(Korean Movies) Black House, 2007

Black House, 2007

Black House, 2007
Youth not allowed
running time
104 minutes
cumulative audience
1322196 people


On the first day at work, Jun-oh Jeon (Jung-min Hwang), an insurance agent, receives a call from a woman. “Can I get insurance if I commit suicide?” He catches a warning stating 'You must not share your counselor's personal information or express your sympathy', but he tells you his name and story. Yet… he doesn't know.

7-year-old suicide: contracted death has begun!
A few days later, the insured's home in Cheongjin-dong. The man who requested the visit asks Jun-oh to open the door next to the living room. dead body! There, my 7-year-old son was hanged to death! But what made him even more confused was the gaze of his father Park Chung-bae (Kang Shin-il), who was watching him at that moment…!

what are you
Can insurance to protect a member's life kill someone? Jun-oh is convinced that the boy's death is a surviving murder by his father, and stops payment of insurance money. But…! All the evidence from the police proves perfect suicide! Labyrinth… Father Chung-bae Park, who is not afraid to harm himself by asking for insurance money, is knocking on the door of the insurance company today. Suicide?… Murder? Is it the father or the culprit? What the hell are you…?!

Are you really without a human heart?
Shinhwa. It turns out that she, who remarried Park Chung-bae five years ago, has a death insurance of 300 million won. The face of a mother who has lost her son is pitiful. Jun-oh wants to save her, but the series of deaths that continue again and the traces of death are revealed! The black house… Chungbae smiles at the cutter and puts his wrist… The expressionless woman cutting off her husband's arm! Who are they and what are the truths of the five deaths? At the end of the confrontation between Jun-oh, who is chasing the labyrinth, and the mysterious murderer, a startling truth is hidden beyond that!

“They are often known as 'Psychos', but they are completely different beings.
Some argue that they are completely different creatures that share human genes.
and… He is always with us in a suit.”

[ 入口. GATE ]

black house

1997 Japanese Horror Fiction Grand Prize
Estimation that fear is the highest peak that can be reached

2006 Scenario
CJ Entertainment's FGI monitor result was evaluated as 'perfect'

2007 Psychopath Shock

2007, June 21
Hwang Jung-min, the first horror-thriller project

Something I've never heard of or given an example
You are now standing in front of the black house door

[ 報告書. Psychopath]

neuropsychiatrist. Kim-Jung-il
Has more secrets than the congenital frontal lobe

Claims that he is a mentally ill person with congenital abnormalities in the frontal lobe that controls human behavior. In particular, it is said that the crime may not be intentional because they lack serotonin, which suppresses aggression.

FBI Behavior Analyst. Mary Allen Ottle
no human mind So I don't understand the pain

He claims he has been observing psychopathic criminals in federal prisons. There is no emotion or consideration for the victim, no feelings of sympathy or love.

Doctor Stone
Evaluate yourself as a god

One common characteristic is that there is no reason to kill. It just invades and destroys people's daily life to satisfy their desires. In particular, there are many cases where they evaluate themselves as divine beings.

art psychotherapist
I can't tell the difference between a smile and a cry

Lee, who recently participated in art therapy as part of a prison culture program, found such a characteristic in their facial expressions. So far, no treatment has been achieved, he said.

Keio Medical University. Dr. Nishimura
At least 1% of the population. hiding in a suit

Research suggests that there are about 3 million people in North America alone. In particular, they are sometimes confused with psychos, who say that they live among people in a normal way.

Psychopath expert. Doctor Hair
80% recidivism rate. can't heal

According to his report, he argued that the more treatment was attempted, the higher the recidivism rate was. In a society that only teaches competition, where only the victor is worshiped, psychopaths are inevitable.

[ 記錄 Movie ]

1993 The Silence of the Lambs
2003 <Memories of Murder>
Hwang Jung-min… and

2007 Monumental Masterpiece <The Black House>
Questions. Why did he choose a horror thriller now, 16 years after his debut, and now standing in the position of the best blue chip in Korean cinema? His choices become news. In <Sweet Life> <You Are My Destiny> and <Life Decision>, the new choice of the top brand Hwang Jung-min, who ran as a simple country young man and sometimes as a forage in a back alley, becomes a hot topic.
Why was he the first to volunteer to appear in a movie called The Black House?

