(Korean Movies) Believer, 2018

Believer, 2018

Believer, 2018
Audience over 15
running time
123 minutes 132 minutes (Reopening)
cumulative audience
5064323 people
15th Jecheon International Music Film Festival 2019


Asia's largest drug gang, track down the intangible enemy!

After a mysterious explosion,
Detective Won-ho (Cho Jin-woong), who has been tracking a drug gang for a long time, appears in front of the organization's guardian, Oh Yeon-ok (Kim Seong-ryeong) and abandoned gang member 'Rock' (Ryu Jun-yeol). With their help, they meet 'Jin Ha-rim' (Kim Joo-hyuk), a tycoon of the Asian drug market, and 'Brian' (Cha Seung-won), a hidden person in the organization, and catch a decisive clue about the reality…

Doubt to the end!
May 24, the war of the poisonous begins!


The explosive presence of poisonous characters!
The birth of a well-made crime drama rooted in a solid scenario!

Released on the 22nd of May, <Senior War> is a crime drama depicting the war of strong men over the reality of the ghost drug organization that dominates Asia. Director Hae-Young Lee, who has built up her own attractive style in various genres, and writer Seo-Kyung Seo, who wrote the screenplays for Mr. Kind Venus, “The Bat,” and “The Handmaiden” collaborated on the screenplay of “Seokjeon”, which is said to be the best scenario in Chungmuro from the production stage. It is based on a script that is strong enough to be released, so it is raising expectations even more.

<Seokjeon> is a work that highlights the colorful character performances of the characters who gradually reveal their identities one by one, centering on Won-ho (Cho Jin-woong) in a tense story chasing one target. Production Producer Jeong Hee-soon said, “The characters show various colors depending on what kind of character they meet. From the lead role to the supporting role, one character does not have one face, so it will be an interesting spectacle throughout.” The intense competition between the characters created by the explosive life performances of Haeun Park, Seungwon Cha, and Joohyuk Kim, the late Kim Joo-hyuk, is expected to provide fun. In response, Ryu Jun-yeol said, "If you follow the choices the characters make and how things are going, you can meet great results."

On the other hand, director Lee Hae-young said, "I was careful not to break the logic between the fast-paced stories." Jo Jin-woong also said, “Rather than simply selecting evil, it is a work that allows us to think about how a blind purpose works in our lives and whether it is right. I think it's a very unique movie." In this way, <Solo>, which will fill the screen with a solid story that unfolds without breaks and intense character competition, foretells the birth of the best crime drama of 2018, which is advanced in every way.

The most intense visual buster in the history of crime drama is born!
<Okja> <Apostle> <The Maid> <The Thieves> and <The Solo>
Director Lee Hae-young, who has a unique style, meets Korea's best production team

What makes the movie <Solo> even more exciting is that director Lee Hae-young, who has created his own unique style with works of various genres, and Korea's best production team have gathered in one place. Producer Jeong Hee-soon, who said that the whole process was a series of new attempts, raised curiosity about <Self-Experience>, saying, "I liked the collaboration of the production team, who had more experience than anyone else and had a new approach to everyday spaces."
The production team of <Dokjeon> completed the style of <Dokjeon> by paying attention to the art, shooting, lighting, and even the costumes of the actors in various spaces to maintain the balance. First, art director Lee Ha-joon, who won the Blue Dragon Film Award and completed the space for <The Maid>, <Haemu>, and <Okja>, which crossed Korea and the US, said, “Films of similar genres may have similar settings and feelings, Solo> was completely different,” he said, embodying everyday spaces in a different way in the space of the movie. In addition, he said, "We created a set that can represent each character, such as Wonho's police station filled with detective's space, and the salt factory of 'Rock', which is spacious and spacious with a feeling of freedom." do.

In addition, cinematographer Kim Tae-kyung and lighting director Hong Seung-cheol, who won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Cinematography and Lighting Award through <Eunkyo> and <The Apostle>, joined together to create a stylish camera angle and lighting design that captures the details and emotions of the character. Completed the visual. In addition, as the costume director, Choi Se-yeon, who was in charge of <Okja>, <The Sea Fog>, and <The Thieves>, was with her. I did it”, raising expectations for another highlight of the film that made use of the details.

Like this, the movie <Self-destruction>, which was created with the passion and countless efforts of the best producers in each field, such as art, shooting, lighting, and costumes, is a 'visual buster' that is differentiated from other crime dramas by perfectly combining not only the story and characters, but also the style. It will present a unique spectacle.

Jo Jin-woong, Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Seong-ryeong, Park Hae-joon
And the intense meeting between Cha Seung-won and the late Kim Joo-hyuk!
We present a perfect performance that will shake up Korea!

