(Korean Movies) Big Match, 2014

Big Match, 2014

Big Match, 2014
Audience over 15
running time
112 minutes
cumulative audience
19th Fantasia International Film Festival 2015


Action is super! Running instinct! Humor is an option!
To save his abducted brother (Lee Seong-min) from the genius villain 'Ace' (Shin Ha-kyun).
The indomitable fighter 'Ik-ho' (Jung-jae Lee)'s super-limited run begins!
From escaping the prison to the giant gambling hall, Sangam Stadium, and Seoul Station
A non-stop race across the city center.
There is only one rule of the game, if you stop, you die.
The big match of a lifetime is about to begin!

A super-luxurious entertainment action depicting Ik-ho (Lee Jung-jae) running endlessly to save his brother from a genius villain (Shin Ha-kyun), set in the entire city center.

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The older brother disappeared and the game began.
Everything is real.
Save your brother from the genius villain!
Super special mission 5 blitz revealed!

Impossible Escape |
Choi Ik-ho (Lee Jung-jae), who was selected as a game board player, if you want to save your older brother, escape the prison now!

Human Barrier Mission |
Break through the defenses of 60 combat police units with your bare body!

Infiltrating a giant gambling house |
Find the red angel and infiltrate the gambling house to find the brother who is being held captive!

Sangam Stadium Roulette Game |
Within the limited time, remove the explosives mounted on the kidnapped brother!

Final Big Match |
Survive the life-threatening final match with the world's greatest fighter, Andrei!

Action is super! Running instinct! Humor is an option!
Firstly! Enjoy the most!
This winter, the best entertainment action movie <Big Match> is coming!
The best entertainment action movie <Big Match>, which will open its doors this winter, is ready to heat up theaters in November. The movie <Big Match> is a super-luxurious entertainment action that depicts Ik-ho (Lee Jung-jae) running indefinitely to save his brother from a genius villain (Shin Ha-kyun), set in the entire city.
A fierce screen big match is predicted than ever before in theaters this winter, from blockbuster Korean films to Hollywood blockbusters. Among them, <Big Match>, the first movie to be released, is expected to be loved by a wide audience, offering everything from cool action to exhilarating fun.
<Big Match> is the ultimate box office hit with action and fun characters, Lee Jung-jae, Shin Ha-kyun, the acting god who combines acting and box office performance on both screen and CRT, and trusted and trusted actors Lee Seong-min, as well as BoA, Kim Eui-seong, Ra Mi-ran, Bae Seong-woo, and Son Ho-jun. , Choi Woo-shik, and the strongest acting corps are already receiving explosive attention because they are in perfect harmony. In addition, the thrilling story itself of going through an unprecedented mission raises the audience's expectations. <Big Match> is a blockbuster scale that covers major landmarks of Seoul such as Sangam World Cup Stadium and Seoul Station against the backdrop of the city center that has been turned into a game board, plus the upgraded action of martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul of <The Mister> to stimulate the curiosity of the audience. do.
<Big Match>, the only entertainment action movie this winter, is the only entertainment action movie with the expressive action, light rhythm, and enjoyment delivered by a corps of unique characters.

“A movie I have never seen before! Please enjoy the movie <Big Match> as if you enjoyed the game”
<The Thieves> <The New World> <Consultation> Lee Jung-jae's 2014 selection, the last box office hit!
The indomitable fighter 'Choi Ik-ho' is back!

Actor Lee Jung-jae, who has captivated the audience with his irreplaceable charm, from his strong charismatic acting to his soft smile and witty acting, is back with the super entertainment action movie <Big Match>. From the movie <The Thieves> that mobilized 13 million viewers in 2012, to <The New World> (4.68 million) and <Contemplation> (9.13 million) in 2013, Lee Jung-jae recorded a mega hit and rose to the top of the box office. In <Big Match>, Lee Jung-jae perfectly played the role of 'Choi Ik-ho', an indomitable fighter who challenges an unprecedented mission in a huge city to save his one and only brother. To this end, he began full-scale action training five months before filming, and as he was portrayed as a fighter in the play, he quickly learned various kick movements in addition to boxing and wrestling to suit his role. Also, although he had a reputation for his luxurious body, he did not stop weight training, such as bulking up and diet control, to make a body of a martial artist. After relentless efforts, such as increasing his body size through individual exercise in the morning and martial arts training in the afternoon, he gained 7 kg and built a strong, muscular body.
Director Choi Ho, who directed <Big Match>, said, “Lee Jung-jae is an actor whose overall body shape and innate sense are already cool enough. With his own flexible sense, he made the character of 'Choi Ik-ho' vivid and sophisticated.” On the other hand, martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul, who was in charge of the martial arts of <The Uncle>, said, “Lee Jung-jae was so passionate that he received not only martial arts and basic physical training but also muscle training, and he always worked hard enough to smell the parsing. I was surprised that he had so much talent as an action actor that I couldn't believe it." He said, raising expectations for Lee Jung-jae's action acting.
The movie <Big Match>, which adds the lively charm of 'Choi Ik-ho', the character of 'Choi Ik-ho', who has an innate fighting spirit and indomitable tenacity, will visit the audience on November 26th.