There are clues. It is known that he had already read the novel <The Black House> years ago. In 1997, it was the grand prize for a Japanese horror novel, and it was a work that turned Japan upside down by recording a million-seller. It was the work that drew attention from critics, saying that it 'shows the highest point that horror can reach'. And in the summer of 2006, he was given a marketing report along with a screenplay that was woven into a thick book. It contains the contents of 'FGI – Focus Group Interview' for scenario evaluation, and the words 'perfect' and 'shock' were recorded in the last chapter.

But what… what is it that creates such a 'premonition of a masterpiece'? Jungmin Hwang Black Box
Write the same expression. Jun-oh Jeon, an insurance agent, played by him. However, there is a secret hidden in him who is tracking the serial death that even the police have given up on. There is a ghost that follows him… It is not known at this time whether he knows it, or whether it is a common spirit in movies. Both the reason for the murder and the existence of the murderer drag the audience into a new labyrinth of shock like a black box hidden in a black house. Now I ask you to remember two things. One final piece of advice from Hwang Jung-min: “You will look different as a human…” It couldn't get more interesting than this! Another one: Unprecedented. It is the existence of a new shock, 'Psychopath' that I have never even heard of or even given an example!

God's most perfect killer 'Psychopath'

The Birth of a Wonderful Murder Character – The Black House
A 7-year-old child committed suicide. 7 year old suicide? Is it really possible… However, the mystery of the movie <Black House> begins as the police investigation results prove a perfect suicide. Jun-oh Jeon (Jung-min Hwang), an insurance investigator, suspects the child's father. But if he is human, his father cannot be the culprit. no it shouldn't be if he is human Is it suicide? Is it murder? Who the hell are they?

What would it look like if God, or the demon Lucifer, had created a murderer who resembled him? Perhaps he took the form of a human, but created a being with an empty human mind. A 100% pure killer who is completely empty of pain, fear, love, and compassion. Now Jung-Min Hwang, he is entering their empty hearts…

Psycho Pass. The movie <Black House> heralds a major upheaval with the birth of a phenomenal character that will overturn all common sense in film history. At the scene of the death of a 7-year-old child, the audience will be astonished by those who do not feel pain. You may feel a strange charm from them, who can't tell the difference between smiling and crying. Perhaps they were discovered at the scene of death, which may not have been human, may excite you. But you have to understand! They are real beings, and this story is real. Whether they are creations made by God's pranks, creatures with birth defects, or murderous demons vomited by modern civilization such as bitterness, they are the beings with us now. They are invisible, incurable, and always looking for prey to satisfy their desires. Hwang Jung-min started a fight with them. On June 21, 2007, their confrontation now becomes a record in modern history.

60 million, contract with death

Insurance, phone, mail: fear of network communication – black house
Another black box is hidden in the confrontation between Hwang Jung-min, who has a gruesome passion, and a psychopath, an unprecedented killer. Question – The age of national insurance when 60 million people signed up. Behind the insurance to protect the life of the subscriber, but have you ever thought about the fact that there are so many death files? I have another question. Telephone or e-mail for anonymous communication. Can you believe that inadvertent exchange of calls can kill people?

network! We form a relationship and communicate with someone through a contract or through means of communication such as telephone or e-mail. There is no way to avoid it. Let's go back to the beginning. A 7-year-old committed suicide. The 30 million won insurance money to protect the life of the child turns into a death contract. The moment the contract was signed, a 7-year-old child has become the prey of a psychopath. Do you remember the story we revealed earlier? Hwang Jung-min received an anonymous insurance consultation call. His name and story, shed by the desire to prevent a woman from committing suicide, serve as messengers of serial death. They pointed out Hwang Jung-min. They lurk everywhere, and like a pulled string, just release them and they'll fly away and devour you. Psychopaths, they may be the very network we have formed in this society where only desire has meaning.

The confrontation has begun. The clash of two memorable characters will lock in all your expectations as you get closer to the truth. Don't forget that in the screenplay evaluation, in recent years, almost all of the works have been rated well above and beyond. The Black House… is a labyrinth. But there is something to be said clearly. can never get away And you can always be their target. Want to avoid it? Abolish all contracts you have made now. Cancel your phone, e-mail, or Internet subscription. Don't look. Do not approach. Don't knock on that door. They are breathing next to you now.

