(Korean Movies) Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, 2018

Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, 2018

Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, 2018
Audience over 12 years old
running time
141 minutes
cumulative audience
12277801 people
10th Film of the Year Awards 2019
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The Third Reincarnation of the Underworld, who reincarnated 48 dead over a thousand years, can gain a new life by reincarnating one more. However, Kang-rim (Ha Jung-woo) makes an incomprehensible choice to make Su-hong (Kim Dong-wook), the original nobleman, as their last nobleman. According to the Law of the Underworld, the original spirit should be destroyed, but King Yeomra (Lee Jeong-jae) accepts the proposal of Advent by placing new conditions on the third ruler of the underworld. The condition of Yeomra is that Seong-shin (Ma Dong-seok) is holding on, and he brings the unsuccessful old man Heo Chun-sam to the underworld until Su-hong's trial is over.

Haewon-maek (Ju Ji-hoon) and Deok-chun (Kim Hyang-gi) go down to another world to pick up Heo Chun-sam, but while they are helpless in front of the powerful power of Seong-shin, they accidentally find out that he was a chaplain who took Haewon-maek and Deok-chun to the underworld a thousand years ago. find out Out of curiosity about the past that they can't even remember, Haewonmaek and Deokchun start a deal with Seongshin…

A thousand-year-old secret of going back and forth between the present and the past is revealed!


A movie that will once again become the god of the screen
With the super-special project of 2018 that will dominate this summer!

# 2nd place at the Korean box office, selected by 14.4 million viewers <Along with the Gods – Crime and Punishment>
The god of the screen, which hit theaters in the winter of 2017, returns. <Along with the Gods: Crime and Punishment> broke the box office record every day last winter, surpassing the final cumulative audience of 14.4 million, ranking second at the Korean box office. The overseas reaction was also hot. Beyond Korea, “Along with the Gods: Crime and Punishment” was a box office craze all over Asia, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. In addition to being the number one Asian film in Taiwan and the second most successful Korean film in Hong Kong history, it also showed the status of Korean films by streaking at the box office in major countries such as North America, Australia, and Vietnam. The next story of <Along with the Gods-Crime and Punishment>, which succeeded in captivating audiences around the world by adding a solid drama that expanded the oriental view of the post-mortem world, a message containing universal human emotions, and splendid sights, >'s release is rapidly gaining worldwide attention.
# Korea's first simultaneous production of parts 1 and 2, a new myth of a Korean fantasy blockbuster!
One of the reasons why <Along with the Gods> is attracting attention is that it was the first in Korea to produce 1 and 2 copies simultaneously. Director Kim Yong-hwa, who revealed that <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite> is the starting point of the <Along with the Gods> series, presented the great challenge of simultaneous production in order to effectively utilize the story and the background of the first and second parts with an organic link. In Part 1, it was decided that simultaneous production was inevitable because the audience could easily accept Part 2, where the conclusion of the message only occurs when the character's characteristics are well weaved and laid the foundation for the worldview that penetrates the story. As a result, in <Along with the Gods – Causality and Keon>, you can meet a more dense emotional density and a deeper narrative based on the relationship between the worldview built up in the first part and the third world in the underworld. It will be a new fun for the audience to see the countless pieces of the story that were hidden in the first part without knowing it until the second part is completed like a puzzle. Expectations from inside and outside the film industry are being gathered for <Along with the Gods>, which will be recorded as a bold challenge for a Korean fantasy blockbuster, and <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite>, which will once again write a new myth this summer.

Between the present and the afterlife, between the present and the past
A thousand-year-old secret is revealed
With a vast story that can only be trusted!

# A long journey that crosses this world – the afterlife – the present – the past
<Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite> returns with a deeper drama and richer attractions. If <Along with the Gods-Crime and Punishment> focused on the trial of the seven hells to reincarnate the noble Jahong, <Along with the Gods-Causality and Kite> goes a step further and tells a vast story set in this world and the afterlife, the present and the past. pay In the underworld, Suhong, who was the original demon of the first part, becomes the protagonist of the 49th trial with the reincarnation of the third death of the underworld as collateral and continues the trial of Advent and a new hell. He meets Seong-shin, who knows the past of the Samchasa that he did not know, and faces a new phase. As the story of the afterlife and this world progresses, the hidden story of the third world is gradually revealed. and to impress As director Kim Yong-hwa said, “You will be able to experience a spectacular story through the intersection of this life and the afterlife, the present and the past”. It will give the audience an unforgettable pleasure.

