(Korean Movies) BEASTS CLAWING AT STRAWS, 2019


Youth not allowed
running time
108 minutes
cumulative audience
629249 people
26th Chunsa International Film Festival 2021


[It all started with a bag of money.]

Tae-young, who is suffering from debt debt because of her missing lover, dreams of a bowl of water.
Jung-man, the head of the family, earns a living by working part-time.
Yeon-hee covets other people's things to erase the past and start a new life.

A huge bag of money appears in front of them, driven to the edge of the cliff.
Unexpected events happen to them as they chase the bag of money, believing it to be their last chance.

[“No one believes when big money comes in”]

The head of a usury lender, Mi-ran, whose family collapsed due to debt, Jin-tae, an illegal immigrant,
Young-seon, who puts the livelihood of her family first, and Soon-ja who lost her memory…

In a desperate situation, they deceive each other and chase after a bag of money.
Plan one last bite that can change your life.


Jeon Do-yeon X Jung Woo-sung X Bae Seong-woo X Yoon Yeo-jeong X Jeong Man-sik X Jin-kyung X Shin Hyun-bin X Jeong Ga-ram
An all-time encounter of the representative actors of Korea who have been a hot topic since the production stage!
February 2020, the actors' intense acting skills and screen reception as an ensemble!
The movie <Beasts That Cling to Straw> is an all-time encounter between Korea's leading actors such as Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Woo-sung, Bae Seong-woo, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Jeong Man-sik, Jin-kyung, Shin Hyun-bin, and Jeong Ga-ram and new actors that Chungmuro is paying attention to. It garnered a lot of attention among the public. In February 2020, the most anticipated <Beasts Clinging to Straw> will finally take off the veil and show the actors' intense acting skills and ensemble.
First, Jeon Do-yeon, the 'Queen of Cannes', who captivated the audience with her acting beyond imagination in each work, will once again show off her amazing acting skills as 'Yeon-hee', who covets others to erase the past and live a new life. Jeon Do-yeon is expected to show a variety of charms, from her calm and innocent face to her charismatic figure that overpowers opponents with one glance. She is a character that will surpass her previous work and heralds another change in acting that she has never seen before.
Jung Woo-seong, who won the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Film Division Grand Prize and the 40th Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor for his movie "The Witness", takes on the role of 'Tae-yeong', who suffers from debt debt because of his missing lover and dreams of the last bath of his life. Jung Woo-sung will boldly break away from the existing image that showed soft charisma and meet the audience with a realistic character that he has never shown before. He portrayed the 'Taeyoung' character as a passive and indecisive character in front of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, wittily expressing the ironic situation in the urgency, and doubled the charm by capturing a human side.
Bae Seong-woo, the representative box-office actor in Korea selected by 43 million viewers, took on the role of 'Jung-man', a man who struggles to make a living for his family, completing the most ordinary yet realistic character in the movie. Bae Seong-woo enhances the immersion of the play by delicately expressing extreme situations, from shaking in front of a large money bag he faced while protecting his family's livelihood, to making the worst choice to change his life. He said that the charm of the work is that it focuses on the character's setting and emotional lines rather than the event itself, and expresses the character struggling to escape from the gloomy reality in a serious, realistic and dynamic form.
Luxury actress Yoon Yeo-jeong, who does not need any modifiers, took on the role of 'Soon-ja', an old woman who has lost her memory, adding to the trust of the work. 'Soon-ja', played by Yoon Yeo-jeong, is a character who instinctively wants to defend herself after losing all the precious things she has protected for her whole life, without trusting anyone and locking herself in the memories of the past. The short and impactful line of 'Soon-ja', 'As long as your arms and legs are intact, you can start over at any time' expresses the irony of finding hope even in extreme situations, and will show Yoon Yeo-jeong's unique presence.
Man-sik Jeong, who showed his excellent acting skills on the screen and the CRT, took on the role of 'Doo-man', a usury moneylender who does everything he can to get money. In order to express the predator character at the top of the food chain, Jung Man-sik completed a strong visual by styling a costume with a colorful print as well as a tattoo on the body. By adding a unique tone of voice and laughter, a new villain character with both fierceness and leisure was born.
Actor Jin-kyung, who has imprinted his presence with impressive performances every time, takes on the role of 'Young-seon', who puts his family's livelihood first, adding to the depth of the play. Jin-kyung, who decided to appear in the work because it contains the image of us living in the middle of the world, was portrayed through delicate and deep inner acting rather than outwardly expressing the feelings of 'Young-sun', who quietly endures the hellish reality.
Actor Shin Hyun-bin, who is paying attention to Chungmuro due to his recent active work, plays the role of 'Mi-ran', whose family has collapsed due to debt, and showed a character that can't be read in a desperate situation. She said that she was drawn to the heavy intensity of the scenario and expressed in three dimensions how she actively changes to find hope after falling into despair.
Lastly, Jung Ga-ram, who received attention for her Netflix original series [Sounds When the Camellia Blooms] and KBS2's [When the Camellia Blooms], disassembled the role of 'Jin-tae', an illegal immigrant who runs blindly for a purpose, and digested the opposite of the pure image shown so far. He has played the greatest deviance of his life with a character who honestly expresses his emotions as he is.
This film, which Korea's best actors gathered and completed with the best acting skills of all time, heralds the birth of the most intense work of the year with three-dimensional characters and a story full of tension that you can't take your eyes off of for even a moment.

