulent transactions using offshore companies in tax havens are sometimes used to transact tax evasion and money laundering and to create large amounts of slush funds. .

It is a compound word of the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE) and the Italian criminal organization MAFIA. It is a metaphor for the mafia when people from the Ministry of Finance and Economy enter the political or financial circles after retirement to abuse power or take control of affiliated organizations to build a huge force.

References: Doosan Encyclopedia, Dictionary of Current Affairs


“Are your living conditions better?”

If you lose the ISD lawsuit,
About 5.3 trillion won in blood taxes of the people!
5 trillion won in daily life?

1 billion bowls of jajangmyeon
250 million chickens
4 year tuition for 200,000 college students
Free meals for 3 years for 1.7 million high school students
About 1.4 million salaries based on the average wage of workers in 2019
The length of travel between Seoul and Busan 176 times when unfolded on a 10,000 won bill
It can be stacked 2,150 m higher than the world's highest Mount Everest (8,850 m).
(Based on 50,000 won bills)

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