(Korean Movies) Architecture 101, 2012

Architecture 101, 2012

Architecture 101, 2012
Audience over 12 years old
running time
118 minutes
cumulative audience
4114160 people
4th Film of the Year Awards 2013


perhaps… can i love you
I first met her in an introductory architecture class.

A lively but shy 20-year-old architecture student, Seung-min falls in love with Seo-yeon, a music student he first met in an 'Introduction to Architecture' class. As they do their homework together, they gradually open up their hearts and become close friends, but Seungmin, who is naive at expressing his feelings, keeps in his heart a confession that he could only say, and a small misunderstanding leads to a distance from Seoyeon.

maybe again… can i love you
I met her again after 15 years

Seo-yeon suddenly appears in front of Seung-min, a 35-year-old architect, after 15 years. Seo-yeon asks Seung-min, who can't hide her embarrassment, to design a house for her. Seungmin, who builds Seoyeon's house with the first work under his own name, while completing the house together, the memories of that time, perhaps love, are revived, and new feelings begin to build up between the two…

[ Directing intention ]

A home, a store of memories and ideals

There are such memories.
Quietly crouching somewhere deep,
In an unexpected moment, it flashes in front of your eyes.
Those are the memories that suddenly come back to my days because of a single photo or a single verse of a song.

Seungmin and Seoyeon, who are connected by memories from a long time ago, met again.
Seungmin, who had stayed in one place, is preparing to leave for an unfamiliar place.
Seo-yeon, who had wandered around in an unfamiliar Seoul, is now dreaming of settling down.
They meet again as a client and architect and build a house.
Seungmin must understand what kind of house Seoyeon wants to live in.
You can build a nice house only if you know how she has lived and how she wants to live.
It is quite private and personal, so communication is not easy.
Whether to put the window at chest height or at navel height is a difficult choice for both of them.

In this way, the two bring back old memories as if stacking bricks one by one.
Sweet and painful but beautiful memories.
Forgotten moments and places are suddenly vivid and seemingly reachable, but they are memories that can never be undone.
The two push the last brick into their unfinished memory to complete their days now.
The completed days will be commemorated with memories, and a new home will make you dream of a fluttering tomorrow.


The process of building a house and the process of loving are similar!
A different romantic melodrama with an interesting correlation between 'architecture' and 'love'

The girl of first love came back. Now what will we do? The movie <Introduction to Architecture> is the story of two men and women who are entangled by the memories of their past 'first love' and meet again 15 years later to complete their memories. Director Lee Yong-ju, who actually graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering, has been working hard to prepare for his debut film <Hell of Unbelief>, and it is a film about the story he has been holding in his heart for 10 years. “I thought that understanding each other’s tastes and understanding each other while building a house is well suited to the structure of the melodrama.” Director Lee Yong-joo said, The process of putting together pieces of memories and gradually building up the emotions of the present while 'Seoyeon' builds a house together is exquisitely combined. “House is a good material in many ways in that <Introduction to Architecture> tells of an irreversible memory of an era”, director Lee Yong-joo's second work, heralding the birth of a new romantic melodrama that has never been seen before. .

Uhm Tae-woong + Han Ga-in = Lee Je-hoon + Suzy
Casting two people in one role, a topic that will heat up 2012!

'Uhm Tae-woong', who emerged as a friendly and good national star through the entertainment program '1 Night 2 Days', 'Han Ga-in', the protagonist of the popular drama 'The Moon Embracing the Sun', and Chungmuro's attention with 6 new rookie awards. The new rookie 'Lee Je-hoon', and 'Suzy', the end of the girl group's beauty. Indeed, four of Korea's hottest stars have united in the movie <Introduction to Architecture>. In addition, in order to make use of the characteristics and charm of the story structure that goes back and forth between the time of my first love at the age of 20 and the present 15 years have passed, I tried to differentiate and freshen it with a two-person, one-role casting combination. Uhm Tae-woong and Lee Je-hoon are the present and past of Seung-min, a male protagonist who is clumsy in love with a pure and friendly image, while Seung-min's first love, Seo-yeon, is played by Han Ga-in and Suzy, who boast the best beauty as icons of first love. It stimulates different emotions with excitement. Beyond the similar looks and atmosphere, the acting breath of those who are completely immersed in the characters in the work raises the interest of the play.

Memories of 'first love' that came through the screen after a long time
Myungfilm's well-made melodrama following <Connection> <Kwangsik's younger brother Gwangtae> and <Cyrano>!

The movie <Introduction to Architecture> unfolds the story of first love in a unique way that has never been attempted in existing Korean films by combining the emotional material of 'first love' with the material of 'architecture'. The film follows the classic sensibility of films based on 'first love' such as <Winter Traveler> and <My Happy Young Day>, which soaked up the sensibility of audiences in the 80s, and <Classic>, released in the 2000s, while moving back and forth between the past and the present. It stimulates memories of first love in a different way. <Introduction to Architecture> is a romantic melodrama that captures the public's emotions once again by Myung Film, a production company that has made representative well-made romantic melodies such as <Connection> <Kwang-shik's younger brother Gwang-tae> and <Cyrano; Romance Operation Team>.

The Secret Weapon of <Introduction to Architecture>, Jo Jung-seok & Yoo Yeon-seok
Emerging as the strongest scene stealer who inspires the vitality of the play!