Shin Ha-kyun, the god of acting, Lee Seong-min, a trusted actor, Ra Mi-ran, Kim Ui-seong, Bae Seong-woo
Chungmuro's young blood Boa, Son Ho-jun, and Choi Woo-shik!
Regardless of genre! Regardless of generation! Korea's strongest acting corps, responsible for perfect enjoyment!

The movie <Big Match> boasts a perfect multi-casting of actors representing Korea, such as Lee Jung-jae, Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Seong-min, Boa, Kim Ui-seong, Ra Mi-ran, Bae Seong-woo, Son Ho-jun, Choi Woo-shik, actors, and hot newcomers. do.
Actor Shin Ha-kyun, who has shown excellent transformation in each work, is expected to show off his strong charm as the genius villain 'Ace' who opposes 'Choi Ik-ho'. Director Choi Ho said, “Unlike ‘Ik-Ho Choi’, who runs endlessly through the city center, the genius villain ‘Ace’ had to express dramatic emotions in a limited space. conveyed strong trust. In addition, actor Lee Seong-min, who is in his best heyday by captivating screens and CRTs with his deep acting skills accumulated over a long period of time, played 'Choi Young-ho', the only brother of 'Choi Ik-ho'. From <The Attorney> and <Kundo: Age of Rampant> to the drama [Misaeng], he showed his own presence and at the same time created the best collaboration with the other actors, raising expectations about what he will show with Lee Jung-jae this time. .
In addition, from movies such as <Dancing Queen> and <Wish> to the entertainment program [Real Men], actress Ra Mi-ran, who is gaining great popularity on the screen and on CRT, Kim Eui-seong, an actress who showed off her overwhelming presence as 'Han Myung-hoe' in <Contemplation>, licorice actress Bae Seong-woo joined the drama and added a lot of fun. Here, young people such as BoA, who proved her passion for acting with <Big Match>, Ho-Jun Son, a popular actor in the drama [Reply 1994] and the entertainment program [Youth Over Flowers], and Woo-Sik Choi, who is emerging as a hot newcomer in Chungmuro with <Giant> Even the bloods went out.
<Big Match> is a movie with the strongest acting corps, which is difficult to gather in one place, regardless of genre or generation. Expectations for the super-luxurious pleasure that the film <Big Match>, featuring their fantastic ensemble, will provide is growing even higher.

The overwhelming scale encompassing the landmarks of downtown Seoul,
Introduced 'Motion Capture Pre-Visual' for the first time in Korea's action movie!
<The Mister> With the upgraded action of the martial arts director and the efforts of the actors
Maximize the pleasure of super special action!

The movie <Big Match> is set in the middle of downtown Seoul, such as Sangam World Cup Stadium, Seoul Station, Haengju Bridge, and the Gosu Site of the Hangang River, as the background of amazing missions that have never been seen before. In particular, the Sangam World Cup Stadium sequence, the highlight of the movie, boasts an overwhelming scale in all aspects including scale and budget, such as realizing the entire stadium in 3D to add liveliness to the action of 'Choi Ik-ho'.
<Big Match> threw off the reality of existing domestic action movies and made various attempts to deliver spectacular action and exhilarating pleasure to the audience. It is the first action movie in Korea to introduce motion capture pre-visual and to put in a visual director. The motion capture pre-visual, which was conducted based on the theme of the game and the setting that the main character is a martial artist, contributed to enhancing the pleasure and feeling of hitting by realizing actions in areas that real actors could not do and various angles that cameras could not capture. The martial arts team, which had to wear a motion capture suit from head to toe in midsummer for motion capture shooting, was worried that the sensor attached to the suit would fall off whenever they performed an action action. Because I was able to, I filmed the same scene over and over again. In addition, the visual director was responsible for coordinating the opinions of the staff in charge, such as martial arts, CG, special effects, shooting, lighting, and art teams, and designing the overall picture to create a single scene. Various new technical attempts were made due to the visual director's activity, and each team was able to prepare efficiently for shooting.
The passion of the actors was added to these technical efforts. Not only Lee Jung-jae, who had to digest the most amount of action, but also BoA showed enthusiasm to learn boxing by attaching a personal trainer in addition to intense training with the martial arts team. . Thanks to this, it is said that the practice room of the martial arts team of <Big Match> was so spectacular that there was a joke that it was not the Taereung Athletes' Village last summer. In this way, <Big Match>, which adds the passion of all the actors and crew including the lead actor Jung-jae Lee, will provide you with a feeling of extreme action that you have never seen before this winter.


