(Korean Movies) A Werewolf Boy, 2012

A Werewolf Boy, 2012

A Werewolf Boy, 2012
Audience over 15
running time
125 minutes
cumulative audience
6655294 people
50th Daejong Film Festival 2013


Body temperature 46 degrees, blood type unreadable…
Werewolf Boy, a dangerous existence that should not exist in the world, falls in love with fate!

A girl who moves to a secluded village with her family for recuperation finds a mysterious werewolf boy hiding in the dark. A girl who is somehow moved by a boy who shows unhuman behavior with wild eyes teaches the boy how to live in the world one by one, such as how to wait for something to eat, how to wear clothes, and how to read and write. A boy who develops affection for the girl who reached out to him for the first time in his life. Then, one day, in an unexpected crisis, the boy's hidden dangerous nature is revealed, and the boy becomes a target of fear and fear by the villagers in an instant… …


“A Werewolf Boy is an emotional fantasy.
Showing 'love' that seems impossible in this world
It is the fantasy of this movie.”

Occasionally, you experience emotional moments when you own a dog.
When their masters have decorated them nicely, or when they are humble, when they succeed or when they fail…
all looking at us What the hell are they looking at us?
Maybe they have the superpower to see our souls?

Even though people have the ability to see souls like these, they turn away or turn away.
I thought maybe it was something I couldn't really see.

In those days when we were as innocent as animals, our communion was powerful.
It was a 'real thing' that didn't get cut by my own grass for fear of getting hurt.
But as they got smarter, they seem to have lost their ability to see souls.
Instead of looking at the soul, I was looking forward too much and thinking too much.

The fantasy in <A Werewolf Boy> is a fantasy of emotions rather than a fantasy of what is seen.
It is the fantasy of this film that shows 'love' that is unlikely to exist in this world.

I hope the audience will be able to see through the sympathy and love between the two sincere people in this film.
I want to witness the humanity that is hard to find in humans anymore.

And I want you to miss something that you had through this movie.
The days I miss, the people I miss… All the things I miss that I don't have in my hands anymore.

And it is a story about myself in those days that I miss so much.

-Director Cho Sung-hee-


Transformation into the most powerful character in Korean film history
Song Joong-ki becomes 'A Werewolf Boy'!

The intense character 'Werewolf Boy', which is presented for the first time in Korean film history, has a body temperature of 46 degrees and blood type cannot be read… A dangerous existence that should not exist in the world. 'Werewolf Boy', who has not mastered human language and behavior, is wild and wild, but deep in his soul, he is a very soft and pure character. Actor Song Joong-ki, who plays the role of 'A Werewolf Boy' with a strong presence, is performing excellently across the screen and CRT. Through <A Werewolf Boy>, he foretells the most radical acting transformation since his debut.
Song Joong-ki, who received favorable reviews for his short but strong impression as 'Gu Yong-hwa', the best playboy student in Joseon in the drama [Sungkyunkwan Scandal] and as 'Ido', a struggling young Sejong in the drama [Deep Rooted Tree] Through 'Dark Middle Age', he is nicknamed 'Dark Junggi' by viewers and is progressing from a handsome star to an acting actor. The movie <A Werewolf Boy>, which is expected to transform Song Joong-ki, who has both acting skills and stardom, is expected to show a wild and masculine charm that is 180 degrees different from the sophisticated and intelligent image he has shown. Before filming, Song Joong-ki personally visited the zoo, observed and studied the movements of animals, as well as devoted himself to animal mime practice. Song Joong-ki said, "In order to play 'Wolf Boy', who has not learned human language, I had to express all my emotions with only eyes, facial expressions, gestures, and breathing. The challenge in <A Werewolf Boy> was a valuable experience that broadened the scope of acting, and I am proud of it because it is a different role that no one has tried.” The audience will meet the joy of discovering the unique charm of Song Joong-ki, who showed a radical transformation through <A Werewolf Boy>.