Realistic characters who live desperate lives!
A funny sympathy that comes from the irony they go through!
What choice would you make?
The movie <Beasts Clinging to Straw> is a crime drama about ordinary people who plan the worst possible rage in order to take the last chance of their life, a bag of money. The film depicts the worst choices and consequences that extremely ordinary people make to get out of a desperate situation, such as shaking heads of household, civil servants, and housewives with broken families. Director Kim Yong-hoon, who directed <Beasts That Cling to Straw>, said, “In front of money, they do not hesitate to do any evil, justify their immorality in the face of reality, and show people who become beasts, but nevertheless, it is difficult to deal with ordinary stories that can happen to anyone. That's why I tried to convey the character's urgency intact." He did not express the emotions of the characters in <Beasts Clinging to Straw> to the extreme so that anyone living in the same age could form a consensus. As the title suggests, all of the characters in the movie are in a predicament due to unavoidable circumstances, so they catch the last straw, and the nature of the characters is expressed without evil. In the movie, they seem like merciless characters, but the audience, who indirectly experiences their situation, forms an emotional sympathy with them as the story unfolds.
In addition, <Beasts Clinging to Straw> wittily portrays the ironic situation the characters face. “I was fascinated by the situation that unfolded without a breath. As Gerwin Tamsama, a programmer at the 49th Rotterdam International Film Festival, said, “I was overwhelmed by the insight that comes from black comedy and sympathy for human deprivation.” The absurd events unfolding cause laughter in the audience. This makes even the desperation of the characters who just wanted to live a normal life feel ironic. In this way, the movie starts with 'Yeon-hee', who uses the hopes of people in despair to erase the past and live a new life, 'Tae-yeong', who suffers from debt debt because of her missing lover and dreams of a hot bath, and 'Jung-man', the most earnest living in a sauna. Through the situations the characters go through, they ask the audience the question, 'What would you choose?' Because it is a harsh reality, it will make the audience form a 'funny' consensus.

