(Korean Movies) Antique, 2008

Antique, 2008

Antique, 2008
Audience over 15
running time
109 minutes
cumulative audience
1181332 people
11th Director's Cut Awards 2008


'Antique', a quirky cake shop run by four men
Jin-hyeok (Ju Ji-hoon), the eccentric owner of a cake shop, is disgusted with sweets and opens a cake shop just because most of the customers are women. Seonwoo (Kim Jae-wook), a patissier who is said to be the best in the industry, has remodeled a Western antique shop located in a quiet residential alley, serves cakes on antique tableware worth several million won, and opens 'Antique', a quirky cake shop that is open until 2 am. recruit until But Seon-woo is a tough classmate who confessed his love to Jin-hyuk in high school! In addition, it is difficult to find even an employee for several months because he is constantly causing problems with men as a 'masculine gay' who makes everyone fall in love at first sight. In the end, cake geek Ki-beom (Yoo Ah-in), who is obsessed with Seon-woo's taste, comes in as a kitchen assistant and apprentice, and bodyguard Soo-young (Choi Ji-ho), who follows Jin-hyuk like a shadow, calling him the master, takes over the service.

Cakes and men must taste to know? The insides of your man you don't know only by looking at the outside!
Antique, which finally started its full-fledged business, is a successful business every day as word of mouth spreads as a cake shop where only handsome men gather. But, unlike these four men, there is something suspicious about their gloomy appearance! Seonwoo, a gay gay man who enjoys complicated relationships with men without hesitation, has a serious phobia of trembling when he stands in front of a woman for some reason. , bodyguard Sooyoung is always being looked after by Jinhyeok, as he is a group of accidents that are disrespectful to how much he is doing. The most bizarre thing is that the talkative and horny Jin-hyeok suddenly turns into a chaebol 2nd-generation master who is arrogant when it comes to his family… ! You can't tell just by looking at the outside, what's the story of you guys?

The model-looking boss and clerk serve,
A genius patissier who is gay and devil makes a cake,
'Antique', a quirky cake shop where a former boxing champion is a kitchen assistant
A drama of laughter and emotion unfolds around the dizzying secrets of four sweet men!

[ About Movie ]

Following the box office lineage of <Oldboy> <Tazza> <Beauty is Painful> and <Food Eater>,
Best-selling Japanese manga based film

For several years, both screens and TVs have seen a boom in the box office based on comics. Films based on cartoons such as <Oldboy>, which won the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival, and <Tazza> <Beauty is Suffering> and <Food Eater> hit the box office hits one after another, <The Palace> and <Full House>. If you look at dramas that recorded high viewership ratings such as <War of Money> and <Sikgaek>, works based on cartoons are the mainstream. <Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Store Antique> is also a movie based on a cartoon. The original 'Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Store' (by Fumi Yoshinaga) is the third Japanese manga to be made into a movie in Korea after 'Old Boy' and 'Beauty is Painful'. It was a sensational popularity, and it was also praised for its work, such as winning the 26th Kodansha Manga Award for its unique and whimsical character setting, fresh material called cake, and a solid story that mixed laughter and emotion. In Korea, it is a best-selling comic book that recorded 'No. Just like the precedents of record-breaking hits with unique material created by the popularity of the original, which guarantees box office success, and unique material created by comic imagination, <Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Antique> is expected to continue the box-office boom of the original comic book in 2008.