A romantic meeting between Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young, Korea's representative youth stars!
Fall 2012, the most intense emotional drama that shakes the heart

Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young, the representative youth stars of Korea, met. Body temperature of 46 degrees, blood type cannot be read… In <A Werewolf Boy>, which depicts the fateful meeting of a 'wolf boy', a dangerous existence that should not exist in the world, and a lonely 'girl' who has closed her heart to the world . In particular, the two have been gathering anticipation from the audience as the best combination since the casting was announced because of their similar looks. Song Joong-ki took on the role of 'Wolf Boy', who had to live alone in the wild, abandoned by the world, and underwent a radical transformation. The three-dimensional character that gradually changes through the process of sympathy is expressed through restrained emotional acting, and is expected to shake the hearts of the audience. In particular, Song Joong-ki, who had to convey his emotions without dialogue, and Park Bo-young, who had to capture emotions only with his opponent's actions and eyes, took care of each other and showed the best acting breathing. Director Jo Sung-hee said, "Behind the camera, he was full of playfulness, but when filming started, he was terribly immersed and became 'Wolf Boy' and 'Girl'." Song Joong-ki, who shows off his rough and masculine charm, and Park Bo-young's acting ensemble, who has returned to a more mature image after taking off his old image, will catch the audience's attention and announce the birth of the most attractive couple in the fall of 2012.

that all generations can relate to
You will find only one love!

While the number of movies that all generations can watch together is decreasing in the theater district where provocative movies are pouring in like a flood, <A Werewolf Boy> is not only a fantasy about eternal love, but also a happy family by reaching out to 'A Werewolf Boy'. It is planned to arouse the sympathy of the audience by portraying the stories of the people who become people with warm Korean emotions. Director Jo Sung-hee, who is making his first commercial film debut with a film with a different sensibility from his previous works <Sisters' House> and <The End of the Beast>, said, "It is a movie that will be fun to watch with parents, and it is a movie that more audiences can easily and comfortably watch. I wanted to make a movie,” he said. “Looking back on my innocent days, I don’t fear getting hurt in dealing with people, but I think I had pure communion with the soul of the other person. The two people who seem impossible for the audience to coexist, like director Jo Seong-hee's wish, "The film was made with the hope that the audience can recover the memories of a moment of innocence through the sympathy and love between the two sincere people in this movie." You will be able to feel the heartbreaking sensibility of eternal love that will never exist in the world through the unfeigned rapport between 'A Werewolf Boy' and 'Girl'. The girl's mother, who takes care of and warmly takes care of the unfamiliar 'Werewolf Boy' as her family, and the girl's younger sister 'Sunja' and the villagers who have become friends with the 'Werewolf Boy' who is unfamiliar with everything… <A Werewolf Boy> is expected to stimulate the longing and excitement that each audience will hold in their hearts.

37th Toronto International Film Festival
31st Vancouver International Film Festival
The 17th Busan International Film Festival
Successive love calls from leading film festivals around the world!

The material that seemed to be exclusive to Hollywood was reborn with a Korean sensibility. Director Jo Sung-hee, who created the character of 'A Werewolf Boy' who is the most dangerous being in the world but has a purer image than anyone else. Director Cho Sung-hee, who was invited to the world's leading film festivals for the films <Siblings' House> and <The End of the Beast>, produced as graduation films from the Korean Academy of Film Arts, has received attention for her rich imagination, excellent planning, and sensuous directing. His first commercial film debut <A Werewolf Boy> presents an emotional drama dealing with the pure sympathy between a 'boy' and a 'girl' along with a strong character called 'a wolf boy' with the unique personality of the previous work. Prior to its release, <A Werewolf Boy> was officially invited to the 37th Toronto International Film Festival's Contemporary World Cinema section, the 31st Vancouver International Film Festival's Dragon Tiger section, and the 17th Busan International Film Festival open cinema section, and its work quality is also being recognized. . In particular, at the Toronto International Film Festival, which was held as a world premiere, it drew attention, drawing favorable reviews saying that 'As a director that has been noticed by various international film festivals, you can glimpse the unique imagination of director Jo Sung-hee'. Audiences who first watched <A Werewolf Boy> at the film festival saw the world premiere of <A Werewolf Boy> through SNS. The best movie of the year!'_@MPozitive, '<A Werewolf Boy> was the best movie I've ever seen. I cried a lot.'_@hakariyama, 'I've never easily praised Korean movies, but <A Werewolf Boy> was perfect!'_@jakkurai, 'If you get a chance, watch <A Werewolf Boy>! It's really really good!!!'_@onceyoukpop, raising the expectations of the audience waiting for the release.

