(Korean Movie) 2022


Audience over 12 years old
running time
113 minutes
cumulative audience
189214 people
box office
2nd place
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“If you guess 6 out of 45 numbers, you will get a piece of paper called the 6th place.
I picked it up.”

Chun-woo, a late sergeant who accidentally picked up the 1st prize lottery.
A lottery that crossed the Military Demarcation Line in the wind due to a momentary mistake, even for a brief moment.
Grasping the broken mentality… I must find it again!

Yongho, a North Korean soldier who accidentally picked up the winning lottery ticket from the south.
Does this mean that this is a piece of paper called Yuk Sao that squeezes out the blood of the South Korean people?
But what if the winnings are 5.7 billion?!

Chun-woo, who is in danger of missing out on the winnings,
'Yongho' has to turn the lottery, which is just a piece of paper in the North, into a winnings.
Here, even the unexpected members (?) join and a 3:3 team is formed to protect the 5.7 billion…

The one who picked it up VS the one who picked it up again
Negotiations on stakes that cross the borderline are starting!


The 5.7 billion 1st lottery crosses the Military Demarcation Line to the North?!
A delightful and poignant imagination that unfolds over the dream of a one-hundred thousand gold!
The world's first 'lotto' abnormal summit that crosses the narrow line will be held!

About 1 in 8 million Many people buy lottery tickets every week at this probability, which is much lower than the probability of being struck by lightning in their lifetime. If this lottery paper that I'm holding now is worth billions of dollars, if I could become rich in an instant. A dream-like thing that many people could only have imagined has come true in <Yuksao>. Of course, the lottery crosses the Military Demarcation Line and flies north in one night.

The movie <Yuksao> is a comical encounter between South and North Korean soldiers over the 5.7 billion won lottery that crossed the Military Demarcation Line on the wind. Like fate, I added a shocking setting that the lottery that flew under the feet of a sergeant in his later years was a lottery winning the 5.7 billion 1st prize, and that the lottery even landed in the north over the Military Demarcation Line on the wind. The main character 'Chun-woo', who had a sweet dream of winning the 5.7 billion lottery, and the figure of him crossing the Military Demarcation Line without much thought as he crossed the line that should not be crossed by a ridiculous mistake, he said, "What if I lost the 5.7 billion lottery? “It makes you think.”

The meeting between the South Korean and North Korean soldiers, who they did not expect would even rub their collars while living while shouting to each other as Koreans. A single sheet of 5.7 billion lottery paper that is very small and weak enough to be torn quickly, but powerful enough, makes this unrealistic imagination a reality, and also the world's first abnormal lottery conference. Will the meeting between the South Korean and North Korean soldiers, where there is no emotion, and only a chilly tension, will lead them to a path of harmony, and will they reach the ideal ending of turning the 5.7 billion lottery into cash? The fierce confrontation between soldiers who crossed the line over a lottery ticket will make the audience unable to take their eyes off this movie for even a moment.

The one who picked it up VS the one who picked it up again
North and South Korea TWO team play for 5.7 billion lottery 'Banthing'!
The final pitcher's appearance to decorate the finale of the hot summer theater district!

The first owner of the No. 1 lottery without an owner and the second owner of the No. 1 lottery that lost the owner. Two people shouting, 'The one who picked up is the owner', take their respective supporters and fight as a team for the 'Bandthing' of the 5.7 billion lottery.

The South Korean army team and the lottery consist of a late sergeant Cheon-woo (Ko Kyung-pyo), who was only waiting for his discharge, a soldier named Kang (Mun-seok Eum), who had to enlist twice. 'Yongho' (Lee Yi-kyung), a North Korean soldier specializing in 'diss', 'Yeon-hee' (Park Se-wan), the second owner of The North Korean military team of 'Chuljin' (Kim Min-ho), who freely handles cultural relics. The fluttering 5.7 billion lottery paper brings together those who seemed difficult to mix like water and oil, but also makes them bite each other with greed and selfishness.