『西洋骨董洋菓子店 Western Classical Oriental Confectionery Store』
A masterpiece by Japanese bestselling manga artist Fumi Yoshinaga. It is a popular human comedy first introduced by a writer from a doujinshi who mainly deals with homosexuality among men. It was serialized in the Japanese monthly manga magazine 'Wings' since 1999, and then published in four volumes. It is a comic book that impresses with the author's great background knowledge of cakes, and the author's unique delicate and warm drama and natural comic sensibility. The process of healing the hidden wounds of the characters in a bright antique atmosphere with the appearance of four main characters: a wealthy housekeeper 'Tachibana', a gay genius patissier 'Ono', a former boxer apprentice 'Kanda', and a serving bodyguard 'Chikage'. contained All 4 comics, 3 paperback books, and a total of 1.7 million copies were published, selling high in all volumes, and she was awarded the 26th Kodansha Manga Award in the Girl category. In 2001, it was produced as a Japanese TV drama ('Antique-Western Village Confectionery Store', aired on Fuji TV) and gained high viewer ratings. . The artist's major works include <Daughters Who Must Love>, <Oku>, <Flower of Life>, and <I Can't Eat Without Love>.
©fumi yoshinaga/shinshokan

<The Second Story of a High School Ghost Story> <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life>,
A unique comedy drama presented by box office director Min Kyu-dong

Director Min Gyu-dong, one of Chungmuro's representative directors with both work and box office, has an excellent talent for discovering new possibilities in existing genres. His debut film <The Second Story of a High School Ghost Story> was praised as the most aesthetic horror film in Korean film history by exquisitely unraveling the anxious psychology and subtle sensibility of a teenage high school girl with the subject matter of the horror genre. The Most Beautiful Week> was evaluated as opening a new chapter in Korean romantic comedy in a unique omnibus format in which the love stories of 7 couples intersect. The new work <Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Antique> is also a novel comic drama that has never been seen before, bringing homosexual material to the mainstream genre of 'comic drama' and adding a unique mystery structure. Director Min Gyu-dong, rather than hiding the homosexual code of the original cartoon, uses it as the main material to provide a bright and healthy laughter, and in an exciting mystery form the secrets surrounding the wounds of the four men in the original and the healing process are more than a simple character comedy. lead to drama. It naturally empathizes with the homosexuality of high school girls (<Second Story of High School Ghost Stories>) and homosexuality between ordinary men (<The Most Beautiful Week of My Life> Jaekyung-Taehyun couple), and has completed the love stories of each of the 7 couples into one drama. Director Min Gyu-dong's unique sensual and delicate directing ability is expected.

A cake that stimulates the five senses, a cake shop full of antique and colorful antiques, and a dance dance by handsome boys!
A movie like a comprehensive gift set that captivates women

<Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Antique>, which features a 'cake designer' credit that cannot be seen in other movies, is a film in which the cake is another main character. As they go beyond the meaning of simple props and are directly involved in the emotional lines and story development of the characters, the production team designed over 100 types of cakes through a long pre-work, and had a team of professional patissiers who made and airlifted cakes to the filming site. Sweet cakes such as Crème Brulee, Gaeteu aux Opera, Millefeuille, Mont Blanc, and Macaron, etc., and their making scenes, are a pleasure not only visually but also tastefully. provide up to

The set art is also something to pay attention to. True to the original setting of 'a quiet residential alleyway, a cake shop converted from a Western antique shop', the production team built an exterior set in an alleyway in Tongui-dong, Seoul, a quiet residential area near the Blue House. The exterior set, which was painstakingly built for a month by renting a parking lot in an alley that looks exactly like the background in the cartoon, and the antique interior set decorated with expensive antique furniture and accessories, are as splendid as the mise-en-scène of the cartoon was transferred to the screen.

In addition, the gorgeous dances and musical performances presented by the handsome boys delight the eyes of the audience. In <Seoyanggol Oriental Sweets Shop Antique>, various dance scenes that reproduce famous scenes from the original cartoon such as dance in the rain and club dance, and a musical performance that maximizes the cinematic imagination appear. The sexy and lively dances and fun songs presented by handsome actors of tall height catch the eye as if watching an idol group's music video. <Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Store Antique>, which is full of splendid sights that captivate women's hearts, is expected to become a 'It Movie' for women this fall.

