(Korean Movies) Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds, 2017

Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds, 2017

Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds, 2017
Audience over 12 years old
running time
139 minutes
cumulative audience
14414658 people
38th Golden Cinematography Awards 2018
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According to the Law of the Underworld, all human beings must go through seven trials in 49 days after death.
Murder, sloth, lies, injustice, betrayal, violence, infidelity
Only the dead who have successfully passed the seven trials in the seven hells can reincarnate and start a new life.

“Kim Ja-hong passed away safely today as scheduled”
Firefighter Ja-hong, who has died after saving a girl from the scene of a fire, appears in front of him, the otherworldly warriors Haewon-maek and Deok-chun. Although he still cannot believe his death, Deok-chun exalts him as a righteous dead and nobleman. At the entrance to the underworld, another chaplain waiting for him at the gate of Chogun, he is the leader of the chaplains and a lawyer who will defend Ja-hong in the seven trials that Ja-hong will have to face in the future. The tertiary priests, who have received the promise of reincarnating 49 dead over a thousand years from King Yeomra to reincarnate as human beings, are convinced of the reincarnation of Jahong, the 48th dead man they must defend and escort and a righteous nobleman who appeared after 19 years. In each hell, Ja-hong's past is revealed one by one, and she faces unexpected hardships…

Where everyone goes but no one has seen,
The door to a new world opens in 2017!


A world in which a person's soul goes to live after he dies

Mankind (亡人). a person whose life has been lost

1. A temporary post sent by the king for an important mission. or something like that
2. Go-eul's servant who sent out to catch criminals

1. A place where people who have sinned and died are not saved and are being punished endlessly.
2. A sentient being who has committed a sin and is in a world of very severe suffering, or the world of such beings. or such survival

Chogunmun Gate
entrance to the underworld

red paper
A document made of red cloth with the names of those who will be taken to the underworld.

demon king
underworld army

the dead are reborn

lucid dream
A dead person or spirit appears in a dream. or the dream

The mirror at the entrance to the underworld
It is said that the deeds of good deeds and evil deeds done by the dead during their lifetime will appear.

A ghost who dies bitterly and holds a grudge

Either he suffered an unfair death that was not on the list and did not enjoy the heavenly nature,
A dead man who always helped and cared for others and lived a just life.

murder hell
Hell to judge those who have committed murder or have said or done something that contributed to the murder.
You can reach it only after passing 'Hwatangyeongdo' filled with flames and smoke.
The criminal is sentenced to a scorching fire by being thrown into a pit of lava-infested fire. The metamorphic king rules

sloth hell
Hell that judges those who have wasted their lives through inaction and negligence
It can only be reached by passing the 'Samdocheon', which is infested with mermaid fish that have the shape of a human face and have sharp teeth.
The criminal is punished by having to run for the rest of his life, avoiding the continuously rotating rod. A super-powerful king reigns.

false hell
Hell that judges the lies you did while you were alive
You can reach it only after passing through the 'Sword Forest' made of blades.
The trees of the 'Black Forest' will cut out every inch of the body of the dead if they are touched incorrectly.
Taesan the Great reigns.

Hell of Fire
Hell judges the unjust
It can only be reached by passing through the 'Hanbing Gorge', which consists of glaciers and snow fields.
The criminal is punished by being trapped in a block of cold ice. Ogwan the Great rules

betrayal hell
Hell judges those who forsake the faith of others who believed in them
The transparent glass floor can only be reached by passing through the 'white flame wilderness' that is like a mirror.
The criminal is punished by being imprisoned in the mirror. King Songje reigns.

violent hell
Hell punishes those who perpetrate violence
It can only be reached by passing through the sinkhole 'vacuum heart and blood', whose depth is determined by the crime committed.
The criminal is punished by being hit by a boulder that floats in a sinkhole in a state of zero gravity.
King Jingwang reigns.

celestial hell
Hell judges the sins committed between parents and children
It can only be reached by passing the 'Cheongo Desert' made of sand.
The criminal is punished by being buried in the sand of the Cheongo Desert. The Great King Yeomra reigns.


Upper, Upper, Second, Moon God World!
The unseen and unseen world of the underworld unfolds before your eyes!

Anyone can go, but a world that no one has ever seen will unfold on the screen in December. The movie <Along with the Gods>, which is based on the webtoon of the same name, is based on the Korean post-mortem worldview that humans experience different hells in the afterlife after death. Based on the Korean worldview, the film expands the story on the premise that only after going through seven hell trials for 49 days after death can one be reincarnated. Human beings do not end in the underworld, but begin a new life. Firefighter Ja-hong, who died at the scene of the fire, meets the three chaplains 'Gangrim', 'Haewonmaek' and 'Deokchun' who defend and escort him during the seven trials he has to face in the underworld. As he follows Ja-hong's journey to discover the great and small sins he has committed while living through the seven hell trials, including murder, sloth, lies, injustice, betrayal, violence, and the seven hells, not only cheering him on, but everyone in the audience saves his life. It is a wonderful experience to look back on. The death and life that all human beings go through, and the joys and sorrows that penetrate human life at the borderline again, and we project ourselves into the story of Jahong. Along with the sympathy given by 'Jahong', the activities of the Samchasa give another vitality to the film. The Third World Warlords put all their efforts into the trial of 'Jahong', because only 49 dead can be guaranteed reincarnation. However, even those who have defended and escorted the dead for many years face hardships and homework at each trial, and they experience trial and error. Also, with the appearance of the ghost who disturbs Jahong's trial, the chaplains go back and forth between the underworld and this world at the same time, making it impossible to take their eyes off the new story they present.