<The Prosecutor's Gaiden> <The Bullies: The World of Bad Guys> <Crime City> <1987>
For the birth of fresh stimulation X cinematic fun X unpredictable crime drama
Joining the production team representing Chungmuro!
The production crew representing Chungmuro mobilized for <Beasts That Cling to Straw>. B.A Entertainment, which has shown strong personalities such as <Chronicles of Evil>, <Criminal City>, and <The War of the Villains>, took charge of the production, and joined cinematographer Tae-seong Kim, art director Han Ah-reum, and costume manager Jo Hee-ran for <The Beast That Wants to Catch the Straw>. Field> was completed as an unpredictable crime drama with double the fun of the genre.
First, <Chronicles of Evil>, which has a shocking setting in which the body I killed reappeared in front of my eyes, <Crime City>, which attracted 6.88 million viewers and caused various syndromes with the gangster's hot gangster sweeping operation, became the target of a serial killer and survived A gangster boss and a gangster detective work hand in hand to chase a serial killer, collecting topics with a fresh setting and mobilizing 3.36 million viewers. BI Entertainment, which was left behind, was in charge of the production of <Beasts That Cling to Straw>.
Here, regardless of genre, the cinematographer Tae-seong Kim, who won the 38th Golden Cinematography Awards – Gold Award, will join the show, demonstrating his excellent ability to convey the emotions of the character through the camera's gaze, and will present a visual beauty differentiated from existing crime dramas. . In addition, Art Director Han Ah-reum, who has made a scene into a space in the times itself with detailed mise-en-scène in works such as <Single Rider>, <The Rogue: The World of the Bad Guys>, and <1987>, participated in the film to create a space for powerful characters. was delicately expressed. Lastly, Jo Hee-ran, the costume manager who made the movie more brilliant with detailed directing and sensibility in <Male and Woman>, <Prosecutor's Gaiden>, and <The Bad Guys>, etc. In front of them, they captured the charm of 8 people and 8 colors for each character through the styling of the clothes that caught the beastly inner side of them sharply. As such, <Beasts That Cling to Straw> will present a high-quality crime drama with the synergy of the named production team representing Chungmuro.

A new and unique composition, a dense story, and a non-stop rushing development!
Everything changes the moment you get distracted!
<Beasts Clinging to Straw> is a work that has earned a reputation in Chungmuro from the production stage for its dense storyline and non-stop rushing development. As Jeon Do-yeon said that she chose the work because the story of the various characters was interesting, the film closely composes the events experienced by the characters who gradually reveal the instincts of the beast in front of their last chance in life. Here, the successive events unfold in an unpredictable development that doubles the tension of the film.
In addition, <Beasts Clinging to Straw> raises the charm of the film with a unique composition that has not been seen in existing crime dramas. Director Kim Yong-hoon, who was in charge of directing the film, said, "There is a freshness that develops in a narrative method that is different from existing Korean films." Audiences who watch the film will feel fresh fun as if solving a puzzle when faced with the moments when their actions cross time and space while the desperate situations of the characters cripple each other. This fast-paced storyline and the fun of matching the story through clues from the process of unexpected events provide the audience with a new stimulus differentiated from existing crime dramas.
The film <Beasts Clinging to Straw>, which has everything from its unique composition, dense storyline, and the final twist in the never-ending development, will captivate the audience with its differentiated fun.


A space where characters with different stories can gather in one place
A port city location where city lights and human smells coexist
Director Kim Yong-hoon chose the port city as the stage where ordinary humans slowly reveal their survival instincts along with the sharp teeth of beasts in the face of the last chance in life. A port city is a perfect fit for a space where smuggling and smuggling are always possible, where humans who can't trust their parents, lovers, or friends are deceiving and deceiving each other in order to get a bag of money. In addition, the space had to be a place where the image of an entertainment district with the splendid lights of the city coexisted with the dry and rustic image of a coastal town where the city center and industrial complex were harmonized. To find such a space, the production team chose the city of Pyeongtaek after two months of location hunting, and created characters that could be found in a port city. Director Kim Yong-hoon said, “Pyeongtaek is a fun place. Although there is a very large port, small and human life coexist around it. I chose the city of Pyeongtaek because I thought it was suitable as a space where characters with different stories could gather in one place.” The light and smell of a port city adjacent to the metropolitan area convey a freshness that was not easily seen in existing Korean films, and at the same time add realism to the characters of <Beasts Clinging to Straw>.
'Tae-young', a civil servant who dreams of a hot pot while suffering from debt debt because of his missing lover, decides someone's smuggling and smuggling while managing the immigration of travelers. dream once Yeon-hee, who covets others to erase the past and live a new life, prepares to leave the port city by boat at any time. In addition to these five other beasts, people who are about to leave with a bag of money gather in a space where the appearance of a large city and an undeveloped small town coexist. If many existing Korean films dealt with the bloody stories of gangsters or the dark noir of men set in a port city in the background, <Beasts Clinging to Straws> is about ordinary humans in a port city trying to get a bag of money. It adds novelty by wittily expressing the raw appearance that gradually turns into a beast and the irony created by the two-sided human instinct.

