(Korean Movies) A night before the wedding, 2013

A night before the wedding, 2013

A night before the wedding, 2013
Audience over 15
running time
118 minutes
cumulative audience
1214839 people


7 days before marriage
The happiest moment of my life
They started shaking!

“Your past drives me crazy!” _Past couple Taegyu & Jooyoung
Former baseball player Tae-gyu (Kim Kang-woo) and urologist Joo-yeong (Kim Hyo-jin) meet again after breaking up.
A week before the wedding, they get to know each other's shocking past?!

“Are we in love?” _Kwontae man and woman Woncheol & Somi
7 years of dating, star chef Won-cheol (Ok Taecyeon) and nail artist So-mi (Lee Yeon-hee)
Why are we getting married? Because we've been dating for a long time!

“I’m afraid of the night with her…” _ Kukje Kunho & Bika
Geon-ho (Ma Dong-seok), an old bachelor of a pure florist, and Vika (Gujal), a beautiful woman from Ukraine.
What hinders the love of two people who transcend borders and age? An abnormal symptom came to Geon-ho's body!

“Never marry this!” _ Collision men and women in uniforms & Ira
From meeting to marriage, ‘Papa Girl’ Ira (Ko Jun-hee) and ‘Mamaboy’ Daebok (Lee Hee-jun) are progressing at LTE speed.
But marriage is real! Wedding preparations, honeymoon trips, religion, and even family matters are so different!


“I want to run away like this” _Kyungsu & Somi
So-mi (Lee Yeon-hee), who joins the women's group tour by mistake by a travel agency, and Gyeong-su (Ju Ji-hoon), a travel guide to Jeju Island, are arguing.
A week before the wedding, led by fateful love!

Will they be able to overcome Mary's Blue and get married safely?


Marriage is happy! My marriage is unhappy?!

70% of newly married people
I experienced 'Marriage Blue' 1-2 months before the wedding!
(2004 Japanese marriage consulting company)

What is 'Marriage blue'? It is a psychological phenomenon experienced by men and women who have decided to get married, and it means that they suffer from depression before marriage as they intersect with anxiety about the future after marriage and regret about the past.

* Marriage blue symptoms

1. Depression that comes from time to time
At the same time as you get married, you feel the anxiety of losing yourself and the vague fear of the future.
The burden of housework and child-rearing, and the invisible conflict between the father-in-law, etc. maximize the feeling of depression.

2. The degree of suspicion of the other person increases.
They become more curious about the other person's past or things they are hiding.
As the degree of suspicion increases, doubts about marriage arise.

3. Decreased thinking and concentration and suffering from judgmental difficulties.
Unlike the dating period, stress caused by problems such as personality differences, economic differences, and living environment differences found in the process of preparing for marriage causes judgment difficulties.
Conflicts with both parents can also cause anxiety.

4. Uncertainty about your loved one
Unlike the dating period, when we met in a somewhat wrapped form, it is caused by the limitations of suddenly accepting each other's true appearance.
As the differences from style to emotional differences are clearly revealed, conflicts of opinion over matters such as the size and cost of the wedding ceremony, ceremonial venue, officiating ceremony, catering, guest gifts, and wedding invitations are frequent and conflicts arise. Shake it up to
You may feel disappointed and betrayed by the unfamiliar insistence or coercion of your marriage partner, who seemed to always stand by your side and care for you.


There has never been a casting like this in the history of Korean Rocco!
Kang-Woo Kim – Hyo-Jin Kim, Yeon-Hee Lee – Taecyeon Ok, Dong-Seok Ma-Goo-Jal, Hee-Jun Lee-Jun-Hee Ko and Jun-Hee Ju Ji-Hoon!

In 2013, <The Eve of Marriage>, which depicts the breathtaking marriage blue of 4 couples 7 days before their wedding, drew the attention of the audience with the most luxurious cast in Rocco history (Kim Kang-woo-Kim Hyo-jin, Lee Yeon-hee-Ok Taecyeon, Ma Dong-seok-Gujal, Lee Hee-jun-Go Jun-hee and Ju Ji-hoon). are making

The couple Kim Kang-woo and Kim Hyo-jin meet again 12 years after their breakup in <The Night Before Marriage> and start a romantic act of chicken meat, but a week before their wedding, they find out about each other's past, and they panic and heighten the tension in the play. Lee Yeon-hee and Ok Taecyeon, who are hesitant to get married because they have been dating for 7 years, are no longer excited about their marriage. The real story of Lee Yeon-hee's inner conflict as she meets a new person, Ju Ji-hoon, as well as worries about unburned love that old lovers would have tried at least once. It draws the hearts of those who see it. The Ma Dong-seok-Gujal couple appears as an international couple in Korea and Uzbekistan these days when multicultural families are becoming more common. They revitalize the film by resolving misunderstandings and conflicts caused by differences in age and culture, a problem that most international couples are likely to face. Here, the couple Lee Hee-jun and Ko Jun-hee, who appear as 'Mama Boy' and 'Papa Girl', exudes a striking charm as a precarious couple who quarrel with each other due to differences in family environment and values during marriage preparation.