The conflict that arises when the precarious two-team play, which can be easily broken at any time, collides with each other, gives a rather pleasant laugh. The South Korean and North Korean soldiers, equipped with weapons that can attack each other at any time, compete for a presentation on the distribution of prize money, use some clumsy tricks to monopolize 5.7 billion won, and hold each other's pants when fighting. In addition, this two-team play exudes a special chemistry when they become a team with one goal of making the lottery money. In the end, they cross the line drawn by each other with a single desire to become happier, and the way they laugh and enjoy each other gradually warms the hearts of those who watch with pleasant energy. As director Park Gyu-tae said, "Rather than repeating that 'our wish is reunification', we want to cheerfully express how we can live better as we who have to live in this land." Characters with different personalities and what kind of chemistry the two teams will show is the main point of watching this movie.

This summer's one-of-a-kind comedy film <Yuksao>, which was created through the team play of characters with strong individuality, is ready to decorate the finale of the sweltering theater district with a film that is like an anti-fatigue drug that soothes the tired and tired minds of the audience.

Go Kyung-pyo X Lee Yi-kyung X Eum Moon-seok X Park Se-wan X Kwak Dong-yeon X Lee Soon-won X Kim Min-ho
From self-proclaimed comedians to reclusive masters!
The comic chemistry of the actors full of positive energy!

As director Park Gyu-tae said, “The story of the youths of North and South Korea after <Joint Security Area JSA>,” the current 'Young Bloods' of Chungmuro gathered together in <Yuksao> to create a powerful chemistry. In particular, it is even more special in that it has a lot of comedy powerhouses that everyone has no choice but to acknowledge, and actors who are like jewels that the public didn't know about.

First, actor Go Kyung-pyo, who has been attracting attention by showing various attractive characters from the dramas <Reply 1988> and <Incarnation of Jealousy> to the films <7 Years of Night> and <Decision to Break Up>, played the first lottery owner, Chun Woo. He, who has left a strong impression by showing witty comic acting through various works, is planning to meet a proper comedy <Yuksao> after a long time and solve his long-standing pain with a comedic performance that does not spare himself. In addition, Lee Yi-kyung, who has been established as a model student in comedy through dramas <Descendants of the Sun>, <Confession Couple>, <Urachacha Waikiki>, and the movie <Hitman>, joined. His proprietary comedy acting, equipped with serious eyes, determined and funny, further heightened the joy of <Yuksao>.

In addition to <Crime City 2>, which recently became the first movie since the corona virus, <Crime City 2>, <The Fiery Priest> and <Hello? Mun-seok Eum, who has built a character of his own with such films as "It's Me!", also joined <Yuk Sao> as an FM soldier 'Captain Kang'. By adding the actor's unique positive energy to the solid acting base, he created a unique character that will not be forgotten this time as well. Next, Park Se-wan, who has played a lively and lively youth in the dramas <I hope the earth will be ruined tomorrow> and <Alice the ultimate weapon>, will show off a definite presence among the powerful in comedy. Through 'Yeonhee', a North Korean soldier who specializes in 'diss', he shows a new charm that has never been shown as a heavenly soldier with cool charm.

Kwak Dong-yeon, who surprised the public with his amazing acting transformation in recent works such as <Psycho, but it's okay> <Vincenzo> and <Ghost>, added variety to the play by acting as a young South Korean soldier Man Cheol, and possesses solid skills through various theatrical performances. Han Lee Soon-won is expected to emerge as a new comedy powerhouse in the film industry through 'Seungil', a North Korean political adviser. Lastly, Kim Min-ho, who drew a lot of attention as a character 'Xiaoping' with a unique personality in <Swing Kids>, plays 'Chul-jin', a North Korean soldier specializing in anti-South hackers, showing off his dance skills that he has cherished. predicted that

As such, actors like Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Yi-kyung, Eum Moon-seok, Park Se-wan, Kwak Dong-yeon, Lee Soon-won, and Kim Min-ho are the jewels of the film industry. The movie <Yuksao>, which was born from the self-recognized comedy powerhouses to the newly discovered talented masters, is scheduled to shake the theaters coolly in August.