From Sangam World Cup Stadium, where famous scenes that will remain in the history of Korean action movies were born
From the high ground of the Hangang River that fought the cold wave, to Seoul Station, which was filmed through a large crowd!
A blockbuster-class mission in the middle of the city that encompasses major landmarks in Seoul!

The movie <Big Match> is set in the middle of downtown Seoul, which is familiar to the audience, and is expected to provide a new sense of action pleasure that has never been seen before.
On the coldest day of December last year with a sensible temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, Lee Jung-jae filmed at the high site of the Han River, and the full-scale urban run of <Big Match> continued to Seoul Station and Sangam World Cup Stadium. Sangam World Cup Stadium, one of the highlights of <Big Match>, was filmed with great care in all aspects, including size, budget, and scale, more than anywhere else. In addition to the high-level action of the actors, the chase scene, and the CG source shooting, it required more concentration than any other place because it was necessary to match the large-scale auxiliary performers as well. In particular, the scene where 'Ik-ho' rushes from the roof of the stadium to the skybox in the center of the audience to save his kidnapped brother gives a thrill as if he was skydiving. This will surely be remembered as one of the famous scenes in Korean action film history.
Seoul Station, the location of the 'Final Match' that decorates the end of the movie, was a series of challenges from casting to filming. It was a wonderful filming where the staff's efforts to preserve reality shone, such as having to recruit each of the five companies gathered in the plaza, and starting preparations for filming in earnest after 8 pm in the parking lot, the main filming location, when business was over.
Unprecedented missions set on actual major landmarks in Seoul and unheard-of blockbuster-level action pleasure can only be seen in <Big Match> this winter.

<The Mister> The essence of the upgraded action of martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul
Lee Jung-jae and Lee Jung-jae, who have undergone rigorous action training comparable to that of a real MMA fighter,
BoA's innate action sense that drew praise from the scene!
Unveiling the birth of the super-luxurious entertainment action <Big Match> that was different from the start

Martial arts director Park Jung-ryul, who established a new Korean action style with the movie <The Man>, is expecting to show the essence of upgraded action through the super entertainment action movie <Big Match>. He said, "Ik-ho is a mixed martial arts MMA fighter," he said. He first thought about how exhilarating the action would be in the city. In particular, I wanted to highlight the heroic image of 'Ik-ho', which goes beyond general abilities.” For this purpose, from five months before filming, Lee Jung-jae continued training as intense as the real players over a total of four stages, from basic exercises such as falling and rolling, to boxing, wrestling, and various kicking movements until the filming period.
Director Choi Ho said, “Unlike the main characters in action movies, ‘Ik Ho’ is not a former special agent or a gangster, but a sportsman. The action that a sportsman shows in extreme situations must have been different, and it was interesting to see that he was trying not to harm others while carrying out his mission. Lee Jung-jae expressed this in a sophisticated and detailed manner with a very flexible sense.”
BoA, who plays the mysterious red angel 'Sookyung', also surprised the martial arts team with a passion for action comparable to that of Lee Jung-jae. BoA, who usually dominated the stage with perfect dance skills, was praised by martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul for her innate sense of action, saying, “He has excellent learning power and performs better than most stunt actors.” BoA, who has successfully transformed from a world-class diva to a rookie actress, will surprise the audience with her passion for acting.
Martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul finally said, “<Big Match> is a movie that breaks through with the explosive energy of the characters. You will be able to feel the pleasure of running through the city like a roller coaster.”

From the game of 'Ace' to Sangam Stadium, perfectly implemented in 3D!
A differentiated video unique to <Big Match>, created at the fingertips of 100 professional staff!
Orchestra, rock, and even electronic! Blockbuster-level action pleasure added with music!

<Big Match>, which foreshadows differentiation from existing Korean action films, is unique in its scale. This includes completely new drawings such as the MMA stadium of Ikho, the game interface of Ace, and 3D digital characters that will convey the feeling of action more vividly, as well as the 3D implementation of the Sangam World Cup Stadium, which can only be supported by hardware. The key to <Big Match> is that it was designed with the pre-production stage in mind, from the pre-production stage to the post-production CG work thoroughly. It required more elaborate continuity work than the previous films, and in a relatively short period of three months, 100 professional CG staff burned their passion, and a differentiated video unique to <Big Match> was born. The elaborately crafted action sequences met the music of <Big Match> that encompasses orchestral, rock, and electronic music, adding to the pleasure of action.