Breathe into the space of the character who turns into a beast
Art Director Han Ah-reum of <1987> <The Bullies: The World of Bad Guys>
Art director Han Ah-reum, who has made a scene into a space in the times in works such as <Single Rider>, <Rogue: The World of the Bad Guys>, and <1987>, breathes life into the 8 characters whose survival instincts like beasts writhe. it was In <1987>, he brought the protagonists of that era to the present by vividly unfolding the space in the era of 30 years ago, as if recorded on film, in <1987>. The explosive psychology of ordinary people standing at the crossroads of choice in front of opportunity is perfectly captured in the space. For this, the image of the spaces where each character managed to maintain a life that seemed to collapse at any time was more important than anything else. Regarding the art concept of the film, Art Director Han Ah-reum said, “In a situation where everything seems to collapse in the space where the 8 characters live, the human anxiety that has no choice but to choose to become a beast, and at the same time, if the opportunity comes at any time, we want to get out of there and live a new life. I tried to capture the psychology of the characters who do.”
Tae-young, an immigration officer who reviews the stay of travelers, lives a life that can open up a new life for some, but the huge debt that must be paid off immediately destroys and suppresses his daily life. Art director Han Ah-reum tried to express his space, the officetel, with the lights of the nightlife and the noise of drunken guests hanging from the narrow windows. Although everything is well prepared, the officetel near the entertainment district, where he can leave for a new life at any time, represents the situation of 'Tae-young', who inevitably deceives someone and plans a hot bath. In the house of 'Jung-man', who works part-time in a sauna at night to make a living for his family, it contains the twisted life story of his failure to run a sushi restaurant as a family business. The house of 'Jungman', which should be filled with equipment to prepare fresh sashimi and entertainment from downtown guests visiting the port city, is filled with faded family photos of a happy past. In addition, the common and warm brown color and faded feeling remind us of the space of our lives where we do our best to survive day by day. In addition, Mi-ran's house, where everything collapsed due to debt, metaphorically contains the psychology of a person who always faces his present and his past with a mirror hanging in the house and an apartment next to an old train track ahead of redevelopment. The space of 'Jin-tae' emphasized unreality with high saturation and color to emphasize the mysterious feeling of the character with an unknown past. Each of them has a different story, but the spaces where the anxiety and hope of the characters who are trying to seize the chance of a lifetime that happened by chance convey sympathy to the audience, and at the same time, while watching the movie, they are immersed in one of the eight characters. It will give you the fun of cheering.

