(Korean Movies) 26Years, 2012

26Years, 2012

26Years, 2012
Audience over 15
running time
135 minutes
cumulative audience
2963652 people
34th Golden Cinematography Awards 2014


May 1980… and 26 years later
Condemn the culprit 'that person'!

Gwangju defender middle boss Jinbae Kwak, national shooter Shim Mi-jin, Seodaemun police officer Kwon Jeong-hyeok, and the 2nd generation victim of the May 18 Democratization Movement gathered in one place. The proposal of Kim Gap-se, chairman of a security company conglomerate, and Kim Joo-an, his secretary, is a top-secret project that targets 'that person'!

Stage 1.
Start your first search! Jinbae provokes Yeonhui-dong with force provocation. However, the team breaks up when they learn that Kim Gap-se was a martial law force suppressing the citizens of Gwangju and that his father was killed by his bayonet.

Stage 2.
Mijin's solo action! Mi-jin jumps into 'that person''s car and fires at the Seodaemun intersection alone. One last shot, Mi-jin, who is injured by a gun that exploded at the moment of success, escapes with the help of Jin-bae, who runs late, but Jeong-hyeok is shocked and disappears.

Stage 3.
Operation started! A series of incidents reinforced Yeonhui-dong's private security personnel, and Joo-an succeeded in lobbying for 'That Person''s chief of staff, Chief Tak, and set a date for an exclusive interview with 'That Person'.

D-day 2006. 05. 18.
Finally that day! Mi-jin, who has secured the sniper position, Jin-bae and the party who will stop the police force, and Kim Gap-se and Joo-an use the chief of Tak-sil to pass the checkpoint and finally enter the Yeonhui-dong mansion.
Meanwhile, the reality of the assassination operation is revealed through the relentless pursuit of Chief Choi of Seodaemun Police Station, and the inside and outside of Yeonhui-dong is quickly suppressed at the command of Ma Sang-ryeol, the head of the bodyguard. The siege is narrowed even for Mi-jin, and Jeong-hyeok, who has disappeared, appears to stop the operation…

In an instant situation, will their business be successful?

[ About Movie ]

'A day that should never be forgotten'
May 18, 1980 Gwangju tragedy revived
A faction that adds bold imagination to historical facts

<26 Years> is about a gangster, a national shooter, an incumbent police officer, the head of a large corporation, and the head of a private security company related to the tragedy of Gwangju in May 1980. It is an action revenge drama that unfolds a strategy.
It does not stop at reproducing the pain of Gwangju that occurred in May 1980, but shifts the point of view to the 'present' 26 years after that, and the tragedy of that day is not a stuffed history, but the pain and wounds that are still continuing for the survivors. talk about the point In particular, it is an unconventional material that adds a bold imagination of condemning the 'person', the main culprit of the massacre, to historical facts.

The movie <26 Years> was born as a fun genre film that balances the original's entertainment elements and authenticity, unlike the faction films made based on existing historical materials.
The process of infiltrating into Yeonhui-dong Mansion, an impregnable fortress, treated with the utmost respect from the ex-president and receiving a hard-to-imagine security guard, delivers as much fun as any action thriller. It is filled with tense episodes as the main characters' elaborate and multi-layered assassination plans to break through the perfect guard unfold. In addition, it provides the ultimate fun as a genre film through a narrowing investigation network, frustrated assassination attempts, a crisis caused by conflicts and protruding actions within the team members, and an unpredictable ending until the last minute. Until Operation D-DAY, intense action, such as the development of a time-bomb-like situation, a crossroad city street shootout, a group duel in Yeonhui-dong, and a long-distance sniper scene, combine with the characters' stories and psychological changes to create emotional sympathy from the audience. do.

In addition, the ultimate goal is to become a film that provides healing of pain to those who have experienced the past, fun as an action revenge play, and a genuine emotion to the current audience.

A movie everyone made together
Introduced the production dure method for the first time in Korean cinema
Number of participants, cumulative amount Achieved unprecedented record figures worldwide

<26 Years> tried several times over the four years from 2008 to 2012, when it was first made, but it was often unsuccessful. There was concern that it would not be produced forever, but thanks to the earnest aspirations of many audiences, the introduction of 'Production Dure' led to its release. Production dure is a new production method in which the production cost is agreed upon through membership registration. It conveyed the significance of participation by reminding us that it is a breakthrough to change the structure of the Korean film industry, where films cannot be made without capital from large corporations, and that everyone makes films together through Dure.