One of the reasons why we have no choice but to look forward to the most talked-about film of 2018 is probably the greatest meeting of the famous actors in Chungmuro. Actors Jo Jin-woong, Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Seong-ryeong, Park Hae-joon, Cha Seung-won, and the late Kim Joo-hyeok will encounter each other and show strong synergy from each character's unique aura and explosive performances.

First, Jo Jin-woong, who has been recognized for his delicate and solid acting skills through various genres and continues the genealogy of the representative acting class in Chungmuro, took on the role of Detective Won-ho. He plans to show a more mature performance by disassembling the detective Wonho, who risked everything he had, such as crossing the border between good and evil to catch an intangible organization. Director Lee Hae-young said, "I decided that there was something in line with 'Wonho' in which actor Jo Jin-woong's hot energy was. Also, 'Wonho' is a blind character, but on the other hand, he is a character with a human side as well. Here, Ryu Jun-yeol, who has established himself as a popular actor in Chungmuro, will show unprecedented life acting with 'Rock', a contact book abandoned by the organization. Ryu Jun-yeol, who plays the role of 'Rock', an unknown character, said, "I started acting while thinking about the part of the emotion swirling inside, though it was expressionless." It gave a glimpse of the efforts made to express the

Meanwhile, Kim Seong-ryeong plays Oh Yeon-ok, the guardian of a drug gang who barely escaped death. 'Oh Yeon-ok' is a person who leaks information about the reality of the organization to 'Won-ho', and will enhance the immersion of the film with a unique presence from the first appearance. Park Hae-jun, who has broadened his awareness as an actor across screens and CRTs, plays the role of 'Seon-chang', an executive of a drug gang. He plans to leave a deep impression on the audience by performing as a villainous character who is weak in front of the strong and strong in front of the weak through this <Solo Battle>. Cha Seung-won, who plays the role of 'Brian', a hidden person in the drug gang, is expected to heighten the tension of the play by showing an acting that freely controls the relaxation of power. Finally, the late Kim Joo-hyuk, who has been well-received for his luxurious acting in each work, will join as 'Jin Ha-rim', a tycoon in Asia's largest drug market. The meeting of irreplaceable actors who played the best roles like this will elevate the perfection of the work to the maximum and show perfect synergy, and will capture the hearts of the audience at once on May 22.


From bold outfits to unconventional haircuts
A unique character style is born!

As the intense confrontation of the characters is an important work, director Lee Hae-young tried to put a unique style in everything from clothes to hair in order to create characters with distinct personalities. Costume director Choi Se-yeon, who was in charge of <Okja> and <The Thieves>, said, "All the characters have strong charms, so I made more than 80% of the costumes to properly express them." The anticipation for <Dokjeon>, which was born as

The costumes that reflect the situation of each person perfectly created the character in the scenario as a real person. First, 'Wonho' (Jin-Woong Cho), who should remind him that he is the most realistic character in the movie, considered the clothes worn by real detectives as much as possible, and 'Rock' (Jun-Yeol Ryu), who does not reveal his emotions, is a black suit that fits his body perfectly. I wanted to show that Mr. Lee is a person who plays an important role in clearing the organization. In addition, 'Oh Yeon-ok' (Kim Seong-ryeong), who should leave a strong impression, chose a red jacket and floral pants after thinking countless times about the arrangement of colors and patterns to catch the eye only with her first appearance. 'Seonchang' (Park Hae-joon) chose loose and comfortable clothes like a Hawaiian shirt to create a villainous character that cannot be seen in other crime dramas.

In addition, the actors' hair styling was one of the important means to enhance the character's perfection. Director Lee Hae-young, who insisted on Cha Seung-won's long hair at the time of filming, created the so-called 'girl's hair', clearly showing the image of 'Brian', which is unknown and difficult to predict how he will react. On the other hand, the late Kim Joo-hyuk, who was loved by the public for his gentleness, completed the so-called 'Einstein hair' that seems to be burning in order to express 'Harim', a sensitive and reluctant person to be exposed to the outside. <Seoljeon>, featuring the performances of the charming characters created in this way, announces the birth of a well-made crime drama of a style that has never been seen before.

The interface between the sense of reality and the sense of cinema!
<Dokjeon>'s unique way to use space!

Director Hae-Young Lee, who values the power of space, tried to enhance the reality of the work through extremely everyday places that touch the skin. In particular, as the saying goes, “It will be one of the great pleasures of <Selfie> to be able to meet a cinematic space after opening the door in a realistic space”. The scenes will be an important viewing point.