The overwhelming performances of Korea's representative actors are witty and rhythmic.
Daejong Film Festival Cinematography Award, Golden Cinematography-Gold Award-winning Cinematographer Tae-Sung Kim
Cinematographer Kim Tae-seong, who captured the speed of the arrow that cuts through the air and the spectacle of the chase with amazing camera work in <The Last Weapon Bow>, creates even more intense tension through realistic images and rough action in the unpredictable development of <Going to the End>. It won the Best Cinematography Award at the 51st Daejong Film Festival. In <Myungryang> and <Tunnel>, he perfectly expressed the character's inner anxiety and fear with light and darkness. Regardless of genre such as , period drama, drama, etc., it has proven its excellent ability to convey the emotions of the character through the camera's gaze. In this work, he tried to add a sense of wit and rhythm to the film, avoiding the characters appearing too sarcastic or noir. To this end, unlike the existing crime and thriller genres, we worked on filming while twisting the formula. Director of Photography Kim Tae-seong said, "Each character is desperately at the edge of a cliff, but I didn't want to show it as a life that was too oppressed. Avoid taking their actions too seriously or overrepresenting scenes that could be seen as cruel in the movie. As a popular movie, I wanted to give the feeling of following the performances of Korea's representative actors rather than leading the actors' performances with dark lighting and strong contrast so that the audience could sympathize and enjoy the characters."
For example, in the scene where it rains in the movie, I wanted to give the audience a moist feeling rather than a sultry and damp feeling, and I chose a method of conveying the air and breath of the moment rather than a direct brutal scene. Here, the character's psychology is expressed with the lighting and color of each of the eight characters. ‘Yeonhee’, played by Jeon Do-yeon, is expressed using white light, and ‘Taeyoung’, played by Woo-sung Jung, is mainly expressed using blue light. to convey feelings to As such, the filming technique completed with the production team's firm trust in Korea's representative actors will give you an amazing pleasure to immerse you in the characters chasing one bag of money as the story unfolds.

Enriching the stories and psychology of the characters in the costumes
<The Prosecutor's Gaiden> <Male and Female> <Rogue: The World of Bad Guys> Jo Hee-ran, Costume Manager
One of the fun things to see in the unpredictable crime drama <Beasts Clinging to Straw> is the costumes that make the characters of the eight beastly humans stand out even more. The realistic emotions the characters convey to the audience were more important than anything else to show how the characters, who might be around us, from a bar owner, a public official, a family head in crisis, to an illegal resident, change in front of a bag of money. Accordingly, the production team put a lot of effort into expressing the characters' tired daily life and the psychology of wanting to escape from it. This is because I wanted to convey that the main characters in the movie, who are enduring a crumbling daily life but do not know when they will explode, may not be special people, but can become the hidden images of moviegoers. Through these efforts, Korea's best actors, including Jung Woo-sung, were able to hide their appearance and aura and to be perfectly born into ordinary but sharp characters.
Hee-ran Jo, a hidden protagonist who made the film more brilliant with detailed directing and sensibility in <Prosecutor's Gaiden>, <Man and Woman>, and <Rogue: The World of Bad Guys>, completes the story led by the character more abundantly. made it Tae-young, who dreams of a long life because of her lover who disappeared leaving only a huge amount of debt, puts the wrinkled and worn-out feeling of the shirt of a tired office worker. Here, I tried to express the drooping shoulders and the weight of everyday life by mainly using looser and looser clothes than the actor's usual size. In the case of the most 'Jungman', who is making a living by working part-time in a sauna at night after a business failure, the familiar check pattern contains the appearance of small citizens that can be seen around us. In addition, 'Mi-ran', a housewife who has fallen into a swamp of misfortune due to a debt caused by fraud, is a passive character with a hopeless psychology and is slowly changing to seize the last chance in her life. In this way, the efforts of the production team to realistically create the hidden stories and desires of the various characters appearing in the movie, Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Woo-sung, Bae Seong-woo, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Jeong Man-sik, Jin-kyung, Shin Hyun-bin, and Jeong Ga-ram are the beasts that rush to get one bag of money. It will provide the audience with an opportunity to meet Korea's representative actors who have completely transformed into

Meet the acting feast of the best actors in Korea that could not be seen in one place
A filming site of explosive energy that was like an orchestra concert hall
Jeon Do-yeon with an overwhelming presence, Woo-sung Jung, who became an icon of the times with charisma and eyes, Seong-woo Bae, a representative Korean hit actor chosen by 43 million viewers, and Yeo-jeong Yoon, a great actor who no longer needs a modifier, the shining ensemble of actors who made people doubt their eyes just by casting. In <Beasts Clinging to Straw>, it is completed with a single orchestral performance to deliver the pleasure of seeing and hearing to the audience that cannot be seen in other films.