Overwhelming reality using 200% real military bases!
To the communal watering area where the Lotto Summit is held!
The completeness of <Yuksao> created through endless research and investigation!

The most important thing while making <Yuksao> was to strike a balance between South and North Korea, and to portray both realistically. After hunting almost all of the abandoned units in Korea to find a space containing both South and North Korean military units with different personalities and characteristics, an abandoned unit in Bucheon was selected as the main space in the movie. Eum Mun-seok, who described the space of <Yuksao> as 'living art', which perfectly expresses the South Korean quarters, administrative offices, dormitories, and even the interior of North Korean military bases in the movie, said, "It was like seeing an actual military base where time stopped. . Because the space itself is so real, I was able to focus more on acting like a real person.”

In addition, the production team added reality by setting the place where the lottery expeditions of South and North Korea meet as the GP (Forefront Guard Post). Unlike general GPs, the production team, who needed a space that was exquisitely exposed to the outside without being too closed, studied the actual GPs of the Eastern Front, Central Front, and Western Front, interviewed and investigated GP soldiers, has completed It can be said that the point of <Yuksao> GP is that it depicts the space where small soldiers live in an open sense, while also capturing the nature of the DMZ. Finally, the space that is the highlight of <Yuksao>, the common water supply area where the lottery abnormal summit is held, was also completed after endless research. Director Park Gyu-tae learned of the position of a supply officer who brings water to the GP in the process of interviewing soldiers working for the GP. said to have made Director Park Gyu-tae said that he was thinking about a space where the main concept of a space where the lottery expeditions from the South and the North meet and fight for stake and the image of a general common water supply area can be saved, said director Park Gyu-tae. It was a space where the energy of all the characters was gathered as the main story unfolded. Although it is a small space, I tried to express it in a variety of ways.”

<Yuksao>, which was born after endless research and investigation, is expected to play an active part in summer theaters as a stress-free movie, providing not only pleasant laughter but also extreme immersion.

The blood, sweat and tears of the producers for a well-made comedy!
Everything from lighting to filming and art that utilizes the concept of the movie is 'God-walled'!
The one and only comedy that will blow away your stress this summer!

Director Park Gyu-tae always presents a pleasant smile by adding know-how accumulated over a long period of time to pleasant imagination such as directing <Fly Heo Dong-gu> and the screenplay of <Let's Play Dharmaya> and <Applause. He created a 'fresh' movie in all areas, including shooting, lighting, art, and costumes, with the Chungmuro Young Blood actors and luxury production crew.

The biggest concern of director Park Gyu-tae and the crew before making the movie was how to capture the stories that take place in the limited space of the military without being boring. First, he tried to overcome the limitations of the material by replacing the narrow space such as the communal water supply area and the GP post with the camera and the wide environment of the demilitarized zone. In addition, even in closed spaces such as communal water supply areas, even a small amount of light was directed to leak into the space. In North Korea, red lighting, and in South Korea, blue lighting were used to differentiate the two spaces.

In the art part, we tried to emphasize reality and at the same time add fantasy imagination. The farm within the North Korean military base that appears in the film is a representative space that contains the intentions of such an art team. The interior of the farm is tactfully expressed as a club-like space of animals, and a kettle, bicycle wheel, bottle cap, and silver bowl are combined to create a mirror ball with colorful lights, and purple and yellow lights are used to give a dreamy and fantasy feeling overall. . In the case of costumes, he said that he filled the image of the North Korean military with little data, rather than strictly following historical evidence, to a certain extent. He said that he took the image of the costume we are familiar with and that we have encountered through numerous materials as it is, but added imagination to the detailed texture and material of the clothes to create a costume with a different charm from the military uniforms of the South Korean military.

In this way, the well-made comedy <Yuksao>, which was completed with the blood, sweat, and tears of the crew from filming to lighting, art, and costumes, will reach the peak of the theater this summer.

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