(Korean Movies) Bestseller, 2010

Bestseller, 2010
Audience over 15
running time
117 minutes
cumulative audience
1081752 people
18th Chunsa International Film Festival 2010


“The girl who disappeared 22 years ago, the eerie story she told me”

“You must recover!”
Baek Hee-soo has been reigning as Korea's best-selling author for over 20 years.
Hee-soo, who is accused of plagiarizing the work that was judged at the time of the judge of a contest, loses her social reputation overnight, and her marriage is not smooth.
Hee-soo, who has been unable to create for two years, dreams of a splendid comeback at the suggestion of an old friend, the editor-in-chief of a publishing company, and goes down to a remote country cottage with her daughter Yeon-hee.

“Yeonhee, Mom will listen. tell mama everything… ”
The villa they were looking for.
The place gives off an eerie atmosphere, such as a locked second-floor nook, a bizarre vacuum that resonates intermittently throughout the house, and black mold that gradually spreads on the ceiling of the studio. start having a conversation
Hee-soo, thirsty for creation, gradually becomes obsessed with the eerie story that happened at the villa told by Yeon-hee, and eventually completes the story into a novel.
And once again, he succeeds in making a comeback by standing tall as a best-selling author.

“It can never be plagiarism! I will find out!”
However, as it turns out that even the story is the same as the novel published 10 years ago, she is once again at the center of the plagiarism controversy.
Hee-soo, who insists that there is absolutely no plagiarism, believes that something in the villa made him write the same, and goes back to the village to clear the charge of plagiarism.
And there, he encounters a mysterious case surrounding his novel and villa…
Now she begins a desperate pursuit of the hidden truth!


A shocking story that happened in a quiet country town!
How cruel can humans be?
Baek Hee-soo's 2010 most talked-about work returned in a completely new format!

Baek Hee-soo, author of <Blue Train>
After a two-year hiatus, he returned to the new work <Abyss>.
And he talks about humans with sharper handwriting.
The deep darkness found in the human heart…

The moment I was thirsty for creativity,
I heard the eerie story of a girl who disappeared 22 years ago.

<The Abyss> is an intense mystery novel that begins with the story of a girl who happened to hear it.
A vivid record of the day that was hidden from the pen tip of Baek Hee-soo, a representative artist of our time!
How much is fiction and how far is reality?!

Now, her story begins!!


1> First Truth

Now, crossovers are all the rage in any field!
Variety movie <Bestseller> created by the synergy effect of crossover!

'Crossover' is a term commonly used in music to refer to a product made by combining elements of one genre with another. Recently, however, the phenomenon has been extended to the entire cultural world, and in dramas and entertainment programs, they mix forms and contents with each other, giving fresh shocks and various fun.

What if this trend is also reflected in the film? 'Cross' has the advantage of not only appealing to viewers who are not satisfied with just one genre with a richer film, but also attracting audiences who prefer each genre by mixing the characteristics and strengths of several genres rather than one genre. over'. <Bestseller>, a full-fledged crossover movie, can be said to have the characteristics of many genres such as 'mystery', 'action thriller', and 'horror'. An 'action thriller' through the story of the main character, Baek Hee-soo, who desperately struggles to get rid of the plagiarism allegation, and the 'mystery' that the same novel as the novel written about the story told by her daughter was already published 10 years ago. , a new concept crossover movie <Bestseller> where you can feel the eerie atmosphere of 'House Horror' through the bizarre atmosphere surrounding the villa, a gloomy and secluded villa, a mysteriously locked room, and more! <Bestseller>, a mystery chase drama that will reach the audience as a 'eerie and thrilling mystery movie' through the synergy of different genres, rather than a simple mixture of genres, was released in April 2010, satisfying all audiences who like various genres. will do

2> second truth
'Plagiarism' prevalent in Korean society and its heated controversy
<Bestseller>, the first Korean movie to deal with the hot issue of this era, 'plagiarism'!