'Wolf Boy' and 'Girl' who communicate with the world through each other
Meet the purest emotional fantasy!

'Werewolf Boy', who has lived completely alone, separated from the world, appears in front of the 'girl' family for the first time. Tousled hair, torn clothes, untrimmed nails… It is the girl and her family who first approached the wild Werewolf Boy, who must be human, but cannot be approached easily. The girl's family, who accepts an unidentified 'Wolf Boy' as a family, washes him, gives him warm food, clothes, and a room where he can relax, and accepts him as a family. The 'girl', who has closed the door of her heart to the world, is dissatisfied with the appearance of an unfamiliar 'boy', but finds an infinitely pure figure in a wild and wild boy and begins to slowly open her heart. 'Girl' teaches the 'Wolf Boy' who can't say a word how to live in the world one by one, such as how to wait, how to eat, how to brush teeth, and how to tie shoelaces. Goes. Two people who came out of the world through each other… Director Jo Sung-hee introduced that 'Girl' is a three-dimensional character that has a dark side but has love and warmth in her heart, and 'A Werewolf Boy' is a rough and sharp figure that is not tamed by the world, but deep inside is a pure existence more than anyone else. By defining <A Werewolf Boy> as an “emotional fantasy”, we tried to portray the purest sympathy between people beyond simple love.


Unprecedented character in Korean film history
The story behind the birth of 'A Werewolf Boy'

The first character 'A Werewolf Boy' that did not exist in a Korean movie. Song Joong-ki, who played 'Wolf Boy' as well as a special make-up team, was especially important in order to have the perfect 'Wolf Boy' from appearance to eyes and actions. Song Joong-ki, who said that there was a sense of pressure at first because it was the first character to be attempted, followed a thorough schedule to perfectly express the character, as well as mime and breathing training, as well as visiting the zoo, watching the wolf's movements, and talking with the trainer to learn the wolf's habits. went out At the time of his visit to the zoo, he fed the wolves and observed them carefully, reflected in the scene where he ate food in the movie, and expressed realistic movements enough to surprise the viewers. Lee Jun-hyeok (the 'police' in the play), who was in charge of mime training for Song Joong-ki prior to filming, said, "Song Joong-ki learns very actively and learns quickly." Director Jo Sung-hee also did not need to make any special requests for Song Joong-ki's acting, and Song Joong-ki's excellent athleticism and delicate expressiveness allowed him to film even scenes that were initially considered to be replaced by CG work. In addition, after mime training, Song Joong-ki looked at the works recommended by director Jo Sung-hee, applied what he had learned with his body, and expressed himself with his body, showing that he was completely immersed in the character.
If Song Joong-ki expressed 'A Werewolf Boy' with only his body and eyes as it is a character without lines, the special makeup team worked hard to complete the external appearance of 'Wolf Boy' with director Jo Sung-hee. Director Jo Seong-hee and the staff put a lot of time and effort into the special makeup because if you overdo it, you look like a monster, and if you don't, you can't bring out the werewolf's characteristics well. Based on the original character sketch drawn by director Jo Sung-hee, the special makeup team found the right line after several trials and errors, and completed the appearance of the Werewolf Boy. Face makeup, special teeth, colored lenses, as well as hands and feet… It took about 3 hours for actor Song Joong-ki to transform into 'A Werewolf Boy' once. It was said that it took a lot of time and required patience for both actors and staff. In this way, the character 'Wolf Boy', completed after the hard work of the actors and all the staff, will be remembered by the audience as the most powerful character in Korean film history.