Wacky second-generation president of a conglomerate, genius patissier who is gay and devilishly, an apprentice from a boxer with an absolute taste, bodyguard with a lot of trouble
A fresh harmony of 4 people, 4 unique characters and new actors

The four quirky and unique protagonists created by cartoonish imagination are the most attractive elements of the movie <Seoyanggol Oriental Sweets Shop Antique>. After the announcement of the movie adaptation, the interest and expectation for the casting among the original manga fans was different, so the production team gathered all the next-generation prospects as actors who will play these four characters. Crown Prince Ju Ji-hoon of the drama <The Palace>, ‘Kim Jae-wook’, the waffle maker of <Coffee Prince 1st Store>, ‘Yoo Ah-in’ of ‘We Have No Tomorrow’, and ‘Choi Ji-ho’ of the giraffe of <Time Between Dogs and Wolf>. The cast, which is made up of handsome actors from models with outstanding looks, has been praised for perfectly reproducing the atmosphere of the original cartoon featuring a large number of handsome patissiers. Their attractive confrontation and acting transformation are attracting the attention of the audience and creating a fresh sensation. This reminds me of the drama <Coffee Prince's 1st Store> craze last year, which created a new sensation in the small screen with a fresh harmony of exciting characters and new actors. The movie <Seoyanggol Oriental Sweets Shop Antique> will be an opportunity to discover promising new actors in the Korean film industry, which has been suffering from actor poverty.

<b>[ Production Note ]

Infinite Challenge, a 2 month project to stick to! </b>
<Seoyanggol Oriental Sweets Shop Antique> is the crystallization of new actors' extraordinary passion for acting. In order to bring out the reality of the character, director Min Gyu-dong ordered the training required for each character from all the actors immediately after casting. From two months before filming, the actors sacrificed all their personal schedules and took patissier classes, French classes, boxing training, and dance classes from early morning to late night almost every day, and worked hard to perfectly fulfill their roles.

<b>Step1. Pastry chef class</b>
The actors had to read the patissier theory before the script script. A theory-oriented class for Ju Ji-hoon, who plays the role of 'master of sales', who has to explain various cakes that are difficult to remember names without interruption, and a cake-making practice-oriented class for Kim Jae-wook and Yoo Ah-in, who play the roles of 'patissier' and 'patissier apprentice'. this took place In particular, Kim Jae-wook and Yoo Ah-in were given special training in making 20 kinds of cakes, from the basic skill 'Madeleine' to the demanding process 'Opera' while avoiding business hours and taking a nap because of the practice at dawn. The actors who diligently participated in the class every day without the smell of flour eventually digested all the cake-making scenes in the movie from dough to cake decoration without a substitute, and provided cakes made at the filming site as snacks to the staff. That's how I got to the level of skill.

<b>Step2. boxing training</b>
Yoo Ah-in, who plays the former professional boxer Ki-bum, had to gain 5 kg of weight because of her slender body and increase muscle by repeating gym and boxing training every day. He endured the tight schedule of patissier practice and boxing class before filming, but the problem occurred after cranking. The boxing scene shot was placed in the latter half of the shooting. As a cake maniac, he had to eat countless high-calorie cakes in almost every scene, so training to maintain his body throughout the filming period was not an ordinary task. Filming for <Antique> was like an ascetic for him, who doesn't enjoy sports. However, Yoo Ah-in said that having a more masculine and muscular body was the biggest benefit of appearing in 'Antique'.

<b>Step3. French education</b>
As French pastry chef 'Jean' (Andy Gillette) appears as an important supporting role, his counterparts Kim Jae-wook and Ju Ji-hoon were also given a large amount of French dialogue. Two actors, who had never learned French, had to perform emotional acting in French, which is famous for its difficult pronunciation, so the production team specially invited the broadcaster 'Ida Doshi' as a lecturer and conducted intensive one-on-one training for two months. ‘Ida Doshi’, who made a relationship with the actors and priests through ‘Antique’, rushed to the scene on filming days with French acting, bypassing all schedules, and helped the actors in their performances. It is said that he showed off his special disciple love by appearing as a cameo.