As if proving the saying 'There is nothing new under the sky', Korean society has been noisy in recent years due to the plagiarism controversy that has been taking place in the art world as a whole. In 2008, there was a controversy that writer Cho Kyung-ran plagiarized the novel <The Tongue> by a new writer Joo Iran. <Queen Seondeok> was embroiled in controversy over plagiarizing the script of the musical <Queen Seondeok of Mugunghwa>. Also last year, idol singer 'G-Dragon''s <Heart Breaker> was performed by American hip-hop singer 'Pro Rider'. Allegations of plagiarism were raised and the Internet heated up for a while. However, the novel did not progress any further due to the strange silence of the writer Jo Kyung-ran and the established literary circles, and in the case of dramas, it was criticized for trying to get attention by riding on popularity, and in the case of songs, it also gained a lot of popularity regardless of plagiarism. You can see this well if you look at the case of the recent rise in popularity to the point that the title song <I'm Alone> of the up-and-coming group CNBLUE was plagiarized from <Blue Bird> of the indie band 'Wynot', but received a glance at whether it was noise marketing. have. As such, plagiarism is surrounded by numerous issues and issues, but the legal standards are not clear, so it is difficult to determine the authenticity.

The mystery chase drama <Bestseller> is the first work to deal with 'plagiarism' that is so prevalent in Korean society, and the subject of plagiarism was used as an important tool in the starting line of the mysterious case in the movie and the character of Baek Hee-soo, who is obsessed with creativity. Of course, plagiarism was used as a dramatic device to express the character of an artist who became devastated and difficult to create because of plagiarism rather than its own problem, but the fact that it was the first Korean film to deal with plagiarism, a “hot potato in the cultural world,” made it even worse. It will arouse a lot of interest and curiosity, and will rise as a “hot potato in the film industry”.

“Plagiarism… Instinct to get safer results!”
It is very difficult to create something completely new. This is especially true in modern society, where human creations are accumulated and influences are frequently exchanged with others. The reason plagiarism is frequent is that perfect creation is so difficult. There are two types of plagiarism. Unconscious plagiarism and intentional plagiarism. Skinner (1904-1990), a famous psychologist who was a professor at Harvard University, one day came up with a unique and novel expression and admired himself. Turns out it was written a long time ago. This kind of unconscious plagiarism is plagiarism caused by memory distortion in which someone's work that has been experienced one day remains in the memory and is presented as one's own as one's own. On the other hand, intentional plagiarism is plagiarism that pretends to be someone else's creations as their own. Plagiarism can be a human instinct, like imitation trying to imitate others. Humans are good at imitating others from an early age. Even a three-day-old baby imitates when he sticks out his tongue or opens his mouth in front of it. The reason they imitate others is because they believe that it brings more favorable results to their survival. This means that plagiarism can occur due to the instinct to obtain safer results. Plagiarism is also caused by the desire to be recognized by others and to get results quickly. People with a strong desire for success, those who want to succeed quickly by any means, and those who can determine which is the path to success are prone to intentional plagiarism. In particular, there are studies that show that plagiarism often occurs in situations that require quick results. Plagiarism tends to occur more frequently in a society like our country that values obvious results and constantly induces competition. Because I want to make it my own when I find in someone else what I was looking for in a situation where I need to get tangible results quickly. Plagiarism can easily happen even when you don't think deeply about where your ideas came from or when you're trying to get more than you are capable of. Plagiarism is a crime. Therefore, in order to prevent plagiarism, it is necessary to avoid an atmosphere that emphasizes only the results. At the same time, you can reduce plagiarism when you value your own thoughts and work more than others'.

Professor Kwak Geum-Joo (Seoul National University, Psychology)
Source: JoongAng Ilbo February 20, 2007

3> Third Truth

Uhm Jung-hwa, who has been reborn from a gorgeous all-round entertainer to a luxury actor!
Her second heyday, known as Korea's 'Jodie Foster', begins!

Uhm Jung-hwa, an all-round entertainer who made her debut with the movie <You Must Go to Apgujeong-dong on a Windy Day> in 1993 and has been successful in various fields such as singers and actors, has been selected as a role model by many female entertainers. She first took the lead role in the movie <Princess Aurora>, which appeared as a serial killer who lost her daughter, and achieved success in both criticism and box office with this work, establishing herself as Korea's representative actress with ticket power and acting skills. This time, she returned to the best-selling author Baek Hee-soo of the movie <Bestseller>.