In addition to the four main actors: Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in, Lee Je-hoon, and Suzy, there are other names worth noting. The main characters are Jo Jung-seok, a god of the musical world, and Yoo Yeon-seok, a promising actor in Chungmuro. First of all, Blue Chip Jo Jung-suk, who has established himself as a talented person through musicals such as [Hedwig] and [Spring Awakening], will make a new screen debut as ‘Nabreuk’, a 20-year-old ‘Seung-min’ best friend. Studying is behind the scenes, and a high school student named Shin Soong-i, who is a classmate in the reading room, and a re-educator named Naph-reeok, who is in a devotees, pass on their own dating skills to Seung-min's first love. Jo Jung-suk, who worked hard for external changes, such as taking off his sharp image and increasing his weight for the character of 'Nep-greuk', will be responsible for the laughter of the audience by fully demonstrating the comedy instinct hidden in <Introduction to Architecture>. Yoo Yeon-seok, who made an impressive debut as Yoo Ji-tae in the movie <Oldboy>, is attracting attention as a promising star in Chungmuro, as he plays the leading role in the movie <Hyehwa, Dong> and the drama [Midnight Hospital]. In the drama, he plays the role of 'Jae-wook', a king of architecture department who is popular with female college students including 'Seo-yeon' for his dandy charm, and makes 'Seung-min' jealous.


Another main character in the movie, Seoyeon's house on Jeju Island
During the 9-week filming period, 3 stages of transformation were carried out!

The 'house' in the movie <Introduction to Architecture> is not just a background in the movie, but another main character. The house design process, which had always been 'blank' in director Lee Yong-joo's scenario, could be materialized with the joining of construction supervisor Koo Seung-hoe. Jeju Island is the hometown where Seoyeon was born and raised in the play, and where she will return to build a house for a new start after 15 years of leaving. Seoyeon's house is a plain and old single-story Western-style house in Wimi-ri, overlooking the sea, in order to bring out the feeling of a real 'home to live' rather than looking like a set there. <Introduction to Architecture> follows the film's unique production concept of building new emotions between the two main characters, Seungmin and Seoyeon, who are entangled in the memories of their first love along with the process of building a house. I had to undertake the mission of building an actual house in the tight filming schedule of going back and forth.
The first plan proposed to director Lee Yong-joo by Koo Seung-hoe, an architectural supervisor, was to tear down the entire house in order to design the old house to 'push it all out and make it look like it' as 'Seo-yeon' in the movie expresses. However, director Lee Yong-joo insisted on not tearing down the roof and pillars in a way that leaves the memories of the times of the house. For Seoyeon, who is unfamiliar with the design drawings and models of a new house, saying that it does not look like the house she lived in, Seungmin suggests a method of extension rather than reconstruction. The wall is prepared for transformation into a wonderful appearance with a folding door that spreads out like a picture frame. The final transformation of 'Seoyeon's house' ahead of the crank-up is the second floor space newly prepared by 'Seungmin' for 'Seoyeon'. In front of Seoyeon's room on the 2nd floor, the grassy yard that spreads out like a balcony offers a superb view overlooking the sea of Jeju Island that will touch Seoyeon's heart.

The main insert song that brings back memories of first love [Study of Memory], etc.
Items of 90's memories are everywhere!

[Study of Memory] flows from one of the earphones that 20-year-old Seoyeon gave to Seungmin. The CD player turns, 'Seoyeon' hums a song, and 'Seung-min' feels a thrilling feeling while watching 'Seoyeon' like that. [Study of Memory], an insert song from the exhibition's 1st album 'Exhibition' released in 1994, enriches the film's sensibility through the voice of Kim Dong-ryul, the representative of emotional ballads. [Study of Memory] is the trump card of <Introduction to Architecture> that will remind you of the memory of your first love buried in the corner of your heart. In addition, [New Humanity's Love] of group 015B, which dominated the 90s, is expected to harmonize with campus culture to stimulate nostalgia in the audience. In addition to music, items that convey the unique charm of the times such as pippi and hair mousse appear in past episodes. The actors Lee Je-hoon and Suzy also perfectly digested the look of a 20-year-old college student who felt fresh instead of a flashy style. “I thought a lot about finding a suitable line that reproduces the 90s. Personally, there are things that I can't throw away because of the memories contained in old things, and I think there are definitely many people who miss those days." The penetrating 'first love' emotion and analog emotion are richly drawn.

An old space in the city center that reveals analog sentiment
The rediscovery of Seoul captured by <Introduction to Architecture>!

When writing the first draft of <Introduction to Architecture>, director Lee Yong-ju conceived the concept that a man who had stayed in one place for the rest of his life and a woman who had been wandering around met again 10 years later, and the wandering woman is now preparing to settle down and the staying man is preparing to leave. conceived In the play, ‘Seung-min’, a native of Jeongneung, and ‘Seo-yeon’, who leaves their hometown of Jeju Island and stays for a while at a relative’s house in Jeongneung, start a fresh date in an empty house in the neighborhood they found by chance, but go to the semi-underground in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam, which ‘Seo-yeon’ dreams of. As they become independent, the relationship between the two changes as much as the distance between the southern and northern terminus of bus 710.
In addition, the location in downtown Seoul captured in <Introduction to Architecture> heralds the rediscovery of places that have been experienced on a daily basis. Jeongneung and Changsin-dong alleys that seem ordinary but still have an old atmosphere, Nuha-dong Hanok house that contains traces of time as if the emotions of 'Seung-min' and 'Seo-yeon' are piled up one after another Market alleys have been reborn as interesting spaces with stories through screens. As an architecture student, it will be an important viewing point for the audience to review the space aesthetics of <Introduction to Architecture> drawn by director Lee Yong-joo, who said that 'looking at space as much as building a house' was good.

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