As such, it is expected that the unique and attractive characters presented by the nine actors who are considered to be the best of Korea will delight the eyes of the audience and bring out infinite sympathy as if they are watching their own story.

<The Most Beautiful Week of My Life> <Finding Kim Jong-wook> <All About My Wife>
The thirteenth work of the romantic comedy famous singer Sufilm!

Sufilm, who is called the 'masterpiece of romantic comedy (hereafter loco)' in Korea with works such as <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life>, <Finding Kim Jong-wook> and <All About My Wife>, chose <The Night Before Marriage> as the thirteenth work.
Sufilm has captured the hearts of audiences of all ages with <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life> (2005), which tells the story of seven couples with different stories from the first love of a child to the love of a middle-aged woman for a week. began to attract attention. Sufilm, who continued the myth of invincibility of the rom-com through novel changes and trials that mobilized more than 1 million audiences with <Finding Kim Jong-wook> (2010), a movie adaptation of a popular musical, broke away from the clichéd subject matter. The romantic comedy <All About My Wife>, which contains episodes in which a husband visits Casanova and asks him to seduce his wife, has mobilized more than 4.6 million viewers and established itself as a self-proclaimed Rocco house. In 2013, Sufilm’s thirteenth choice, “The Night Before Marriage” is one of the biggest concerns of unmarried men and women in Korea, and once again the story of undefeated Rocco through a different topic called Marriage Blue, which comes seven days before marriage, is the topic of interest. will continue

2PM's Ok Taecyeon wrote and composed the lyrics.
<The Night Before Marriage> OST sung by the actors themselves!
A fresh and lively love song completed with the beautiful harmony of 9 actors!

The OST 'The Night Before Marriage', written and composed by Ok Taecyeon, who plays star chef Woncheol, will be presented to the audience. Ok Taecyeon showed extraordinary enthusiasm for the movie <The Night Before Marriage>, which took on the first screen challenge while writing and composing the lyrics for the OST. 'The Night Before Marriage' contains the thrilling hearts of the couples in the movie and the conflicting content that makes the hearts of the listeners pound. Here, the 9 main actors (Kim Kang-woo – Kim Hyo-jin, Lee Yeon-hee – Ok Taec-yeon, Ma Dong-seok – Gu-jal, Lee Hee-jun – Ko Jun-hee, and Ju Ji-hoon) all participated in the song. It will provide another pleasure to you.

.* The Night Before The Wedding OST – The Night Before The Wedding

Verse 1) oh my love, on one knee, I swear
Even after time passes, I will love you
I'll answer oh my love Yes
Even after time passes, I will only love you

I don't want to let you go late in the evening
You just smile at me when you say it
I want to spend every morning with that smile
Now I'll tell you, marry me

Say yea yea yea yea I want to hear your answer
I don't want to hear the answer no no no no

Verse 2) oh my love, on one knee, I swear
Even after time passes, I will love you
I'll answer oh my love Yes
Even after time passes, I will only love you

The meeting of the two of us starting anew
Sometimes it will be hard
But now I've realized
that you are my everything

Say yea yea yea yea I want to answer
I don't want to answer no no no no
I love you, I love you, I love you only
I love you, I love you, I will only love you
I love you, I love you, I will only love you


The production team of <All About My Wife> agrees!
In 2013, a new history of Rocco box office begins!

<Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Antique> <All About My Wife> Art Overview
<Finding Kim Jong-wook> <All About My Wife> Edited by Kim Seon-min
<A Werewolf Boy> <All About My Wife> Sound Design Gong Tae-won