# Jeon Do-yeon & Jung Woo-sung's first meeting
The filming site of <Beasts Clinging to Straw> was always filled with the energy of the actors, reminiscent of a movie scene. Above all, it was the first meeting between Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Woo-sung that made not only the audience but also the production team flutter. Jung Woo-sung expressed his anticipation, saying, "The reason I chose the work is Jeon Do-yeon," and Jeon Do-yeon also said, "I was very curious about what kind of picture would be like when Jung Woo-sung and Jeon Do-yeon met in the movie." The atmosphere at the scene where the two finally met was full of energy that respected and cared for each other, but did not hide their own colors. Even when filming was carried out several times for the perfect scene, Jeon Do-yeon energized the scene with her unique bright atmosphere, and Jung Woo-sung also showed friendliness and playfulness, taking care of the staff. The acting of the two actors, who pleasantly finished the first action scene in which the two combined, perfectly expressed the tension between the characters 'Taeyoung' and 'Yeonhee', who never trust each other in front of a bag of money.

# An ad-lib that shines in an ironic situation
Jung Woo-seong, who has taken off his soft charismatic image and transformed into a character with outstanding human charm, performed dance and ad-libs that were not in the scenario in the scene where he planned a hot pot with 'Bungeo' (Park Ji-hwan) in the play, creating a famous scene that the production team did not expect also made it In addition, Bae Seong-woo, who transformed into a real character who is difficult to distinguish whether it is real or a movie as a part-timer in a reality-sympathetic sauna, expressed the anger of the head of the family who was tired of life with short and witty ad-lib lines and received a warm applause from the scene. In addition to the sharp and charismatic acting, the ad-lib acting from the actors' beast-like nibs in every decisive scene that tunes the overall rhythm and changes the flow of the movie far exceeded the expectations of the production team, leading the atmosphere of the scene, boasting the wit of the ironic situation. Completed the crime play.

# The scene where the chemistry of actors Jeon Do-yeon, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Jin-kyung, and Shin Hyun-bin exploded
The two actors, Yoon Yeo-jeong and Jeon Do-yeon, who represent each generation who met after a long time since <The Maid>, once again show the character chemistry of the bad relationship (?) that has already occurred in <The Maid> with amazing breath. The passion of the two actors, which was so hot that they suffered injuries from the time of rehearsal, leads to a tight performance on the screen, adding to the tension of the play. Jin-kyung, who plays the role of 'Young-seon', an international passenger terminal cleaner who puts the livelihood of her family first, expressed a character who always hides herself and lives with her unique delicacy, and matched with other actors. Instead of expressing his emotions outwardly, he will maintain a poker face and show a dense inner acting. Here, Shin Hyun-bin shows off a new charm by three-dimensionally expressing the character's emotional lines that change as the story unfolds. Jeon Do-yeon said about Shin Hyun-bin, "I thought he was the right person for the role of Mi-ran, an attractive actor."

# Tattoos, bleaching, weight loss… Jung Man-sik and Jung Ga-ram who became real characters
Without exaggeration, the actors worked tirelessly to become one with their characters for a crime drama that anyone can relate to. Jung Man-sik, who took on the role of 'Doo-man', a usury loaner who bites anyone who has touched his money and never lets go of it, gave strength to the character by claiming to be a colorful tattoo that had never been properly shown in previous works. It was because he decided that the colors and patterns that showed off his character would realistically express the character's characteristics. Jeong Ga-ram, who played the role of 'Jin-tae', an illegal immigrant who does not choose what to have in front of what he wants, not only lost weight, but also bleached his hair, practiced Yanbian dialect, etc. In order to express the anxious yet sharp psychology of the character, he constantly talked with director Kim Yong-hoon on set and impressed the production team with his extraordinary passion.

The energy of the filming site, which was full of laughter and passionate acting by actors who are hard to meet again in the Korean film industry, can be seen in theaters in February.

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