<Along with the Gods – Crime and Punishment> is a film that adds fresh imagination to traditional Korean folk tales and adds attractive characters. It will provide a new level of fun and emotion through an epic story that crosses the borders of this world and the afterlife, life and death.

Reincarnated on the screen, the god of webtoon!
Korean webtoon [Along with the Gods] is finally made into a movie!

The best webtoon you must see before you die [Along with the Gods] is coming to the screen. The webtoon [Along with the Gods] is a representative work of popular webtoon writer Ho-Min Joo. At the time of its serialization, it ranked first in the total number of hits on Naver webtoons and sold more than 450,000 books. In addition, after being selected as a 'masterpiece webtoon' and re-sequencing started, it has recorded a high score of 9.98 or more each time, and is being talked about as a true legend in the webtoon world. The webtoon god [Along with the Gods], who completely captivated readers, met director Kim Yong-hwa and was reincarnated into a movie.

Director Kim Yong-hwa, who has delivered warm comfort and emotion to humans through various works such as <Beauty is Suffering>, <National Representative>, and <Mr. It is said that the story of [Along with the Gods], which penetrates the universal emotions of all human beings, captured his heart. He agonized over how to add cinematic charm while keeping the main stem of the webtoon, which was loved by many readers. The most important thing in implying a vast narrative that has been serialized for a long time on the screen was to condense the texture of the story that was developed from multiple perspectives into one. The movie <Along with the Gods – Crime and Punishment>, among the chapters of the original, divided into the underworld, this story, and the new story, captures the journey of the third person who defends the deceased 'Jahong' as the main character. In order to preserve the emotions and messages of the original webtoon, but to compress the story that takes place therein, the character's concentration was increased by compressing the two characters in the original to one. The leader of the underworld company, 'Kangrim', was also a secondary company and at the same time played the role of a lawyer who was a 'genuine' in the original work. Ja-hong's job also became a firefighter, not an ordinary office worker. He is a person who has sacrificed his life for others and lived on the side of justice, but the more dramatic the process of ruminating on life through anecdotes in this life that are revealed during the seven hell trials, the more dramatic the emotional wave in the audience. . Director Kim Yong-hwa, who added cinematic fun to the imagination of a webtoon, is already raising expectations from the audience about what the underworld will look like.

The movie <Along with the Gods: Crime and Punishment>, which was reborn with a different charm from the webtoon by pouring 5 years of preparation, 10 months of filming, and 6 years of time, will captivate the audience with fresh fun this winter.

The coming of the screen of the acting gods!
The greatest casting corps of all time boasting perfect synchronicity!

The gods of Korean acting appeared in <Along with the Gods – Crime and Punishment>. Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Dong-wook, Oh Dal-su, Im Won-hee, Do Kyung-soo, Lee Jun-hyeok, Jang Kwang, Jeong Hae-kyun, Kim Su-an, and Lee Jung-jae, Kim Hae-sook, Lee Kyung-young, and Kim Ha-neul, who are reliable just by hearing their names, gather together and show off their performances.

First of all, Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon, and Kim Hyang-gi were cast as the third sages of the underworld who will lead the journey of <Along with the Gods: Crime and Punishment>. Actor Ha Jung-woo, who always becomes one with the character regardless of genre such as <Tunnel>, <The Handmaiden>, <Assassination>, and <Kundo: Age of Rampant>, took on the role of Kang-rim, the leader of the third death in the underworld. Even Ha Jung-woo, who has played numerous characters, was an unfamiliar character. Although in an unrealistic world, he felt more humane than any other role, adding his own personality to the character and breathing new breath. A more three-dimensional character was born thanks to his passionate performances, which puts rhythm in the difficult underworld terms with his own beat, and threw himself in numerous action scenes.
Ju Ji-hoon, who captivated the audience with his masculine charms in <Good Friends> and <Asura>, was selected for the role of 'Haewon-maek', a chaplain who is in charge of guarding the dead and the underworld. 'Haewonmaek' is a character with a warm inside, unlike his sharp and cold appearance, and is the most humorous of the three characters. Director Kim Yong-hwa's words, who praised Ju Ji-hoon, who gave vitality to the play by controlling the pace, said, "I am very satisfied with the 'Haewon-maek' that he played," adding to expectations for Ju Ji-hoon's acting transformation.
Kim Hyang-gi, who has been loved by men and women of all ages for her rich emotional acting in <The Heart> and <The Snow>, played the role of Deok-chun, the youngest and assistant lawyer of the underworld. Kim Hyang-gi boasts the most perfect synchro rate among the three triads, as if it were a copy of Jericho and the kind 'Deok-chun'. Kim Hyang-gi, who gave consolation over the big eyes and made the character of 'Deok-chun', who has warmth in even a small tone of voice, completely his own. The audience will once again melt into her emotional acting.