Baek Hee-soo is a person who is accused of plagiarizing one of the submitted works when he was a judge of a contest while he was successful as Korea's best-selling author by recording an all-time hit in each of his works for 20 years. As a result, she loses her social honor and self-esteem and is mentally exhausted and can no longer engage in creative activities. Uhm Jung-hwa realistically shows how she goes from one extreme to another, confidently saying, "In order to express Baek Hee-soo's character in a more dramatic and detailed way, I have carefully studied the behavioral patterns of people with a strong desire for honor." In addition, Uhm Jung-hwa completely transformed into Baek Hee-soo through hard work, such as abandoning her usual glamorous fashionista appearance, losing weight to the extent that her spine was exposed, and putting on no makeup on her frizzy hair. The production team said, "In order to best express my sensitivity, I refrained from eating all day on filming days, stopped all outside activities such as broadcasting and commercials so that my emotions would not be disturbed. I stayed in Gwangju alone without it,” he praised her character immersion.
In this way, through the movie <Bestseller>, Uhm Jung-Hwa, who will throw her whole body to the point where she can be compared to 'Jodie Foster', the thriller queen of Hollywood, will be reborn as a luxury actress, not a flashy star, and will enter her second heyday. Also, as one of the few actresses who can take on the lead role in a movie, you can expect to light a green light on the recent famine of Chungmuro actresses.

4> Fourth truth

Charismatic actor Ryu Seung-ryong, with Korean 'Dakota Fanning' Dr.
Lee Do-kyung, Cho Jin-woong, Choi Moo-seong, Cho Hee-bong, Oh Jeong-se! Korea's representative actors and actresses!

Those who have been loved by the audience for their impressive performances in various fields such as movies, dramas, and plays have united in <Bestseller>! Ryu Seung-ryong, a charismatic actor who imprinted his name on the audience with his unique heavy charisma by playing a role with a strong personality and presence in each work such as <7th Grade Civil Servant> and <Secret>; Korea's 'Dakota Fanning' Dr. Rang, who has established herself as a ranked child actor, split into the husband and daughter of Jung-hwa Um, respectively, and perfectly digested the character at the center of the mystery. Ryu Seung-ryong takes on the role of 'Park Young-joon', a university professor, and plays the role of 'Yeon-hee', who is innocent and creepy at the same time, and played the role of 'Yeon-hee' with Dr. Rang.
In addition, for over 10 years, Lee Do-kyung, an old-timer actor full of maturity, who is called the lord of the theater world by directing and starring in the play <The Dog on the Dragon>, and the drama <Sons of Sol Pharmacy> and <Chuno>. Jo Jin-woong, who is rapidly rising in popularity since his debut, Choi Moo-seong, who left a deep impression in the minds of the audience with his intense eyes by playing the brutal murderer ‘Jeong Chul-jin’ in <Seven Days>; From Jo Hee-bong, who was received by Jo Hee-bong, an announcer from <Radio Days>, and a drug addict from <Secret>, to Oh Jeong-se, an actress who is like a white paper who draws unusual characters with her own color in every work. The fantastic breathing and realistic character construction of these actors, who show explosive performances with different charms and are active in all directions, balance the whole movie and at the same time double the dramatic tension and thrill.

5> Fifth Truth

Stylish video! A fast-paced development! Sensational melody!
A well-made mystery chase <Bestseller> completed by the strongest dream team in Chungmuro!!