Activities to raise funds for various art projects from the public are already active around the world, but <26 Years> is a very unusual attempt for a Korean commercial feature film. The production dure of the movie <26 Years>, which was held on the official website of <26 Years> (www.26years.co.kr) for a total of 4 months from June 25th to October 20th, 2012, drew national interest and participation. paid The number of final participants was 15,000, excluding duplicate participation, and about 700 million won was collected based on the actual deposit amount.
The contract amount recorded by <26 Years> is significantly higher than the $406,237 (about 450 million won) of Charlie Kaufman's latest project, which is currently the largest funding in the movie category of kickstarter.com, a global social funding site. Both the number of people and the accumulated amount achieved unprecedented record figures in the world.

As the first production method for a Korean feature film, <26 Years> is sure to be recorded as a successful example of adding the power of individuals so that the project can proceed based on social networks.

Korea's best storyteller Kang Full original
A popular webtoon that everyone has been waiting for to be made into a movie.
A hot repercussion that leads to the movie

The movie <26 Years> is based on the webtoon of the same name by Kang Full. Kang Poole has a total of six films, including <26 Years>, <Apartment>, <Fool>, <Pure Manga>, <I Love You>, and <Neighbor>, and <Pain> and the script that provided the original script. Including <Lighting Shop> in the stage, all 8 episodes received a love call from Chungmuro, making him the best storyteller in Korea in name and reality.

When the original webtoon was serialized on Daum portal site in 2006, it created a hot sensation and drew attention every day. At the time of the serialization, it left numerous records, such as an average of 2 million online daily clicks, more than 2,000 comments each time, and a total of 100 million page views. An internet petition movement was held to bring the 5.18 culprit back to court, and in many places, including frontline schools, the original <26 Years> was used as a textbook to learn about the 5.18 Democratization Movement, causing a great social impact.
Thanks to the Gwangju Democratization Movement as the subject, middle and high school students, as well as general adult audiences, came across the original story and felt that they learned about the history that happened in our country in the past but did not know until now. It was selected as the best manga by netizens in 2006, and won the 2006 Readers' Manga Awards Online Manga Award and 2007 Readers Manga Awards Jury's Award.

Like in an interview with Kang Full, who said, “The best thing I did when I started comics was to draw ‘26 Years’,” among his works, ‘26 Years’ is a work of special significance. Kang Full said, “The younger generation now confuse 5.18 and 8.15. It's not the guys' fault. I think that we, who are older and know and remember, did not act as communicators properly. I drew all the cartoons for fun, but the main purpose of this cartoon was to remind me of Gwangju. Gwangju in May 1980 should not be forgotten. “I want more people to see it,” he said. In fact, all of the webtoons that Kang Full has serialized have been converted to paid versions, but <26 Years> has been left free for everyone to view.

The popular webtoon '26 Years', which has been eagerly awaited by everyone to be made into a movie, has secured a fan base of a wide range of ages from adult audiences to middle and high school students, and is now being transferred to the screen as the movie '26 Years', giving a strong shock to more audiences. something to do.

Vicarious satisfaction, catharsis, and hot emotion
A dense and solid storyline, full of urgency
A high-quality action revenge drama that combines drama and video

<26 Years> drew a lot of attention in the film industry early with its unconventional material and a scenario that was as complete as the original with a solid storyline. The actors in the cast unanimously said, “The scenario was very interesting,” and while maximizing the charm of the original, the story was carefully crafted to make the story more exciting as a movie.

The dramatic structure and deep emotional exchange of people who have gathered with one goal of condemning 'that person', the main culprit of the massacre, creates a tension that cannot be missed even for a moment. Although the genre of action revenge is common, it will provide the audience with surrogate satisfaction and catharsis beyond imagination as anger against 'the person', the revenge opponent, is at the bottom of the national sentiment.
The large-scale collision scenes filmed between Seoul, Gwangju, and Daejeon and realistic action that collide with the body provide grandeur with dramatic directing power and sensual images. With a high-quality screen, solid story, urgency and realistic action, and a warm feeling from deep in the heart, it heralds the birth of a well-made movie.
The existence of 'that person' and the situation in which they lose their family due to 'that person', and the people who execute the operation targeting 'that person', naturally reminds us of the movie 'Monster'. <26 Years> is sure to be recorded as a meaningful film that succeeded in both artistic quality and popular box office just like <The Monster>, which remains a monumental work in Korean film history.