# Those who were human before God, the hidden secret of the Third Death
In <Along with the Gods – Causal and Knee>, the past of the third death in the underworld, which was not revealed in the first part, is gradually revealed. As revealed in the first part, Haewonmaek and Deokchun have been living in the afterlife for a thousand years without remembering their past. However, by chance, they find out that Seong-Jin was the underworld ambassador who took them to the underworld, and find out that they were human before becoming gods. But they still don't remember anything. Only Advent remembers all that, but he does not open his mouth. The more the movie unfolds, the more the audience asks, “Why did they become ordinary people before they were gods?” By following the process of where they came from, how they died, and why they had no choice but to become a sage of the underworld, the audience will be able to face the new samsara of the underworld. Ha Jung-woo said, "You will be able to see the three-dimensional characters who are a little more three-dimensional and have a higher emotional temperature," raising expectations about what the 'causal relationship' they will show.

I came back with a new and fresh face
With a richer charm!

# In the afterlife and hereafter! The third death in the afterlife, making an outstanding performance as a stronger chemistry maker!
The Samchasa of the Afterlife shows the harmony between various characters in the afterlife and this world. As a first-class lawyer in the underworld, Kang-rim continues Su-hong's trial without hesitation. Advent, who tries to reveal Su-hong's unfair death, and Su-hong, who ignores the truth of death, are fighting each other more than the chemistry in <National Team> that they worked together before. You can't miss the fun of watching the two change in a more difficult hell journey due to Su-hong, the original demon. Haewonmaek and Deokchun build a new relationship with Seongshin, whom they met in another world. Tensions between those who want to take the dead and those who want to protect them develop into an alliance at some point, and the three form an unusual ensemble. The chemistry between the two companies who started a deal with Seong-Shin, who knows the past that neither of them know about, will be a new viewing point for the audience.

# From a nobleman to a nobleman! The unfinished story of the underworld of Suhong!
Won-gwi Su-hong, who turned the other world upside down in Part 1, became a nobleman this time. Kim Dong-wook, who played a role in the film's box office as a tear duct maker in <Along with the Gods: Crime and Punishment>, moves to the underworld to show a different side. Su-hong, an 8th student of the bar exam, who dreamed of becoming a Supreme Court judge in this life, shows her dignifiedness in the face of a hell trial with the knowledge she had accumulated during her lifetime. If in the first part, he drove the audience into tension with the appearance of a demon full of poison, this time, he makes it difficult for him to come to trial with his charm that he does not know where he will go. In addition, Su-hong's unjust death, which is revealed through the trial process in hell, the other side of the truth delivers a powerful drama to the audience once again. This time, you can look forward to Su-hong's hard-carrying performance in the underworld.

#LeeSeung's new face, the scary but kind Sungshin appears!
Ma Dong-seok as Seong-shin, who appeared in the cookie video of <Along with the Gods-Crime and Punishment> and left a short but strong impression. Ma Dong-seok in <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite> does not disappoint the audience. He plays the role of Seong-Jin, who is a housekeeper and a former carmaker in the afterlife, who is pitiful for his grandfather, Chun-Sam Heo and his grandson, Hyeon-Dong, who are the only two in the family. He is the possessor of overwhelming power to subdue the underworld chaplains who come to pick up Heo Chun-sam at once, but he cannot move on to humans. The powerful image, the warm charm hidden in it, and the reversal of Seong-shin's reversal that reveals a soft heart like silk, combined with Ma Dong-seok's sharp performance, will give the audience unforgettable fun.

# Unmatched charisma, one shot of King Yeomra!
The serious expression, solemn voice, and charisma of existence itself, the great king Yeomra, Lee Jung-jae has returned. He became a 'key man' who appeared at important moments in the first part, creating a character of King Yeomra that could not be imagined except for Lee Jung-jae. His activities continue in <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite>. Throughout the story, he throws difficult tasks to the underworld chaplains, and presents a different tension from the trial of Jahong in the first part. In addition, it shows a sharp confrontation with Advent, making you curious about the story behind the trial. Everyone's expectations are focused on what kind of strong impression King Yeomra the Great will leave this time, armed with a unique presence and amazing charisma that dominates the play.


More fun to know
With a behind-the-scenes story!

Hell is different?! Every human has their own hell.

The hell Su-hong goes through in <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite> is a different landscape from the hell that Ja-hong experienced in the first part. According to director Kim Yong-hwa, the hell shown in <Along with the Gods> is different for each person. You will only have your own hell. When a person dies, each hell is created according to the severity of each person's sins, and the order of hells to be tried is also decided differently. That is why the Hell of Su-Hong is inevitably different from the Hell of Magenta in Part 1. Suhong's Hell has a slightly more unusual setting, and he took the concept of the disappearing judge because he was a demon who could not be tried. In order to realize the infernal visuals that are crumbling or undergoing the process of extinction, the VFX team had to create a completely different space from the first part.