<Bestseller> maximizes the tension and thrill fit for the genre of 'mystery chase' through its unique stylish and fast video and sensual melody full of urgency.
Korea's strongest visualist, who swept various film festivals with sensuous and speedy mise-en-scène in <Reconstruction of Crime>, <Tazza>, <Seven Days>, and <Jeon Woochi> > shows a fantastic breathing again. Choe Young-hwan and Kim Seong-gwan, director of photography and lighting director Kim Seong-kwan, who are the 'matchmakers' of Chungmuro, who shine even more in thrillers and action with dynamic and bold imaging techniques using intense colors and light, fully bring out the mysterious and active feeling of <Bestseller>, 200% of the new genre of 'active' was realized. In addition, they induce the viewer to be completely immersed by expressing the subtle emotional lines of the unprecedented character of a sensitive artist who lives with the pain of creation in detail and vividly with colors and camera work that do not lose their focus. Editor Shin Min-kyung, who boasts of fast video editing, doubled the concentration of the play with a unique rhythmic breathing that is bold but does not miss the details. For this reason, the sophisticated video that unfolds without a breath makes the viewer unable to be vigilant, and cannot let go of the tension all the time. In addition, music director Kim Jun-seong, who won the Daejong Award and Blue Dragon Film Music Award, is full of urgency with music that heightens the mood of the film and stimulates the audience's emotions, such as <Marathon>, <Seven Days>, and <Exam: Blood Midterm>. To the sensual melody!
<Bestseller>, a well-made mystery chase drama that Korea's strongest dream team gathered and completed, stimulates the five senses of the audience with absorbing and sensual images and melodies that have never been seen before. is going to approach


1> First Secret

Barefoot, sometimes in high heels…
The action fighting spirit that threw Uhm Jung-hwa's body, which ran, rolled, and fell without mercy!

The movie <Bestseller> provides the excitement and tension of an action thriller in earnest as the main character, Baek Hee-soo, goes down to the villa to reveal the truth of her innocence of plagiarism and the mysterious case surrounding the villa. Of course, the walking is gorgeous enough that the camera almost never stopped, but the performance of Uhm Jung-hwa, who showed Baek Hee-soo's desperate struggle, is the highlight of the movie.

Step 1, the roof escape scene! Hee-soo, unable to get out of the front door and escaped through the window, climbed up the roof, and the height reached '11m, the most feared by people'. A wire was attached to Uhm Jung-hwa's body in preparation for a possible safety accident, but if she stumbles because she is wearing 7cm high heels, a major accident can occur that injures Uhm Jung-hwa as well as the actor in the role of a monster chasing from behind. situation. However, Uhm Jung-hwa showed a realistic chase scene on the roof with innate athleticism and unique flexibility.
Step 2, the chase in the forest! The scene where Hee-soo runs through the forest after leaving the villa. During that time, Uhm Jung-hwa, who had weakened a lot due to a harsh diet to express the character three-dimensionally, continued to run, but sometimes collapsed due to strength. However, she continued to run until she came up with a scene that she was satisfied with, including the director and the staff, and eventually broke her high heel. In addition, although the filming location was a very dangerous place because of the fact that it was a shiitake mushroom cultivation area, Uhm Jung-hwa showed great courage not to worry about tripping or getting scratched by the wire, and the staff did not spare a round of applause for her.
Step 3, the highlight of the movie! Uhm Jung-hwa, who escaped from the villa after suffering all kinds of hardships, had to run without wearing anything in the midwinter weather that was so cold that it would freeze if the rain turned around because of the setting that she would take off her shoes and run so as not to be caught by the assailants. It is said that it was possible to produce a more desperate and realistic smoke thanks to this. Later, even director Lee Jung-ho told Uhm Jung-hwa to take care of her, please don't overwork her body.

2> second secret

Character immersion is the best!
Ryu Seung-ryong who loved Uhm Jung-hwa so much, what was the story that made her cry twice?

Chungmuro representative actors Uhm Jung-hwa and Ryu Seung-ryong met for the first time as Korea's representative intelligent couple in <Bestseller>. As the atmosphere makers of the set, they were responsible for the laughter of the set, which could be dark due to the atmosphere of the movie, and exchanging text messages to encourage each other, living like siblings. However, as soon as filming started, he showed the appearance of a professional who was immersed in the role and created a tight tension, and this character immersion also created some unforgettable episodes.