<26 Years>, an action revenge drama that harmonizes emotion, spectacular action, and super-large scale, will excite Korea in November 2012 with cinematic fun.

[ Production Note ]

After 4 years of waiting, it is finally completed with the eagerness of the audience.
A work that overcame several production failures with the support of the audience.

The first production attempt was made in 2008 with the title of '29 Years', but it was canceled due to unknown reasons. From planning, investment, to casting, none of it was easy. After much deliberation, the production company Cheongeoram tried crowdfunding in March 2012. Crowdfunding is an intermediate form between investment and donation. Unspecified people raise a set amount for a certain period of time for a project they want, and if the target amount is not achieved, sponsorship will not be established. The crowdfunding of <26 Years> raised 384.17 million won in donations, but failed to achieve the target of 1 billion won, and eventually failed once again. However, at the time, about 7,000 sponsors expressed disappointment and requested the resumption of sponsorship, and several citizens have invested individually saying they want to participate in the filmmaking. Singer Lee Seung-hwan and broadcaster Kim Je-dong are also individual investors.

The production team introduced a new format called 'production doure'. The method in which the members who signed up for 20,000 won, 50,000 won, and 290,000 won, respectively, succeeded in recruiting 700 million won out of the net production cost of 4.6 billion won, and was used as part of the production cost. Members who participated in the production dure through various channels gave great strength to the cast and crew, leaving messages of support from the production stage and wishing for the successful completion of the film. In particular, as civic participation was actively made through the production dure, various forms of participation such as individual investment were also connected.
Members of the production dure of the movie <26 Years> were invited to a large-scale national premiere of over 140 times and 31,000 people in 6 major cities nationwide, divided into Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, and Jeju. It also served as a gift for a DVD. The name you wrote when you signed up for the ending credits of the main movie was added. In particular, there are many people who put their names in the end credits, such as their wives, husbands, children, and lovers, rather than their own, so you can see the special affection of the production dure members for this movie.

The movie "26 Years", which was made by all the people together with the strength of the whole nation, will receive a lot of love by conveying a special meaning to the audience as 'a film we invested and made a name for ourselves' rather than a movie of someone else.

To enhance the film's completeness, Chungmuro's talented staff is dispatched
Fresh visual aesthetics from director, art, music, and filming

As it is a movie that will be released after a long wait, <26 Years> is the best film representing Korea with the participation of a large number of talented staff representing Korea. A large number of talented staff members participated and worked hard on the film's perfection as well.

Director Cho Geun-hyeon, a talented director who swept art awards at various film festivals in Korea with his sensuous art in films such as <The Concubine: The Emperor's Concubine>, <My Way>, <Detective Duelist>, <Janghwa, Hongryeon>, and <The Obscene Book>, grabbed the megaphone. is attracting attention. Director Jo Geun-hyun joined as the art director when the first production of <26 Years> was attempted, and has been working together for many years. Demonstrates delicate directing skills.

The aspect of the production team, which is in harmony with the director, is also splendid. Cinematographer Kim Tae-kyung of <Eunkyo>, <My Love By My Side>, and <Modern Boy>, Music Director Kim Hong-jip of <Wagon Car>, <Taste of Money>, and <The Maid>, Jo Geun-hyun from <Janghwa, Hongryeon> to <Detective Duelist> Art director Kim Si-yong, who worked with the director's art team and presented works of <Eunkyo> and <Disbelief Hell>, presents a harmonious mise-en-scène. In addition, costume director Jo Sang-gyeong of <The Concubine: The King's Concubine>, <Gojijeon>, <Bat>, and <Monster>, and makeup director Kim Do-hee of <The Crucible>, <Janghwa, Hongryeon> and <Sweet Life>, also joined to show the background of the times. Of course, it contributed to the amazing synchronicity of the actors as well. Mad Man Post, a computer graphics company that has offered talent donations since the beginning of the year when the production of <26 Years> was announced, also gave a sense of volume by showing various angles of CG effects with special affection for the movie.

With the participation of Korea's most talented production crew, <26 Years> is sure to captivate the audience's hearts with its sincere storyline and urgency-filled development.

Synchro rate 120%
Customized casting that drew attention from the production stage
Dramatic remake into film

As soon as the casting for <26 Years> was announced, the amazing synchronization between the cast members and the original characters drew attention. The actors breathed life into the character not only through external changes, but also through infinite affection for the character and amazing immersion.

