(Korean Movies) Battlefield Heroes, 2011

Battlefield Heroes, 2011
Audience over 12 years old
running time
117 minutes
cumulative audience
1717566 people
33rd Golden Cinematography Awards 2011


Do you remember the battle of 'The Mountain Bee'?
Eight years later, Silla, who had Baekje in their hands, this time targeted Pyongyang, Goguryeo, and made a point. In order to swallow the three kingdoms at once, the last stronghold that can never be yielded – that place will be Pyongyang Fortress of Goguryeo.

“The moment Yeon Gaesomun dies, Goguryeo is over,
From now on, the war between Silla and Tang has begun!”

There was an ambitious gossip who was aiming for the yolk of the unification of the three kingdoms, Goguryeo's Pyongyang Castle. Kim Yu-shin prepares for the unification of the three kingdoms by carefully planning a joint operation with Goguryeo, noticing the ambition of the Tang Dynasty to devour the entire Korean Peninsula. However, because of the son-in-law of the orthodox heir of Goguryeo who suddenly fled to the Tang Dynasty, he drowns his nose in the cooked rice.

“Abba, don’t worry, let’s play around, wipe them all away!”
There is one more person whose stomach is upset because of a young man who only causes trouble, Nam-geon, his younger brother. Nam-geon, who perseveres in obedience to his father's will of Yeon Gae-so-moon, perseveres in his brother's sabotage. In order to protect Goguryeo against the Multi-Allied Forces of Silla, he defends Pyongyang Castle with an extraordinary new weapon.

“If you want to survive the war, you have to stand in line.”
There was a man whose only goal in life was to save one's life in the fight between the good guys, the handsome guys, and the good guys, so his name is Geo-Si-Gi-. The immortal cock, who survived alone in the battle of Hwangsanbeol 8 years ago, is facing the misfortune of serving in the Silla army for the second time. His war philosophy is not to fight well, but to stay in line and survive.

Dongsang Dream- A group of people with different plans unfolds in Pyongyang Fortress,
Behind the scenes of history we didn't know!

Kim Yu-shin pretends to be senile, blows his nose, and wins without bleeding, while the mission Impossible operation unfolds, and the lonely charismatic Nam Geon struggles by disturbing the enemies with extraordinary eco-weapons and state-of-the-art new weapons. In the midst of an unimaginable battle, Dick falls in love with Gap-sun, a naughty man, and tries to launder his nationality with Goguryeo…

In January 2011, the most extraordinary war in Korean history begins!

[ Intro ]

Take the sulfur bee and this time it's Goguryeo!
It's not the strongest who survives, but the funniest one wins!

After 8 years of sulfur bee
With the last gateway to the unification of the three kingdoms 'Pyongyang Fortress'
Silla, Goguryeo, and Tang dynasties
The most extraordinary war in Korean history begins!

[ About Movie ]

The funniest war movie in history!
Joyful, refreshing, exhilarating comeback Lee Jun-ik-pyo comedy

Director Lee Jun-ik, who made audiences cry and laugh with his unique humor and satire, has returned with his gimmick, comedy. <Hwangsanbeol>, a film that opened the door to a fusion historical comedy with fresh materials and novel settings. The movie <Hwangsan Bee> has been well received by critics and box office fans for its fresh comic sentiment that puts the battle of the dialects of Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do at the fore, and novel settings such as 'swearing fight' and 'human organs'.
<Hwangsanbeol> The movie <Pyongyangseong> is a historical comedy that tells the story of Silla, who devoured Baekje and occupied the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, and this time, united with the Tang Dynasty and attacked Goguryeo's Pyongyang Castle to take over the entire Korean Peninsula. Although they are allied forces on the outside, behind the scenes, the Silla and Tang dynasties are trying to consume their opponent's power by deceiving and deceiving each other. In a war, he pleasantly pinches the appearance of human figures with their own schemes. The film is a collection of unique wit and humor such as comic characters created by twisting real people in history such as Kim Yu-shin, who is caught in the wind, and Nam-geon, a simple ignorant war fanatic, the Eight-do dialect that adds Pyeongan-do to Jeolla-do, Gyeongsang-do, and eco-friendly green weapons including bee attack. <Pyongyang Fortress> will be the funniest war movie in history where you can taste the essence of Lee Jun-ik's humor and satire.