At the end of filming, the so-called 'reservoir scene', which took place in the cold weather of minus 10 degrees Celsius, was a scene in which Ryu Seung-ryong rescued Uhm Jung-hwa from drowning and performed CPR. Ryu Seung-ryong, completely immersed in the dramatic situation, with one single thought to save Uhm Jung-hwa, he pressed his chest with all his might, forgetting that he was lying on the cold, bumpy gravel. Uhm Jung-hwa burst into tears as soon as the director's cut sounded, "It hurts," adding weight loss for a character who is sensitive to cold weather, intense emotional scenes and continuous action scenes. Also, in the scene where Ryu Seung-ryong slaps Uhm Jung-hwa, who struggled with anger for not believing in her innocence, telling her to calm down, rubbing the tip of her nose and dripping nosebleeds. When Uhm Jung-hwa, who was so surprised, burst into tears again, Ryu Seung-ryong was embarrassed because he did not know what to do. Both of these scenes were emotionally extreme, so it was not easy for veteran actors to shoot. Uhm Jung-hwa later apologized to Ryoo Seung-ryong, saying, "I did something I'm sorry about crying in front of the actor I was acting with."

3> Third Secret

Artist Baek Hee-soo's bizarre and secret workspace 'Secluded Villa'!
Until the birth of 'the villa', the source and center of the shocking incident…

In <Bestseller>, a secluded villa occupies a large proportion as the work space of the main character Baek Hee-soo and the center of a mysterious case in the film. The production team of the movie went around 250 reservoirs to select the site and reservoir to set up the set for, and they sold their products to the point that they had visited all of the reservoirs in Korea. As the goal was to find “a secluded place where no one would know even when people die”, the surrounding environment surrounding the villa and reservoir exudes a creepy atmosphere that seems to be about to happen day or night. Also, since the villa in the film built on the site was 'a residence for Western missionaries built during the Korean War in the 1950s,' the production team designed the villa through extensive data research, such as reviewing about 1,000 types of housing models. Considering the circumstances of the time, wood and brick were used instead of modern materials such as concrete, giving the old-fashioned feeling to the full, while the wooden floor creaked whenever people moved, giving it a creepy feeling. Based on the fact that the missionary's residence was managed by individuals, it is said that he emphasized the crude feeling of the villagers purchasing the materials themselves rather than painting the stylish wallpaper. Also, when looking up from the first floor, the interior structure, such as a maze-like staircase and a long hallway, maximizes the mysterious atmosphere of <Bestseller>, and is a space sufficient to change the delicate emotions of the bestselling author Baek Hee-soo, who suffers from creativity, more sensitively. was born as

Hee-soo Baek, who started writing while dreaming of a comeback in this mysterious villa (the official name is 'Bates Missionary House'), tells the story of someone through her daughter, making her more obsessed with the story. She reconstructed a gruesome incident that took place at the villa 22 years ago and wrote a novel called "The Abyss". After that, her struggle to prove the second plagiarism controversy, what she experienced at the villa, and the incident 22 years ago will increase the fun by maximizing the sincerity, urgency for the truth, and the thrill of the film.

4> Fourth Secret

The best performance with the best equipment!
The best shooting equipment mobilized for flashy camera walking and free acting!

The difficulties of directors and staff who want colorful and dynamic scenes will come from the environment where the free movement of actors cannot be followed by camera walking, or from restrictions such as lighting on the camera screen. Some special state-of-the-art equipment that eliminates these difficulties has the disadvantage of having to pay an expensive rental fee every time it is mobilized for filming, but it has to be welcomed by the staff because it guarantees 100% dynamic and free screen.

In the movie <Bestseller>, special filming equipment was also mobilized in the scene where Uhm Jung-hwa is chased and pursued by gangsters. 'Scorpio Head' and 'Techno Crane', which are not easy to secure a schedule because there are only two in Korea! Techno crane is a device mainly used in CFs and music videos because of its high price. If a camera is attached to the end of the ARM, it can rotate 360 degrees, and the ARM can be freely folded and unfolded, so the cinematographer can get the scene he wants. It is highly rated in terms of performance. In particular, this equipment, which shows its power when shooting action scenes and scenes that require various angles and screens, is used in scenes full of urgency in the movie, where Uhm Jung-hwa is chased by monsters and climbs up the roof or runs in front of a villa. I was able to capture a more thrilling screen.
Another thing to pay attention to in <Bestseller> is the soft moonlight that illuminates the surroundings of the villa from the villa to the lakeside and forest road at night. <Bestseller>, which always needed lighting to cover a large area around the villa when shooting at night, was able to create a more realistic moonlight effect than the real moon by placing a lighting equipment called 'Moonlight Crane' high in the sky. . Thanks to this, the number of fixtures to be installed around was significantly reduced, and not only was it possible to shorten the shooting time, but also the free movement of the actors was ensured, which made it possible to bring out the actors' extreme performances and more realistic performances.