<b>Step4. dance practice</b>
For dance scenes and musical performances in the movie, the actors continued to take dance classes for two months. At first, Ju Ji-hoon, who used to miss the beat enough to be judged by the instructor, practiced harshly with his unique tenacity. He surprised the production team by perfectly digesting the unconventional and sexy choreography that seemed impossible to digest in light of his shy personality. A two-month infinite challenge that was possible with one passion for acting. In <Antique>, the passion of the four rookies who worked tirelessly for the film is permeated in every nook and cranny.

<b>[ Hot Issue ]

Reignition of the Korean Wave!
Rise as a new Hallyu content with competitiveness in the overseas market!</b>
The screen debut of next-generation Hallyu star Ju Ji-hoon and the original Japanese best-selling cartoonist that has gathered sensational popularity, <Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Store Antique> drew attention as a Hallyu content with competitiveness in the overseas market from the beginning of its production. In the case of Japan, which was flooded with love calls from buyers, it is unusual for a Korean film to be sold in major Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia only with the screenplay and casting alone. Even a large-scale distribution was decided during 'Week'. In addition, after the trailer was released at the recent Busan Film Festival market, inquiries from overseas buyers flooded in, setting a green light for overseas exports. <Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Antique> is expected to revitalize the shrunken Korean film export market and rekindle the Korean Wave craze that has been stagnant for a while.

<b>Meet a foreign star in a Korean movie!
Amid the international casting boom, a French star enters a Korean film for the first time</b>
While domestic stars such as Rain from <Speed Racer>, Jeon Ji-hyeon from <Blood the Last Vampire>, Lee Byung-hun of <GI Group>, and Song Hye-kyo cast in the world-famous director Woo Sam's new work <1949> are in a rush to enter Hollywood, <Cheongha Business> There are cases of foreign stars appearing in domestic films, such as Tsuyoshi Kusanagi from Madonna and Joe Odagiri from 'Virtual Dream', and it is now an international casting boom. <Antique> is also a topic of international casting of French star actor Andy GILLET. There have been many cases of Asian actors participating in Korean films, but Antique is the first time a famous French actor has appeared in a major role in a Korean film. Andy Gillette's active appearance in 'Antique', such as scheduling a visit to Korea for media publicity ahead of its domestic release, has raised the status of Korean films after winning international film festivals and the Korean Wave, and actors from all over the world as well as Asia are entering the Korean market. It is proof that you are paying attention.

<ㅠ> A gorgeous meeting between a handsome movie and a handsome band!
Boy band FTIsland's song 'Love is' joint music video topic
The song 'Love is' from FTIsland's 2nd album (colorful Sensibility) and the movie 'Antique' made a joint music video and is a hot topic. FTIsland is a five-member band that debuted in 2007 with a storm of popularity with 'Love Sick' with an appealing vocal. 'Love is' is a rock number with a light melody and lovely lyrics. The music video, which exquisitely harmonizes with the vocals that make listeners feel pleasant and the bright images of the attractive handsome men in 'Antique', creates a synergy between the pleasure of listening and the pleasure of seeing. A fresh meeting between a handsome idol band and a group of handsome young actors is also a factor that shakes the hearts of women.

Video webtoon series that heated netizens
Recorded the most hits in the history of a movie blog!

The video webtoon series, introduced through the movie blog, gained tremendous popularity among netizens, and the official blog of 〈Seoyanggol Oriental Sweets Store Antique〉 recorded the highest number of hits in the history of movie blogs. 'Antique Video Webtoon' is a reconstructed webtoon format by combining the famous scenes from the comics that fans of the original comics choose with the movie video. This unique content, prepared to introduce the original and the movie together by taking advantage of the characteristics of the movie, which is the original cartoon, is spreading rapidly through blog scraps, and netizens are flooding with word-of-mouth visits to the official blog that does not even run advertisements. Netizens were not able to hide their excitement, saying, 'The cartoon was reproduced with 100% sync rate' and 'a movie that exceeded expectations', and self-promoted online through scrap. <Antique> is heating up online through marketing that directly approaches the audience and the voluntary movement of netizens.

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