(Korean Movies) All About My Wife, 2012

All About My Wife, 2012

All About My Wife, 2012
Audience over 15
running time
121 minutes
cumulative audience
4598985 people
4th Film of the Year Awards 2013
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she was the best! Until you open your mouth… !
Pretty and lovely looks, perfect cooking skills, and sometimes even sexy. Jung-in (Lim Soo-jung) is the best woman who has everything in the eyes of others. However, for her husband Doo-hyeon (Lee Seon-gyun), each and every day of her married life is to die for due to the complaints and slurs pouring out when she opens her mouth. Doo-hyeon is a timid husband who decides to divorce hundreds of times every day, but can't even bring up the 'Lee' character of divorce because he is afraid of his wife. There is only one way to break up with such a wife. Making her leave Doohyun first!

please… Seduce my wife!
Doo-hyeon falls into despair because of Jeong-in, who chooses only the things her wife hates and tries to rebel, but she doesn't even open her eyes. However, Doo-hyeon meets the legendary Casanova Seong-gi (Ryu Seung-ryong) who has the extraordinary ability to turn any woman into a slave to love, and gets a golden opportunity! Now that he has announced his retirement and has chosen a life of seclusion, Doo-hyeon asks him to seduce Jeong-in as the last woman to make the best of Casanova's life…

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Does love and marriage have an expiration date?
A delightful comic romance about a breakup that is more difficult than love

The biggest topic about love is 'How can I capture the opposite sex? How can I have an eternal and perfect love?', so most Korean romance films have focused on romantically portraying the process of a man and a woman falling in love, starting with the meeting. However, <All About My Wife> boldly skips the process of dating, which is the core of romance, and solves love and romance from a new perspective with a differentiated topic, 'How can we break up most perfectly?' it's a movie
Starting with a fateful meeting between a man and a woman who fell in love at first sight in a foreign country, <All About My Wife> leads to the daily life after marriage, which is soon tired of not getting used to each other, overturning the planned formula of a romance movie. Therefore, <All About My Wife> unfolds in a fresh way that raises the question of why the woman has changed like this, or whether a man can really break up with this woman, not how they ended up getting married. A wife who constantly complains and swears, and a husband who, afraid of her, can't even bring up the word divorce, and makes a bold request to his neighbor Casanova to seduce his wife. <All About My Wife>, a witty story of a husband dreaming of a perfect breakup, and Casanova's provocative temptation, is a differentiated romance about love and romance that has a more difficult end than the beginning, providing fresh fun and consensus. do.
<All About My Wife> tells the story of what is the most perfect way to end love with an unexpected hidden card called 'Temptation'. The breakup project <All About My Wife>, which adds sensuous comic lines and an exquisite ensemble created by three strong male and female characters, will captivate the audience with the comical provocation of 2012.

hot? have fun!
A sympathetic comedy romance is coming!

After the pod that makes the world look beautiful because of the person you love, what follows like fate is conflicts and quarrels stemming from differences in personality, the other person's shortcomings, and minor mistakes. Since love in real life cannot be perfect, many people think about breaking up, and sometimes how to break up, even during dating or even after marriage.
<All About My Wife> is a witty setting that tells the story of a man struggling to escape from his wife, who has run out of fantasies about love in the 7th year of marriage and only sees his shortcomings. do. Jung-in, the worst wife of a woman who is still attractive to others, but is venomous when she opens her mouth to her husband, and Doo-hyeon, a well-known architect but becomes very timid when she comes home. to stimulate consensus. In the end, the exciting process of introducing Casanova and unfolding a strategy for a perfect breakup without his wife's knowledge causes laughter with unexpected developments, and the relationship between Doo-hyeon and Jeong-in, which changes little by little as they are stimulated by Casanova's endless activities It adds a sense of realism to the story with sympathetic psychological descriptions.
<All About My Wife>, a comic romance that wittily digs into the process of breakup that everyone has experienced at least once, and the other side of an eternal love. It will captivate a wide audience with a sympathetic comic romance that you can enjoy while watching and listening to your own story.

Objective specs are perfect! Worst wife for her husband
A timid husband who dreams of breaking up every moment
The legendary Casanova who doesn't know what love is, but knows all too well about temptation
A provocative seduction project created by characters with different intentions!

The most decisive role in enjoying the differentiated fun and empathy of the movie <All About My Wife> is the character of three men and women with different inner feelings for each other. From her beautiful appearance, perfect body, and splendid cooking skills to objective specifications, she is the best woman 'Jeong-in'. She leads the center of the play by giving her unpredictable charm as the worst wife who is embarrassed and tired to her husband due to her unassuming personality.
On the outside, he is a talented architect, but his timid husband 'Doo-hyun', who is afraid of his wife who will explode if he touches him, can't even say the word of divorce. It stimulates the sympathy of men with the appearance. In addition, the legendary Casanova 'Sung-gi', who doesn't know what love is but knows all too well about seduction, receives Doo-hyeon's absurd request to seduce his wife, and selects Jeong-in as the last woman to retire to the peak of the fire, predicting it with a sophisticated strategy and high-level seduction technique. Delivers an indescribable smile. The provocative story exquisitely crafted by the three characters with completely different thoughts about the other party will provide a wealth of fun and laughter in conjunction with the different subject matter of the breakup project.

Im Soo-jung wearing 'Provoking' after taking off 'Lovely'!
Hit maker Lee Sun-kyun and charismatic actor Ryu Seung-ryong!
Fantastic acting ensemble of Korea's representative actors!

Starting with <Janghwa, Hongryeon>, she has shown a wide spectrum of acting in various genres, from dramas [Sorry, I love you] to <I'm a Cyborg, but It's Okay> <Happiness> <Woochi Jeon>, and <Finding Kim Jong-wook> as a representative actress of Chungmuro. Im Soo-jung, established. Im Soo-jung, who has mainly shown a lovely and mysterious appearance in her previous works, seeks a radical acting transformation that overturns the existing image through <All About My Wife>. Im Soo-jung, who perfectly digested the three-dimensional character 'Jeong-in', who changes in an instant while exuding a lovely charm to the maximum, is expected to present a different charm with a provocative and mature appearance that has not been seen before. In addition, following the dramas [Coffee Prince 1st Store] and [Pasta], from the dramas [Coffee Prince], to <Bad Romance> and recently to <The Car>, actor Lee Seon-gyun, who has established himself as a box-office actor by captivating women's hearts with his outstanding emotional acting in every work he appears in, is infinitely withdrawn in front of his wife. De turned into a timid husband. Lee Seon-gyun, who wants to break up, but is not able to express himself once, and is worried that he will touch his wife's heart, stimulates empathy with his cute yet realistic charm.
Here, Ryu Seung-ryong, who has solidified his position as a box-office actor with <The Last Weapon Bow>, takes off his intense charisma and returns to Casanova, which captures women's hearts, and shows another charm. Ryu Seung-ryong, who plays the role of Casanova with a fatal charm that turns any woman into a slave to love at once, is a unique comic character that is hard to find in the history of Korean cinema with a unique charm that adds subtlety in masculine and serious acting. was born The splendid and daring transformation of the three actors, Sujeong Lim, Seonkyun Lee, and Seungryong Ryu, representing Chungmuro, who have both acting and box office power, and the delightful ensemble they created will double the spectacle and fun of the play.

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