Jin-goo, who plays the team's action leader 'Kwak Jin-bae', cut his hair short and lost weight. The original 'Kwak Jin-bae', which had a macho feeling, met actor Jin-goo and was reborn as a human character that no one can hate with his hot-tempered but mischievous charm.
Hye-Jin Han learned to shoot to play the team's sniper, Mi-Jin Shim. Contrary to his slender appearance, he has been reborn as a perfect shooter to the point of being praised for being surprisingly flexible in accepting a gun.
Incumbent police officer 'Kwon Jeong-hyeok', who joined the team but is afraid and conflicted by real problems, represents the majority of the audience. Im Seulong, who took on the work with a challenging attitude, breaks the prejudices of the audience with his amazing performances and fresh masks that evoke sympathy.
Brain 'Juan Kim', who leads the team with cool charisma, through Bae Soo-bin, is reborn as a much more three-dimensional and attractive character than the original, giving a strong impression. Lee Kyung-young, who plays the role of 'Kim Gap-se', the plan designer, also leads the drama with his eyes and emotions that cannot be measured in depth.
Actor Jang Kwang played the role of 'that person', which was of great interest. Not only his appearance, but also his voice and tone of voice, as if he was a former voice actor, perfectly transforms into 'that person' and surprises him.

Not only the main cast but also the gorgeous supporting actors armed with perfect synchronicity and solid acting skills give the film infinite confidence. Jo Deok-jae as ‘Ma Sang-ryeol’, the head of the bodyguard of ‘That Person’ and another victim of the Gwangju Democratization Movement, Kim Eui-sung as ‘Kye-jang Choi’ who constantly doubts them and tries to thwart their plans, and ‘Kwak Jin-bae’, a defender of the Gwangju organization. In addition to Ahn Seok-hwan, the boss of 'Ahn Su-ho', the performances of talented actors such as Lee Mi-do, Kim Seon-hwa, Park Hyuk-kwon, and Chun Woo-hee will provide dramatic fun.

While moving the vast story of the original to the screen, some of the details were corrected, omitted, or changed. In the original work, the sculptor couple who participated in the project together and produced the bust of 'that person' were omitted to focus on the character. Kwon Jeong-hyeok, who lost his father in Gwangju and lives with his single mother, has been changed to a character who lives with the trauma of witnessing the death of his sister. 'Kim Juan', who participates in the project as 'Kim Gap-se''s secretary and son, appears as another child of Gwangju, unlike the original. In addition, the confrontation scene with 'that person' in the final sniper attempt is reconstructed more dramatically as it becomes a movie, adding to the anticipation for the ending.

Action spectacle with scale and excitement
90 vehicles, 1,500 extras per person, 8 cameras
Massive shooting in the heart of the city

The action scenes in <26 Years> were necessary to effectively contain the scenes in which the emotions of people gathered for revenge collide and explode beyond simple visual fun. In particular, the first sniper scene in the middle of the city center is a very important scene where most of the main actors appear together and the conflict escalates, and there was tension in the filming site.
Eight cameras, 90 buses and other vehicles, and 200 auxiliary performers were mobilized for this scene, which was filmed at Seongmo Ogeori, Daejeon, and the number of people reached 1,500 over five days. It was successfully filmed with the cooperation of Daejeon citizens and government agencies such as Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall, Daejeon Provincial Police Agency, Jung-gu Office, and Jungbu Police Station, creating realistic action scenes with a sense of urgency.

The last action in the house of 'that person' is the highlight of the movie, where all the emotions of the actors are maximized. The scene where they fight in front of 'that person's house' was filmed for three days. In front of the police officers, about 30 martial arts teams were deployed, and the action was physically hard enough that not only wires were mobilized, but also the concern of an accident was taken into account.
Also, the scene where Jin-goo and Jang-gwang face each other inside the house of 'That Person' is a scene that shows such immersion that the two actors' whole bodies are bruised after filming, despite the fact that they did not collide.

Among them, the Yuyeongbong burial site at the National 5.18 Democracy Cemetery in Unjeong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, where the memorials and tablets of the 5.18 victims are located, is a place that cannot but be created in Korea. The cast and crew who visited to film this place, which is firmly established as a sacred place for democracy in the hearts of people around the world who long for freedom, democracy, and justice, offered their condolences to the spirit of the hero. was drawn in the form of
In particular, Yooyoungbongsanso is a space where sorrow for the victims who lost their lives unfairly and the sorrow of their families who have to go through an unexpected parting are mixed. It evokes emotional sympathy in the audience.

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