The production team of <All About My Wife>, which rewritten the history of roco box office history by ranking first in the 2012 romantic comedy box office rankings, once again worked together for <The Eve of Marriage> in 2013. Art director Jeon Gyeong-ran, who captivated the audience with a beautiful mise-en-scène that made use of details through <Seoyanggol Oriental Sweets Shop Antique> and <All About My Wife>, is the perfect fit for couples with different personalities and situations in <The Eve of Marriage>. By composing the space with custom props, it not only realizes the beautiful visual beauty, but also enriches the story of the movie and catches the eyes of the audience. Editorial director Kim Seon-min of <Secretly, Greatly> <Banchangko> <Finding Kim Jong-wook> and <All About My Wife> is a veteran who has won editorial awards at major domestic and foreign film festivals, and performed a multi-plot of 4 couples in <The Eve of Marriage>. On the one hand, it seamlessly connects to a movie, demonstrating its excellent ability to complete the dramatic fun of the movie.
Gong Tae-won, sound designer of <All About My Wife>, <A Werewolf Boy> and <Love Fiction>, in <The Eve of Marriage>, expressed the love and anxieties between couples with a popping emotional sound, increasing the immersion of the play and pleasing the ears of the audience. are doing
In addition to this, the movie <The Night Before Marriage>, which gathered the best talented staff who have worked with Sufilm, such as producers, assistant directors, costumes, makeup, photography, music, sets, and CG, is a romantic comedy hit in 2013 following <All About My Wife> The anticipation of the audience is rising as it is foretelling the first place in the rankings.

Reliable support shooting from the leading actors and supporting actors!
Veteran middle-aged actors Kim Ji-young and Jang Kwang's harsh Sea World VS Chega World!
Exploding supporting actors Oh Nara, Lee Mi-do and a special appearance by Kim Kwang-gyu!

Kim Kang-woo, Kim Hyo-jin, Lee Yeon-hee, Ok Taec-yeon, Ma Dong-seok, Gujal Lee Hee-jun, Ko Jun-hee, and Ju Ji-hoon. In <The Eve of Marriage>, which drew attention with the strongest casting in Korean romantic comedy history, a large number of high-quality supporting actors appeared and started to shoot with strong support. Veteran, middle-aged actors Kim Ji-young and Jang Kwang are confronted with realistic marriage preparations such as religion, coma, and family problems, respectively, and collide with SeaWorld, the main trigger for the conflict between 'Mama Boy' Dae-bok (Lee Hee-jun) and 'Papagirl' Ira (Go Jun-hee). It is divided into Chega World. Kim Ji-young, the representative mother-in-law of Korea, who is doing a great job crossing the cathode ray tube and the screen, also played the role of a mother-in-law who can't stop her by recommending an amulet to the pastor's daughter Ira (Ko Jun-hee) in <The Eve of Marriage>. > Jang Gwang, who is showing his presence with his heavy acting skills through films such as >, will play the role of a pastor who forces his future son-in-law Dae-bok (Lee Hee-jun) to convert.
In addition, Lee Mi-do, who has been recognized for her acting skills in the role of licorice in every work, appears as a picky customer of wedding planner Ira (Go Jun-hee) and brings laughter, and Oh Na-ra, who is called the roco queen of the musical world, is the older sister of Dae-bok (Lee Hee-jun) and Tae-gyu. (Kim Kang-woo) and Joo-young (Kim Hyo-jin)'s high school classmates, and So-mi (Lee Yeon-hee)'s best sister, she plays an active role in connecting the four couples in <The Night Before Marriage>. And Kim Gwang-gyu, who has recently emerged as a popular entertainment trend, makes a special appearance and gives unexpected laughter to the audience, playing the role of a 'scene stealer' in the movie.

Korea's leading star actors struggle for a movie!
Baseball Coach Kang-woo Kim
nail artist Yeonhee Lee
Urban Dance Heejun Lee
Chef Taecyeon Ok
Aquaist Gujal

The movie <The Night Before Marriage> is becoming a hot topic with the strongest casting in Rocco's history. The hard work for the roles of star actors is attracting attention. While enjoying the movie while immersed in the story of the four couples' infinite sympathy, the different appearances of the characters provide another fun to watch the movie.
Kim Kang-woo, who appears as 'Tae-gyu', a former baseball player and professional baseball coach, is a baseball fanatic who is active in a real celebrity baseball team [Gigis]. Lee Yeon-hee, who appeared as nail artist 'Somi' and participated in the Jeju Island nail art contest without her boyfriend 'Won-cheol' just before marriage, showed off her skills directly studied by Choi Kyung-hee, CEO of 'Choi Kyung-hee Pro Nail Academy' under the active support of the Korea Nail Association. He was praised by people for his beautiful drawing of a nail artist. Lee Hee-jun, who plays Dae-bok, who is preparing for a super-fast marriage with ‘Ira’ (Ko Jun-hee), took a one-on-one urban dance class at the Def Dance School for two months for the club dance battle and proposal scene where the two first met, and is as good as a pro dancer. He showed his unparalleled skills and received applause from the production team. Taecyeon Ok, who appears as the star chef Won-cheol, who specializes in fusion Korean cuisine, has revealed that he likes to cook, so he shows his skillful handwork with the help of professors from the Korea Hotel & Tourism College. Also, for the imaginary proposal scene, he learned magic directly from the magician Oh Hae-seok and completed the romantic proposal scene. In order to take on the role of an aquarist, Gujal, who plays 'Geon-ho' (Ma Dong-seok), an old bachelor at a flower shop, and 'Vika', who appears as an international couple, received the guidance of Kim Hee-jin, a professional aquarist J-PO, for two months to show off the beautiful little mermaid in the play. The actors' blood and sweat passion for the fun and perfection of the movie became the driving force to double the fun of the movie.