An exquisite combination of game and action completed with 3D technology!
The production team used 3D technology to show various actions in a mission game set in the middle of the city. After calculating the actual scale and size to create a space with CG, he did not hesitate to put all the action scenes of the martial arts team into the space after receiving motion capture. In addition, the eyes of 'Ace', who instructs the mission throughout the play, were set to CCTV to increase the sense of reality, and CG was added to the game interface of 'Ace', adding fun as if the audience were playing a real 3D augmented reality game. To this end, the production team produced a separate video of how to control the game and explained the concept, and delivered it to Shin Ha-kyun and Choi Woo-shik to help them easily immerse themselves in the character.

The music is also a big match! Rock Orchestra 'Ikho' VS Electronic 'Ace'
Music director Lee Ji-soo, who has been in charge of major Korean films such as <Introduction to Architecture>, <Kind Venus>, <Oldboy>, and <Silmido>, collaborated with director Choi Ho. Music director Lee Ji-soo tried to convey the extreme tension and cool pleasure throughout <Big Match> musically. The overall concept focused on two characters, the main character 'Ik-ho' and the genius villain 'Ace'. The theme of 'Ikho' focused on expressing his own energy and breakthrough power to match the indomitable fighter. To this end, we tried to express the blockbuster-level action pleasure unique to <Big Match> with a rock orchestra with 70 members of an orchestra and the performance of a rock band. On the other hand, 'Ace' is composed of electronic sound by taking advantage of the closed and cybertic space of his main space, the Headquarters. The image of a new genius villain heavily armed with technology, such as the hacking program used by his assistant 'Guru', the game interface inside the headquarters managed by 'Ace', and the headquarters vehicle running through the city according to the mission of 'Ikho' emphasized. For this work, music director Lee Ji-soo recorded at the '70-member Prague Philharmonic Orchestra' in the Czech Republic and did final mixing at 'Strong Room', a British sound mixing studio that participated in the music mixing of world-famous film music composer Hans Zimmer. The quality of the music has been improved.

From ‘Idea Bank’ Lee Jung-jae to ‘Green Matte Wish’ Shin Ha-kyun throughout filming
Lee Seong-min, who tried special makeup for the first time in his life, and Kim Eui-seong, a barista on set!
Behind the scenes of <Big Match>, which was hot with passion and teamwork

Like an actor who captivates the audience in every work, Lee Jung-jae made a great contribution to enhancing the perfection of the work with his witty ideas at the filming site of <Big Match>. His signature tattoo and zombie dance ceremony stand out in the fight scene at the beginning of the movie. Unlike the masculine and terrifying tattoos of existing martial arts players, the tattoo of 'Ikho', which attracts attention with cute and fun colorful patterns, was designed by Lee Jung-jae to suit the character. Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, a champion belt, and a soccer ball were borrowed from images that match 'Ik-ho', adding to the unique leeway, wit and charm of 'Ik-ho'. In addition, the zombie dance was created by coach Ho Choi and Jeong-jae Lee, who were thinking about the gestures and body movements of 'Ik-ho', and they were created by exchanging opinions, referring to the ceremonies of real martial arts players. As a result, the signature ceremony of 'Ik-ho', the best fighter in Korea, was born. In addition, the staff also applauded Lee Jung-jae, who showed his deep affection for the work and acting skills by actively suggesting opinions without missing out on details such as character's personality, makeup, costumes, and action movements.
On the other hand, Shin Ha-kyun, a genius villain who turned the city into a huge game board, worked hard on the indoor headquarters shooting with his assistant genius hacker 'Guru' Woo-shik Choi. Unlike 'Ik-ho', who runs through the city center, since they are characters who control everything through a monitor in a cramped vehicle, the two had to immerse themselves in acting while looking at only the green mat throughout the filming. In particular, Shin Ha-kyun managed to digest a huge amount of dialogue by himself without a partner in every scene. Shin Ha-kyun is motivated to take on new challenges and is raising expectations for the birth of a new Korean villain character by attempting a radical transformation from hairstyle to clothing.
Lee Seong-min, who is the brother of 'Ik-ho' and his coach 'Young-ho', tried special makeup for the first time in his life. In order to bring out the realism of the character of a former wrestler, the so-called 'dumpling ears', a characteristic of the players, were set. For this, Seong-min Lee had to put on the 'dumpling ears' makeup for 2 hours for every filming. Not only that, because of the kidnapped setting, most of the film was covered in dust, bruises and bloodstains were optional, and bandages and sweat had to be divided into scenes that had gone through everything before birth.
Kim Eui-seong, who plays the role of Detective Do, a police officer chasing after 'Ik-ho', added vitality to the scene in a different way. Thanks to him, a well-known gourmet, he was able to explore restaurants near Daejeon where the police station was filmed. In addition, he always carried a basket of coffee ingredients at the filming site, and made the best drip coffee by hand to fellow actors and staff, strengthening teamwork.
As such, <Big Match> heralds the birth of the best entertainment action movie that will open the box office this winter, amid the passionate passion and fantastic teamwork of all the actors and staff.

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