(Korean Movies) A Family, 2004

A Family, 2004

A Family, 2004
Audience over 15
running time
95 minutes
cumulative audience
1270581 people
2nd Max Movie Best Film Award 2005


"How are you? I'm going to let go now."

I have two family members. Dad and 10-year-old Park’s younger brother Junghwan… His mother died when Jeonghwan was four years old.
I didn't want to be my father's daughter from the beginning, to be born in this house.
While in prison, there was no freedom, but it was good to be freed from home.
However, when I think of Junghwan waiting for me, my heart flutters.
I have to go home, but the thing that bothers me the most is my father.

"Why did you come? When are you leaving?”

After 3 years, Jung Eun-yi is back. He couldn't even smile, let alone say hello. All I could say was, 'Why are you here?'
Still, I was worried that he wouldn't come home, but I'm relieved to come back in good health.
But a few days later, a guy named Changwon came and threatened me to pay back the money Jung Eun-i had borrowed.
I believed Jung Eun-i's words that it was a fresh start, but…

“It would be better than this if I had been an orphan, right?”

Dad is still Cut off contact with each other and go to sleep. Apparently, Changwon hyung went there.
I'm worried that I'll hurt Junghwan. But shouldn't you give me a chance?
Saying that I don't care what I do… If you think that you can control your child's life in the name of a father, you are mistaken.
If it wasn't for my dad in my life, I wouldn't be like this…

"get out! Go out and live your way!”

I hurt Jung Eun-i again with words I shouldn't have said.
I hope Jung-eun doesn't hang out with those dangerous guys… Why does that guy, he doesn't know my heart so much?
Will I be able to protect Jungeun and Junghwan from them?
I'm just ashamed of myself for not having any power. I'm sorry, Jung Eun-ah…

"dad… This is the last time…”

My father knelt in front of Changwon hyung for me.
However, it seems that Jeonghwan is not going to let go of his sexuality.
I can't watch it any longer. Because it all happened because of me…

Dad, I'm sorry…
I still have more to say… I don't think I'll be able to say that again.

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