Are you comfortable with a romantic comedy filming set?
A filming site happening reminiscent of an action filming site!

As actor Ma Dong-seok said, “I came here comfortably because it was a romantic comedy, I rode a wire and went into the water and filmed it very hard.” It is not an exaggeration to say that Ma Dong-seok, who plays ‘Geon-ho’, an old bachelor of a flower shop, has to act in a water tank full of water while hanging on a wire for a fantastic dream scene with his lover ‘Vika’ (Gujal) in the play, so it is not an exaggeration to say that it is not a romantic comedy but a filming site for an action movie. The back door that a difficult filming was in progress. Kim Hyo-jin, who plays Joo-yeong, who always shows affection by ironing the shirt of her lover Tae-gyu (Kim Kang-woo) in the play, suffered a steam burn while ironing filming, but fortunately it was a light burn. Gujal, who plays the role of 'Vika', who has to move freely in the water because of his job as an aquarist, is stingray phobia that can't enter when a stingray approaches. These actors' unsparing efforts to enhance the film's perfection and maximize the fun, heralding the birth of a representative romantic comedy in 2013.

Where new love begins
Jeju Island, the best location to express your excitement!

7 days before their wedding, nail artist Somi (Lee Yeon-hee) visits Jeju Island for the last time before participating in a nail art contest without her fiance Won-cheol (Ok Taecyeon) telling her to quit her job after marriage. There, Jeju island travel guide 'Kyung-soo' (Ju Ji-hoon) and 'Somi' feel the fateful thrill. Jeju Island's attractions, which elevate their romantic feelings to the climax, provoke the urge to go there right away. Jeju Love Land, where 'Somi' shows off her nail art skills, and Yongyeon Gureumdari, where love between 'Kyungsu' and 'Somi' sprouts along with a wonderful night view, for aunts on a package trip who unexpectedly came together, but soon fell in love with them, Cheongnyang A green barley field with the same feeling, a hagwan farm where 'Kyung-soo's tangerine juggling makes a pleasant laugh, 'Kyung-su', who rode together for So-mi, who is afraid of words, and the Sinpung Equestrian Track, where the two's strange emotions are drawn. The splendid scenery of Jeju Island's attractions makes the fateful meeting of Somi and Kyungsoo even more dramatic.

Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam
Pre-sale in 7 countries overseas!
Common interests around the world! A hot reaction towards Mary Mary Blue 7 days before the wedding!

Korea's representative actors gathered in one place and the movie <The Night Before Marriage>, which is attracting attention for its luxurious casting in Rocco history, has already been sold overseas before the crank-in, and it is showing signs of a hit even before its release. <The Eve of Marriage>, which became a hot topic not only in Korea but also abroad with the strongest cast in Korean roco history, broke the existing precedent that romantic comedy films were difficult to export, and had already imported <Introduction to Architecture> and published <Western Gold and Oriental Confectionery Antique>. It was pre-sold to 'Showgate', a famous Japanese distribution company that distributed it, and realized the enthusiastic response in the overseas market. After that, it was additionally pre-sold to famous distributors in six overseas countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam, as well as pre-selling worldwide air tickets to 'Empasis', proving the high overseas interest in the film. In addition, the American Film Market (AFM), which will be held in early November, is also expected to achieve additional sales results, which is expected to further increase overseas export performance in the future.
Son Min-kyung, CEO of M-Line, who is in charge of overseas sales of <Eve of Marriage>, said, "The movie <Eve of Marriage>, which depicts the 'marriage blue' experienced by 4 couples a week before their wedding, is It has fascinated foreign buyers with the theme of the common interest of all countries that anyone who has ever imagined marriage can sympathize.” Interest is rising as to whether <The Eve of Marriage>, which has captured the hearts of people all over the world, will become a new box office myth in 2013 after its domestic release.

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