5> Fifth Secret

Give actors the freedom to act freely!
Director of Photography Choi Young-hwan and Lighting Director Kim Seong-gwan of Chungmuro's famous duo

From <Reconstruction of Crime>, <Blood Nude>, <Seven Days> to the recent <Woochi Jeon>, Chungmuro's mate Choi Young-hwan and lighting director Kim Seong-gwan, who worked together on numerous works. There is absolutely no T mark on the filming site of those who say, “I hate fixed shots and I hate constraining actors.” This is because the camera creates the angle by following the movement of the actor, rather than making the angle and putting the actor in it. This is possible thanks to the fantastic breathing of the two. Cinematographer Choi Young-hwan explains what he wants to implement on set, and lighting director Kim Seong-gwan brings out the perfect result as he intended.
When rehearsing, tell the actors to act freely without limiting their actions, and then set the lighting in a wider range than that while watching the actor's movement. Then, no matter how much the camera shakes or the actors run around, the lighting does not come out in the angle and the actors can freely act. So, looking at the two works, there is no limit to the actors' movement, and it makes the audience feel reality.

The most important thing in an action scene is the movement. As reality loses its power if there is a restriction on movement, movement is the most important in action scenes. The second half of the action scene, the highlight of <Bestseller>, is the part that cinematographer Choi Young-hwan and lighting director Kim Seong-gwan paid the most attention, and the actors' actions and camera movements are very natural and dynamic. In particular, the breathtaking chase scene with unidentified intruders from the second floor room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the living room, and from the living room to the basement was not an easy task because it took place in the limited space of the villa. Since several actors run and roll at the same time in a small space and suddenly change directions, lighting devices may be caught on the screen and the direction of the camera may not match, which could break the flow of shooting. However, cinematographer Choi Yeong-hwan and lighting director Kim Seong-gwan boasted such a good breath that they had already completed the equipment settings as soon as the actors' rehearsal was over, so there was never a case of delay or interruption of the flow. Therefore, the chase and chase only of <Bestseller> does not allow the audience to breathe and provides a sense of urgency throughout the climax.

6> Sixth Secret

Directly communicate with the audience!
A full-fledged interactive website that Uhm Jung-hwa and the audience use together!

Few actresses have been loved and trusted by the audience for as long as Uhm Jung-hwa. It is enough to captivate the hearts of the audience by repeatedly transforming and striving for acting in each work. This time, she picked up a pen to communicate with the audience. The 'The Count's Journal' corner on the <Bestseller> official website is just that. In order to immerse herself in the difficult character of a best-selling author who was embroiled in plagiarism from the moment she started filming, Uhm Jung-hwa became Baek Hee-soo and wrote a journal in her spare time during filming. These journals consist of records for a total of 17 days, and are updated 2-3 times every week through the 'Count's Journal' corner. In addition, there is a special event where the audience can infer the ending and apply for the event directly through the 'The Count's Journal' written by Uhm Jung-hwa and the text written on a typewriter every time 4 items are clicked. It stimulates the 'writer's instinct' and at the same time elicits an explosive response from netizens with its ingenuity and uniqueness. This communication method contains a more advanced two-way communication, away from the one-way communication method in which stars usually post posts on their fan cafes or mini-hompy and fans comment.

The <Bestseller> homepage is becoming a hot topic as a new concept homepage that not only provides information about movies, but also satisfies the curiosity of movie fans and serves as a communication channel with actors. In addition, her unconventional communication method, which showed her intention to participate without hesitation from the planning stage of the website, creates a sensation every time and proves once again that she is a representative actress in Korea who is loved by all audiences.

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