The song 'Girl' sung by Park Bo-young himself
Emotional OST that will color the hearts of the audience

The OST video of 'A Werewolf Boy' sung by Park Bo-young, which was recently released on a portal site, captured the emotions of the 'girl' in the movie and made many people flutter. Music director Shim Hyeon-jeong, who created unforgettable film music such as <Old Boy>, <Everyone Has Secrets>, <That Summer> and <The Mister>, created a clear and clean melody in <A Werewolf Boy> as if representing the feelings of a 'girl'. . Director Jo Seong-hee, who said that he wrote the lyrics in advance from the screenplay stage, said he was inspired by the insert song 'Candy Tree' in the movie 'The Life of Matsuko Disgusting' and the last poem 'Song of Annes' from director Chang-dong Lee's movie 'Poetry'. He said, “Unlike a tragic life, I wanted to contain the lyrics of a ‘girl’ who dreams of a dreamy romance even if it doesn’t come true like the sad song ‘Candy Tree’ because the lyrics are so sweet. Also, the fact that 'Anes's Song' in the movie <Poetry> also speaks a precious value in contrast with reality felt beautiful and inspired me,” he said. The song, completed in collaboration between music director Shim Hyeon-jung and director Jo Seong-hee, was brought to life only when Park Bo-young's clear and pure voice was applied. Park Bo-young, who showed off her excellent guitar playing and singing skills in the movie <Speeding Scandal>, is expected to captivate the audience once again through <A Werewolf Boy>. What director Jo Sung-hee asked of Park Bo-young was the naturalness of a girl. In particular, in the movie, the trembling voice of the 'girl' who sings her song in front of the Werewolf Boy for the first time and the clumsy guitar playing harmonize with the beautiful video, creating a scene that will thrill the hearts of the audience.

Delicately created, sensual and dreamy
A space between 'Wolf Boy' and 'Girl'!

Director Cho Sung-hee exquisitely created a mixed cinematic space and characters by intersecting lines that combined reality and fantasy, delicate facial expressions, and mise-en-scène through his previous work <Sisters and Sisters' House>. His first commercial film <A Werewolf Boy> also doubles the sensibility of the film by delicately and sensibly depicting not only the characters, but also the space and historical backgrounds of 'Wolf Boy' and 'Girl'. <A Werewolf Boy> is set in the 1960s, but rather than focusing on historical evidence, it focuses on creating nostalgia with a familiar appearance to the audience and at the same time showing the difference between the present and other exotic appearances. The art and costumes of <A Werewolf Boy> were made in consideration of the film's historical background, the character's personality, and the emotional influence of the film. There are no fancy costumes like in other movies, but this allowed the actors to immerse themselves in their characters more and became a factor for the audience to feel and communicate together. Besides the costumes, finding the atmosphere of the past and the space where the two of them are together was also a big task for <A Werewolf Boy>. The production crew conducted location hunting for about 5 months prior to filming to find the space of 'Wolf Boy' and 'Girl', which was retro and dreamy, and realistic and unreal, and this continued continuously during filming. The old buildings and places are registered as cultural assets, so it is difficult to get permission to shoot, and because of the historical background of the movie, artificial structures were not allowed to be caught by the camera, so there were many difficulties in the site hunting process. Despite these difficult conditions, after traveling around the country looking for places, we found the best places to revive the atmosphere of the movie 100%. After filming all over the country, such as Pigeonang Falls in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, Cypress Forest in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do, the funeral home in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, and Mulyeongari Oreum in Jeju-do, I was able to complete a beautiful, timeless video of <A Werewolf Boy>. Efforts to create the best scenes like this will provide the audience with the fun of discovering Korea's hidden attractions in <A Werewolf Boy>.

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