More diverse and powerful characters!
Unmatched Powerhouse Character Comedy

The movie <Pyongyang Castle> has a variety of fun colors armed with various characters. Kim Yu-shin changed from a dignified general in <Hwangsanbeol> to an old man carried on the back of a subordinate general due to the winds of old age and weakness. His excellent strategic tactic, 'Winning without fighting is the real victory' is not inferior to him as the protagonist of the unification of the three kingdoms. The only surviving 'super rookie on the battlefield' cock in <Hwangsan Bee> is also a welcome face. Baekje's dick, which was dragged only twice from the military to the Battle of Pyongyangseong after <Hwangsanbeol> without a jig-ri corridor, again reveals a crazy presence following <Hwangsanbeol> and doubles the fun of the movie. Believing that 'real victory is not about winning a war, but surviving', Mincho Dick's witty struggle to 'just survive' is expected to give the audience an upgraded laugh.
In <Hwangsanbeol>, Gyebaek of Baekje, who was a powerful enemy of Kim Yu-shin, retreated and Nam-geon, the second son of Yeon Gaesomun of Goguryeo, appeared as the strongest enemy to replace him. Having inherited the strong and upright character of Yeon Gaesomun, he vows to fight a decisive battle against Kim Yu-shin with perfect tactics considering the enemy's radius of action. Nam Geon, who is a charismatic character with a humorous human side, is enough to catch the female audience's attention. In addition to this, the movie <Pyongyangseong> includes the first son of Yeon Gaeso-mun, who is in constant conflict with Nam-geon due to scheming and negotiation politics, and Gap-sun, a female lead from Goguryeo, who is devoted to her life at first sight, and Mundi, a hot-blooded soldier who wants to take a part on the battlefield. As a powerful character comedy that is unmatched, it is going to turn Korea upside down again.

A definitely larger size with a total production cost of 8 billion!
Korean comedy movies
The largest-scale spectacle comedy!

The spectacle historical comedy <Pyongyangseong> is full of splendid things to see throughout the film, with a new laughter as the basis. The first is 'Pyongyang Castle Set', another main character following the six characters in the movie. Built on a site of 15,000 pyeong in an open set in Jeonju, the 'Pyongyang Fortress Set' is a large-scale project with a total production cost of 1.7 billion won after a total of nine months of planning and production, boasting the majesty of Goguryeo. Director Jun-ik Lee mobilized about 5,000 extras to recreate the fierce battle between Silla and Goguryeo for the 'Pyongyang Fortress' in this huge set, capturing a realistic large-scale battle scene. In addition to this, <Pyongyang Fortress>'s unique trump card is added, with a clever and upgraded scale that goes beyond <Hwangsan Bee>'s 'swearing fight' and 'human organs' attacks. That's the 'eco-friendly green weapon'! Goguryeo's line of battle is disrupted by Silla's rice attack with as many as 100 sacks mobilized, and Goguryeo harasses the Silla army with huge honey bombs and bees. The ingenious war scenes with brilliant weapons such as the super-special 'new weapon' that separates into dozens of arrows once fired to destroy the enemy, will give the audience a spectacle of crawling laughter.

In addition to the 'Pyongyang dialect'
Carpet bombing Faldo dialect comedy!

In the movie <Pyongyangseong>, dialects from eight provinces across the country, including Gyeongsang-do of Silla, Jeolla-do, and Chungcheong-do of Baekje, and Pyongyang dialect of Goguryeo meet, the 'speaking carpet bombardment' of idioms is pouring in. The more thick Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do dialects spoken by Kim Yu-shin and his cock, who returned, reproduce the fun of <Hwangsanbeol> eight years ago. The Pyongyang dialect spoken by the newly joined Goguryeo camp fully demonstrates the charm of the native dialect, which is savage, crude, and friendly. In order to perfect the Pyongyang dialect, the actors not only practiced bloody, but also received instruction from a Pyongyang dialect trainer for every line of dialogue on the scene. Because of these efforts, the actors of the Goguryeo camp spoke natural Pyongyang dialect without the help of a dialect trainer by the end of three months of filming. The spectacular historical comedy <Pyongyangseong>, where the dialects of the three kingdoms met, is expected to captivate the audience with an upgraded and outstanding laughter.

The first unification of the three kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula
the story behind it
A national representative comedy of comedy + touching

With the opening of the impregnable gates of Pyongyang Fortress, Goguryeo, which had never been captured in 600 years, was defeated, and Silla achieved the first unification of the Korean Peninsula. However, the prevailing interpretation is that this was an incomplete unification of Silla that overthrew the foreign powers of the Tang Dynasty, and that it was a heartbreaking historical event in which Goguryeo lost its opportunity to expand its power to the continent forever after the defeat of Goguryeo. Director Lee Jun-ik adds cinematic imagination to these historical events to create a new story in which Kim Yu-shin, who saw the Tang dynasty's ambition to devour the Korean Peninsula, tried to drive Goguryeo out of the Korean Peninsula by actually helping Goguryeo in the Battle of Pyongyang. Even today, the audience watching the defeat of the Goguryeo nation, the Achilles heel of the Korean Peninsula, feels heartbreaking at the painful historical event that resulted in the loss of a part of the Korean Peninsula, and at the same time, with a flexible sense of reality, the tenacious vitality of the Korean people who have endured without surrendering in the midst of great powers. You will feel the emotion that warms one side of your heart.
Also, watching the dramatic stories of the Silla army, Goguryeo army, and the old Baekje army subordinated to the Silla army, who were brought to the battle of Pyongyang Fortress, and the episodes about to crawl and theft, the audience laughed in laughter. I found out that it was a dick. Through the message 'The most important thing is the lives of ordinary people who have to continue living on this land, no matter who wins or loses', the audience can confirm that they have gained the strength to overcome the difficult reality with healthy laughter. As director Lee Jun-ik said, “I wanted to make a comedy that grandparents and grandchildren could enjoy together,” <Pyongyangseong> is sure to become a national comedy that will color Korea with laughter and emotion on New Year's Day.

