(Korean Movies) A Bold Family, 2005

A Bold Family, 2005

A Bold Family, 2005
Audience over 12 years old
running time
102 minutes
cumulative audience
1305518 people


The beginning was really simple… I thought it would be easy to finish in just a few days!!

In front of his wife, whom he has lived with for decades, Kim No-in, who is only talking about his wife Taryeong, who he left behind in the North, is a displaced person whose wish is to meet the wife and daughter he left behind in the North. As usual, Kim, returning from submitting an application for contact with North Koreans to the Ministry of Unification, stumbles and rolls down the stairs to be hospitalized. In addition, the family found out that his father had a 5 billion miscarriage with terminal liver cancer! However, this property has a strange clause stating that it can be inherited only if it is unified. In order to protect his father's last wish and his legacy of 5 billion won, which was almost completely donated to the Ministry of Unification, the family produced a fake news program containing the discourse that 'unification was achieved' and showed it to his father before he died and made him believe the fake unification situation But the moment when the whole family is happy to see his father happy!

Can't get more twisted than this! Twisted and twisted situations!

Isn't Kim's illness, which had gotten worse as if he was about to die, miraculously improved with the lie that 'they were unified'? In addition, Kim No-in, who saw the fake Tongil Newspaper that was made up by the victim, said that he wanted to watch the 'North-South unified team table tennis tournament', so the family had to disassemble it as a table tennis player and capture the stadium on the camera. But the case is only the beginning! To make matters worse, after seeing a fake article stating that 'Pyongyang Arts Troupe is performing in Seoul,' No-in Kim begins to cry, 'I want to see a circus'. Since everything is a lie, there is no way there will be a circus performance. But now, if he says that everything is a lie, Kim will soon collapse. In addition, the situation becomes even more complicated when even the evil loan shark Park Sang-moo, who came to receive the debt Myeong-seok owed, sits down at his house. In the end, Myeong-seok enlisted Park Sang-moo and even participated in the unification play, including Chun-ja, who has a crush on Myeong-gyu, and directly performed the circus performance of the Pyongyang Arts Troupe. I'm running…

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