“Should be quarantined vs not”
“true vs false”

Chaos, Controversy, Sensation, Shock
Judgment Name – Black House

Now, I've seen the movie <Black House> so far. If you are a spectator, you will be given two roles. First, you become the happiest audience in the world. Hwang Jung-min will meet an actor with unavoidable charm, and perhaps witness a more attractive psychopath than that. In the first 30 minutes, if you realize the truth of this movie, you are definitely a genius. But there is another role. judge! You must judge.

Recently, a broadcasting media reported that Virginia Tech's Cho Seung-hee had the potential to be a psychopath. Yoo Young-chul, who killed 12 people, is said to be the first officially recorded psychopath in Korea. However, we also witness the possibility in the image of a citizen who verbally assaults a bus driver for no reason.
They may be who we are, which can happen at any time. Clinically, they are said to be incurable. The average recidivism rate is known to be over 80%. Should they be quarantined? Or should human dignity be recognized? Controversy has been hot online lately. One website published that 65.1% were in favor of quarantine. The issue of judging a psychopath is emerging as a hot issue. The number of cases in which they complain of anxiety about their relatives and inquire whether they are themselves or not through the psychopath checkpoint is rapidly increasing.

In the movie, the problem of the spirit that follows Hwang Jung-min, the question of suicide or murder, who the hell is a psychopath and who is the killer, and even the controversy over Hwang Jung-min's behavior are obviously interesting points of this movie <The Black House>. . June 21, 2007. It seems that Korea will meet a movie of a masterpiece foreboding that has a rich story to tell.

[ 制作記 _ Special Production note ]

Romanticism vs Decadent Romanticism
The movie <Black House> depicts a battle between a smart insurance company sergeant and a psychopath, an unprecedented character without pain or emotion. However, the art and visual work that breathes life into the character appears as an essential point in understanding the mystery of the movie <Black House>.

Juno Jeon represents the reality we live in as a mechanized and coded space. However, Jun-oh's private space, the apartment, is a place with a warm and affectionate image like the mystery behind him. Being able to grasp the inner feelings of Jericho and human beings. In other words, the art team insists that Jun-oh's space symbolizes 'romanticism'. “You can change the world with your thoughts and thoughts. I will change the world I dream of in my own way." Therefore, the space of the 'black house' at the point of confrontation is created under the concept of decadent romanticism. Above all, it is the place where decisive events take place and direct fear, and the birth of the 'black house' where they live.

Slowly, drowning in fear
The space of 'Black House', which is set in a bathhouse 30 years ago, realized by art director Ha Sung-seong of the idea of director Shin Tae-ra, has a three-level structure: the exterior of the building, the living room, and the underground bath. It is said that the apocryphal scene of 'Black House' wanted to give a feeling of vague flow that people do not know whether they live or not, and it is emotional. The intensity of this fear belongs to 'medicine' in the stage of fear that can be felt in the movie, and the appearance of the apocryphal suggests the beginning of a great event. The living room, which belongs to the 'medium' fear intensity, is a space that announces the start of a serial murder case and is the place where Jun-oh encounters a psychopath for the first time. The living room of the black house was meant to be damp, stinky, and full of moisture. It feels like scales are standing here and there. Lastly, the space that presents the fear stage 'River' is an underground bath that reveals the existence of a character called a psychopath. This space, where extreme confrontations between characters come and go, and the most dramatic curves, is the most dangerous and the most attractive. It gives a creepy feeling, like a spider web and waiting for its prey. The art team tried to exclude color as much as possible. This is because, with the setting that the real time is still, only the emotions of the psychopath and Jun-oh come alive in the still time. 'The Black House' of the movie <The Black House>, which I worked on thinking that it should never be visually emphasized, is a different result that I have never seen in horror movies. Through 'Black House', the audience will soon become terrified as if a sponge absorbs blood and becomes completely red. It is like a three-dimensional world that is transformed into a large-scale space beyond the senses of sight and touch, a world where time is still and the origin is unknown, but it feels very old… We invite you into the black house.

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