[ Production Note ]

A set of 'Pyongyang Castle' created with cinematic imagination
In addition to the character full of personality in <Pyongyang Fortress>, another main character that draws attention is the set of 'Pyongyang Castle', the last battlefield of Goguryeo. The 'Pyongyang Fortress' set, built on a site of 15,000 pyeong, is designed with the motif of the 'three-legged crow' (three-legged crow living in the sun), the symbol of Goguryeo, and boasts the enterprising spirit and majesty of Goguryeo. The exterior, such as the command tower with the shape of a crow's head, and the fortress wall based on Goguryeo's Onyeosanseong Fortress, were built using natural wood and natural stones, using traditional Goguryeo architectural methods, emphasizing masculine and enterprising elements. Art director Kang Seung-yong said, “It took 6 months for pre-production and 3 months for production. However, the most difficult thing was that the audience had to fully accept it in recreating Goguryeo 1,400 years ago.” In addition to 'Pyongyangseong', the space of the movie 'Pyongyangseong', made with cinematic imagination and witty ideas, such as the underground tunnels of Goguryeo County, the large-scale communal toilets of the Silla camp, and outdoor barracks, provides a visual pleasure that has never been seen in any other movie.

A dazzling show of extraordinary new weapons!
In <Pyongyang Fortress>, ingenious weapons with outstanding ideas appear and catch the eyes of the audience with their splendid sights and fun. Rice attack by Dick, Mundi, and Silla soldiers in front of 'Pyongyang Fortress' to subdue the baseline – This scene, which will delight the eyes and ears of the audience with thick words and exquisite melody, includes a large pot pot large enough to fit 7 men and A huge amount of rice was mobilized. The pot pot, reminiscent of a Trojan horse, was made by coating a 4 meter high and 5 meter wide wooden plywood with stone powder to bring out the texture of iron. Also, it is said that the rice that the Shilla soldiers sprinkled toward the Goguryeo soldiers was not regular rice, but fried rice, and the amount was a whopping 100 bags.
It is no exaggeration to say that the battle scene using Goguryeo bees and honey, which led the Goguryeo army to victory in the first 'Battle of Pyongyang Castle', is truly a masterpiece of comics. In this scene, Goguryeo soldiers show the so-called eco-friendly operation, in which they fire honey bags made of pig urine toward the Silla army, and then launch bees to launch a total attack while the Silla soldiers are stung by bees. The staff made a honey bag by mixing starch syrup, water, and coffee to give the honey color into a condom that looked the most similar to pig urine. As it is a large-scale battle scene, it is said that they have completed as many as 200 condom honey pouches, which is why the ingenious eco-friendly weapons of <Pyongyangseong> are expected, which can be compared to the 'swearing fight' and 'human organ confrontation' of <Hwangsan Bee>.
In addition to these, ingenious weapons that have not been seen in any previous movies, such as Goguryeo's 'New Weapon', in which numerous animals and rice sacks become cannon balls and fly over the night sky of each camp, and when fired toward the sky, they explode in the air and become dozens of arrows. The battle scene unique to <Pyongyang Fortress>, which unfolds in the movie, deserves to be remembered as a feast for the comic parade.

Captivating the audience's attention
Unimaginable battle scene!