Is it CG? Is it a set? The production machine of 'Hyeon-dong's House' full of realism

Haewonmaek and Deokchun, who came down to this world under Yeomra's command, and Seongshin, the new face they meet in the second part, is the 'House of Hyeondong'. This is one of the most painstaking sets made by art director Lee Mok-won, the home of Hyeon-dong, the grandfather of Heo Chun-sam and his grandson Hyeon-dong, guarded by Seong-shin. For smooth filming, 'House of Hyeon-dong' was produced on an indoor set, but the art team had to take on numerous tasks to solve. Although it was indoors, a lot of lighting had to be used to naturally express the sunlight pouring in in broad daylight, and for this reason, the props and sets had to battle a delicate finish to make them look real. In order to preserve reality, the front of the house was made with finishing materials from the 70s and 80s that are not used now, and did not hesitate to make the wallpaper and floor boards by hand. In order to express the cracks in the old cement on the floor, the concrete was cured, constructed, and broken one by one, and the feeling of the floor of the old house was preserved. The texture of the roof of the house where Haewonmaek and Deokchun were often raised was also important, so I brought the tiles from the old house and reflected it on the set. We also made it possible to withdraw all the walls to facilitate shooting action scenes taking place inside the house. Despite the fact that the walls and ceilings on all sides can be easily detached and attached, the set that embodies the perfect realism that is not visible from the outside is excellent enough to be called 'the best result made with delicacy and persistence'.

The northern snowfields of the past couldn't be more vivid than this!

In <Along with the Gods – Causal and Kite>, you can meet another new landscape. It is the northern snowfield, the setting in the past of the underworld. To realize this space, the VFX team had to go through as many data collection processes as the underworld. The VFX team heavily referenced real Norwegian snow. Elements such as coniferous forests and high mountain ranges were exotic and well suited to the time-set of a thousand years ago. Here, the mist that makes you feel the chill of the snowy field is used to double the mysterious feeling. Not only that, but each and every breath of those who traverse the snowy field is handcrafted to bring out the realism. It is the art team that added a treasury to this to keep it alive. In the indoor set scene, snow and ice, frozen stones and trees were handcrafted to create an incredible space. Thanks to the hard work of the production team who did not miss even a single detail, the scenes from the past 1,000 years ago in <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite> arouse viewers' admiration.

Another fun to see the changed clothes, the incarnate god is different from the costume!

Haewonmaek and Deokchun, who will travel through the world in Part 2, have unique outfits. Those who embodied in human form in this life differed from those of the otherworldly in a style that was markedly different from that of the underworld. Haewonmaek melts his unique wit into his outfit with a white shirt and suspenders, and presents a different kind of pleasure by matching various jumpsuits that exude freedom. Deokchun's warmth is conveyed through her clothes. From the apricot-colored blouse to the warm-textured red knit, he chose red colors to melt Deokchun's gentle personality into the outfit. In addition, cute items such as blue suspenders made use of the cuteness of the youngest Chasa. A sense of humor was added to Sungshin's costume. Throughout the movie, he shows off his unpredictable fashion sense, wearing a green striped sleeveless t-shirt to show off his big forearms, and even appearing in a bathrobe inside the house to give him a laugh. It will be another fun to see the new costumes that represent the character's personality well.

This is my first time seeing this! Kangrim, Haewonmaek, and Deokchun went to the past!

The underworld samchasa who has gone to the past attracts attention with an unfamiliar appearance. As the best general of Goryeo, he shows his bravery with his armor and helmet, showing a completely different charm of reversal from the one he saw in the underworld. Haewonmaek is a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty, with long hair hanging down, which is quite different from the underworld. He is active in the northern snowfields and is dressed in layers of cloth, and he made the costume with a material with a texture that is easy to swing a sword freely. In particular, the white fur scarf, which is also related to Haewonmaek's past nickname, enhances his presence. Deokchun of the Yeojin tribe gave a different look to Deokchun in the underworld with a long braided hair style, and matched the color of warmth that reflects her personality with the clothes, giving the character of Deokchun who has a good heart from the past. The features were properly preserved. In line with the northern background, attention was paid to small items such as fur hats and armpits. The Samchasa of the Underworld, which we are familiar with, will show a completely different face, and the Samchasa of the past 1,000 years ago will deliver a different attraction to the audience.

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