#Drug manufacturing space in the city center – Yongsan Station
Director Hae-Young Lee, considering the setting that a place commonly known to Koreans could be a base for drug distribution, chose Yongsan Station, which is used by many people every day. The hidden spaces inside Yongsan Station were reborn as cinematic reality while actively utilizing places that were not imaginable because they were so commonplace. In addition, it is urban and modern as it is the space of the largest organization in Asia, but it is factoryized, so the image of people working as if a part of a factory melts the characteristics of the space, further enhancing the perfection of the film.

#Deaf Siblings' Drug Manufacturing Room – Salt Factory
The salt factory had to be a space where the emotions of deaf brothers and sisters and the image symbolized by drugs coexist. In addition, because it was important as it was a place where many incidents took place, Art Director Lee Ha-joon said, “I think I have seen almost all salt farms in Korea,” raising the audience's curiosity about what kind of salt factory the deaf brothers and sisters selected after deliberation. In addition, as it is a space containing the emotions of deaf brothers and sisters who are working while embracing each other's stories in an unfavorable environment with a shabby facility, it will provide a unique attraction with 180 degrees different from the drug manufacturing room at Yongsan Station. Here, located in the middle of a salt farm facing a wide plain and sea, it will provide an open feeling of coolness just by looking at it, making it an even more impressive space for the audience.

#Wonho's affiliation in pursuit of Mr. Lee's organization – Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
The most realistic space in the movie, the National Police Agency, is an important space where the persistent investigation of 'Won-ho' (Jin-woong Cho), a detective who pursues Mr. Lee's organization, and the detailed operation of the team members are planned. In addition, as 'Rock' (Ryu Jun-yeol) and 'Oh Yeon-ok' (Kim Seong-ryeong) provide important clues related to the organization, it is a space to announce another start. In particular, the intention to melt a realistic space within the overall color frame of <Solo> while using gray tones is a 'Visual Buster'-like detail, which amplifies expectations for the film.

#Harim's Deal & Wonho's Operation – Hotel
The hotel in <Seokjeon> is a space for 'Ha-rim' (Kim Joo-hyuk) to prepare for a transaction with Mr. Lee, and it is an important space where 'Wonho' and 'Rock', who are disguised as 'Ha-rim' and 'Wonho' and 'Rock', who are trying to wipe out Mr. Lee's organization, conduct a double operation. Director Hae-Young Lee placed detailed settings so that the two hotel rooms, where each other is deceived and deceived, can be made in a symmetrical composition like a decalcomanie. In the case of lighting, tungsten lighting that gives the feeling of a villain was placed for 'Wonho', who had to perform camouflage, and yellow, which seemed emotionally warm, was selected for 'Harim', so the fun of reversal was melted. In addition, the round table of 'Harim' was designed to keep the same distance from any other characters, and with the rectangular table of 'Wonho', 'Seonchang' (Park Hae-jun), the boundary object, was placed the furthest away, creating a sense of distance between the characters. With a detailed design of props reflecting the tension, the focus was placed on the dramatic development and increased immersion.

The fun of the genre has been enhanced with a unique sense of rhythm!
Action and music that elevates the actor's breathing and action to the maximum!

Visual Buster <Seokjeon>'s unique style plays a big part in the sense of rhythm created visually and aurally. The complex story and characters with different personalities had various possibilities in visualization, and the production team tried to find a direction in consideration of the scene, space, and character characteristics.

Cinematographer Kim Tae-kyung, who has shown solid skills in numerous works such as <Beauty Inside> (2015) and <The Apostle> (2015), has a hard time finding a way to directly convey their intense breathing to the audience while showing the characteristics of the characters well. took in 'Wonho', who leads the movie's story, is a rough, moving, and emotional figure. On the other hand, the 'rock' character, who does not show emotions, tried to keep tension between the characters with a static camera angle and detailed lighting design, adding fun to the genre of crime dramas. The encounters of these two characters and the process of encountering new characters form a different tempo and increase the fun of the play. The action is also composed with a focus on the character's emotions and drama, and it will show more than a stylish mise-en-scène, which will amaze the audience.

The densely composed music also plays a big role in effectively showing the emotions and tension between the characters. The music of <Seoljeon>, which was created by music director Dalpa-ran, who presented impressive music in <Wailing>(2016), <The Good, the Bad, the Strange>(2008), and <The Sweet Life>(2005). It contributed greatly to the style of the film. The music of <Seoljeon>, which music director Dalpa-ran said, “it was a simple yet complex design process,” is made up of a mixture of classical and modern sound design. It made the film stand out more and improved the perfection of the film. In addition, after careful work, such as focusing on controlling the strength and weakness of music, in controlling the overall tension, <Seoljeon> was able to be reborn as a more complete work. <Seokjeon>, completed after such hard work, will captivate the audience by announcing the birth of a differentiated crime drama.

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