Cha Tae-hyun, a popular actor who has brought fun and emotion to the audience by crossing screens and CRTs such as <Speed Scandal>, <Hello Ghost>, and [The Producer]. He returned as the righteous dead 'Jahong' who appeared after 19 years. Director Kim Yong-hwa, who struggled with the role of 'Ja-hong', a character that anyone can relate to, said, "I wanted to be an actor that people of all ages liked, and I chose Cha Tae-hyun unanimously." Veteran actor Cha Tae-hyun, who filled the joys and sorrows of 'purple' in one expression and one eye. If you watch him shake the hearts of the audience throughout the running time, the admiration of Cha Tae-hyun will come out naturally.
Kim Dong-wook, who worked with director Kim Yong-hwa for the second time following <National Team>, took on the role of 'Soo-hong', who became a ghost due to an unfair death two weeks before being discharged from the military. Since 'Suhong' is a character who interferes with Jahong's trial and increases the tension of the play by making the subordinates go back and forth between the here and the afterlife, Kim Dongwook had to think about maintaining the balance between the characters and the unity of the story throughout his acting. Towards him, who appeared in the right place and conveyed the tension, “Kim Dong-wook is an outstanding actor. Director Kim Yong-hwa, who praised him, saying, "A veteran actor who has defended his character well," adds anticipation to Kim Dong-wook's performance.
Actor Do Kyung-soo, who has been recognized for his skills in the movie <Innocence> and the drama [It's Okay, That's Love], took on the role of 'Pr. He received the trust of director Kim Yong-hwa throughout filming for his rich sensibility and excellent ability to digest characters.

Acting masters were also present in the role of the chief judge and judge who presides over the trial in the underworld. First of all, Lee Jung-jae was chosen as 'The Great King Yeomra', who oversees the underworld. Every time he appears, his presence and charisma that overwhelms those around him make him say 'Lee Jung-jae' as expected. Jung Hae-gyun as the 'transfiguration king' of the murder hell, Kim Hae-sook as the 'super-powerful king' of the indolent hell, Kim Su-an of 'Taesan the Great' of the false hell, Lee Kyung-young of 'Ogwan the Great' of the injustice hell, Kim Ha-neul of 'Songje the Great' of the betrayal hell, violence It will be a great gift for the audience just to see the performances full of personality of the famous actors who clearly boast of their presence, even to the hell's 'Jingwang the Great' Jang Gwang. The duo of Oh Dal-soo and Im Won-hee, who played the role of judges who denounced the sins of the dead and sentenced them in the 7th trial, is expected to bring another fun to the play by adding delicious humor.

The movie <Along with the Gods-Crime and Punishment>, which drew attention with the all-time casting of actors that will never be seen again, will mark the end of 2017 by revealing what was hidden under the veil in December.

Mysterious and amazing world!
A special project that has never been seen in Korean movies!

Visuals are one of the things that I struggled with the most when putting the broad worldview of <Along with the Gods: Crime and Punishment> on the screen. It was also a difficult task to vividly embody the images of the underworld and hell that anyone would have imagined at least once in their imaginations. This is because we had to focus on reality while at the same time keeping the mysterious atmosphere unique to hell.

After much deliberation, director Kim Yong-hwa and the staff came to the conclusion that the seven natural properties of fire, water, iron, ice, mirror, gravity, and sand were borrowed, and the overwhelming scenery of Mother Nature was added. Murder Hell melts the images of volcanic craters and lava based on the physical properties of fire, while Sloth Hell gets hints from the properties of water and uses the waterfall image throughout to create a new dimension of visual by grafting the natural features of each hell. went out Thanks to this process, which was like creating something out of nothing, the pre-production period had to be several times longer than usual for other films. The underworld and hell, spaces that no one has ever seen but anyone could have imagined, Director Kim Yong-hwa and his staff thought and pondered throughout the pre-production period to make it look and feel like an unfamiliar but likely space. It is rumored that VFX director Jin Jong-hyun put all his heart and soul into collecting references to the point where he actually went to a desert in Mongolia to borrow the image of a desert from Hell. The seven hell visuals, the culmination of the imagination of all the staff over the years, each boast different personalities and grandeur, and will provide amazing fun to the audience throughout the movie.

The mysterious and surprising appearance of the underworld, created through the hard work of the production team, will immediately catch the attention of the audience with a familiar image that seems unfamiliar.

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