<Pyongyang Castle> vividly directs the final battle between Silla and Goguryeo over 'Pyongyang Castle' by introducing a large-scale battle scene that is rare in Korean comedy. The Silla army had a gun-cha, a device that throws weapons such as stones, a ladder unje with a cart used to climb the walls of Pyongyang, a dang-cha, a device to break down the gates, a chariot that can climb high to attack the Goguryeo army above the fortress, and a weapon that blocks attacks. They attack the impregnable 'Pyongyang Fortress' with large-scale siege weapons such as shield cars and battle cars. Against this, the Goguryeo army used yacharae, a weapon that was rolled to block enemies climbing the walls of Pyongyang, a weapon that was dropped under the fortress wall with a plank with a spear, and a thruster that shook it like a pendulum and attacked the bottom of the fortress wall as well. do. It is said that these large-scale weapons tried to reproduce as realistically as possible according to historical evidence.
Here, weapons made purely by cinematic imagination are also presented. Among them, the weapon(?) that stands out is a large trumpet that proudly stands on top of Pyongyang Fortress. This bizarre-shaped trumpet used by Gap-soon, a fast-fired venomous woman, in psychological warfare against the Silla soldiers, will be counted as an ingenious idea that delights the eyes and ears of the audience.
In addition, the armor of <Pyongyang Fortress>, made of special vinyl material, is lighter and more functional than rubber material, while the existing armors of historical dramas are made using rubber material, which helped the actors to perform more agile action performances.

Old Boy of <Hwangsan Bee> is back!
The new face of <Pyongyangseong>!

The return of the prominent supporting actors who performed in <Hwangsanbeol> is also one of the joys of <Pyongyangseong>. The first person in Old Boy in <Hwangsanbeol> is Ryu Seung-soo as Kim In-moon, the younger brother of King Munmu, who organized the Nadang Allied Forces during the Battle of Hwangsanbeol. He plays the role of licorice by comically depicting the embarrassment in the midst of the struggle between Kim Yu-shin and the Tang Dynasty for overpowering the initiative. Jeon Jeon-ju, who appeared as the mother of a cock in the ending of <Hwangsan Bee> and gave the audience a welcome laugh, realistically portrays the absurd situation in which the son has to be sent to the army twice. The last happy face is Lee Won-jong, who plays the role of Yeon Gaesomun. Appearing in the opening scene of <Hwangsanbee>, he showed a strong presence and added fun and meaning to the film, exuding exhilarating lines in a skillful Pyongyang dialect.
The appearance of a new face in <Pyongyang Fortress> along with the return of the Old Boys has doubled expectations for the film. Gap-soon, the only red-light point in the movie. Director Lee Jun-ik met Seon Woo-seon while searching for an actress to find the main character of the confident Goguryeo female lead Gap-sun. And at the first meeting, Sun Woo-sun, who said, “I am Gap-soon!”, realized that she was the enemy from the confident and confident look in her eyes. Another new face is Lee Kwang-soo, who plays Mundi. Mundi is a hot-blooded soldier who takes the lead in whatever he does, with the mindset that he should take a share and return home rather than loyalty. Director Lee Jun-ik initially tried to cast an older actor for the role of Mundi, but Jin-young Jung, who plays Kim Yu-shin, said, "There is an actor who is perfect for the role of Mundi." Director Lee Jun-ik also showed off his affection for Lee Kwang-soo, saying, "As filming progressed, I thought that Mundi would have to be this friend."

Director Jun-ik Lee's surprise appearance
Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan
Kim Byung-man and Ryu Dam Master Combi's Comic Acting
Gorgeous cameo battle!

The fun of finding a familiar face in the movie with the surprise appearance of cameos popping out of unexpected scenes is also an attraction that cannot be missed by this movie. The first cameo was directed by Lee Jun-ik. In the meantime, he appeared as a cameo in a movie he directed, giving the audience a different laugh, and he challenges himself to acting again in <Pyongyang Castle>. Director Lee Jun-ik, who has made a sudden appearance in small roles such as a drummer in <Hwangsan Bee> and the owner of a laundry in <Radio Star>, makes a surprise appearance as a soldier of Goguryeo in this work <Pyongyangseong>. He acted out a comical situation that made them bewildered by suddenly speaking to Mundi and other Shilla commandos of Kim Yu-shin, who had been hiding in 'Pyongyang Fortress'.
Recently, director Lee Jun-ik made a surprise appearance in the movie <Unfair Transaction> with a cameo with director Ryu Seung-wan. In return, director Ryoo Seung-wan also joined the cameo of <Pyongyangseong>. Regarding the acting of director Ryu Seung-wan, who appears as a Shilla soldier recruiting Kim Yu-shin's Silla commando in the play and speaks the Chungcheong-do dialect, Director Lee Jun-ik said, "Director Ryu Seung-wan is so good at acting, what kind of director is so good at acting?" He expressed his feelings mixed with jokes.
Another cameo is a combination of Kim Byung-man and Ryu Dam, who are comical just by hearing their name. The two main characters of 'Master', the longest-running corner of KBS <Gag Concert>, appear as Goguryeo soldiers from <Pyongyang Fortress>. The two soldiers who run into each other in an underground tunnel while undercover in Goguryeo are expected to make the audience burst into laughter with their comical gestures and witty lines. In addition, there are also super-special cameos that only those who have seen the movie can know, so it will be fun to find these aspects.

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