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007 in England, Chul-soo Kim in Korea!
The operation was perfect. Until they intervene!

Kim Chul-soo (Sol Kyung-gu), the best spy in Korea. However, he is also an ordinary South Korean husband who struggles to stand in front of his wife Yeong-hee (Moon So-ri). Cheol-su goes on a business trip like eating rice because he is doing his country work without anyone knowing. In the end, a mysterious terrorist attack occurred on the D-day received to create a second generation, and he was ordered to travel to Thailand to find out the truth. Evacuation through the dangerous operation area. However, it was none other than Ma. Nu. La who entered the radar network of Cheol-su there! She even appears with a dangerously handsome mysterious man (Daniel Henney) at every operation site and burns with Cheol-su's longing.
Meanwhile, the stewardess Young-hee, who does not know her husband's identity, is on the verge of an explosion because of her husband! Suddenly, I change my flight schedule and go to Thailand. He spends sweet time with the handsome Ryan he meets by chance there, and falls into a pink fantasy without answering Cheol-su's phone call…
A desperate situation in which the fate of the country comes and goes! Cheol-su can't concentrate on the operation because of Young-hee, who says he likes him in front of a mysterious man! Will Cheol-su be able to protect the country and even his wife?

On September 5, 2013, their operation to explode the Republic of Korea begins!

[ About Movie ]

This Chuseok, the best entertainment movie is coming!
The birth of a super-large comic spy action created by the production team of <Haeundae>!
Even the laughter of a different level from the super-special actors of Korea!

The Chuseok theater district is dominated by entertainment movies that the whole family can watch together with a smile. Armed with the greatest laughter and action ever, <Spy> heralds the rise of the strongest this Chuseok. <Spy> is a comical spy action film that takes place while the best secret spy in Korea is carrying out a super-special operation that depends on the fate of the country, and his wife, who does not know her identity, gets involved in the operation. The difficult situation of Kim Chul-soo, who has to hide his identity from his wife and save the fate of the country in crisis, will create a pleasant episode and explode a laughter bomb in the theater. Here, the best staff who made <Haeundae> and the speed action blockbuster <Quick>, which mobilized 12 million spectators, are together, raising expectations even more. With the participation of the producers who have created the best entertainment movies with a huge scale, dynamic drama, and humor, this year's Chuseok <Spy> will also satisfy the audience's expectations by 200%. In addition, the large-scale action scenes created by the martial arts team of <Quick> and <The Ultimate Weapon Bow> and the special effects team of <National Team>, <Quick>, and <Sonata> overwhelm the audience's attention and show off the best entertainment movie. do. In addition, leading actors such as Seol Kyung-gu, Moon So-ri, Daniel Henney, Ko Chang-seok, Han Ye-ri, and Ra Mi-ran will come out to present a variety of comedy performances.
You will meet the true face of the strongest entertainment movie that you can enjoy with your lover, friends and family this Chuseok, with a huge scale, action, and laughter that overwhelms your eyes.

Korea's best spy Seol Kyung-gu
Moon So-ri, a wife who does not know her husband's identity,
Dangerously handsome mysterious man Daniel Henney!
A fantastic combination of a luxury actor and an attractive comic character!

This Chuseok, the best entertainment movie <Spy> that guarantees a different level of entertainment and laughter! The fun is doubled with the meeting of attractive characters and the best actors. Kim Chul-soo, who is the best spy in Korea, but who becomes infinitely smaller when he stands in front of his wife, is played by Seol Kyung-gu, the best box office guarantee. Seol Kyung-gu, who recently showed off his charismatic appearance in <Watchers> and still showed off his strong box office power, is expected to captivate the audience with his unexpectedly cute and friendly charm. Moon So-ri, who plays the role of Ahn Young-hee, a woman who is 100% ripped off who does not know that her husband is a spy, but is soft only to a mysterious man who looks artistically, will show off her comic action acting for the first time since her debut. Her comic acting, which was revealed through the trailer, is already receiving a lot of attention, providing an unexpected reversal of charm. Seol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri, who reunited after 10 years of <Pepmint Candy> and <Oasis>, foretell a fresh comical performance that is completely different from the heavy acting they have shown in the past. The role of Ryan, a dangerously handsome man who intervenes in their relationship, will be played by Daniel Henney, who has been active in Hollywood recently, and will shake the hearts of women.
The best actors, Seol Kyung-gu, Moon So-ri, and Daniel Henney, who are proud of their self-approved, high-quality acting! The ultimate comedy transformation of luxury actors who created two 10 million films, were selected by the Venice Film Festival, and captured Hollywood! You'll see that the level of comedy acting goes up with what luxury actors do.

The jackpot works have them! Go Chang-seok, Han Ye-ri, and Ra Mi-ran!
Comic energy explosion with the strongest synergy that needs no words!

<Spy> is attracting more attention for its attractive character transformation of luxury actors and casting of supporting actors who have attractive potential in comedies of different sizes. Actors such as Go Chang-seok, Han Ye-ri, and Ra Mi-ran, who show a presence that are not inferior to the lead actors, will come to the scene to revitalize the drama.
Go Chang-seok, who plays Cheol-su's reliable partner, Jin-jang, caught two rabbits in laughter and action with his unique clever comic acting and outstanding action. In particular, it is said that he crawls in the middle of a gunfight that is full of bullets with only his two arms and ravages the scene by demonstrating amazing agility with a round body. The so-called 'Go Chang-seok Lizard Creeping God', which was released in the main trailer, is praised by netizens as it shows the aspect of Korean red gold as Ko Chang-seok wishes. Han Ye-ri, who rose from the queen of the independent film industry to the blue chip of Chungmuro based on her solid acting skills, appears at a young age as Baek Seol-hee, North Korea's best nuclear physicist, and creates a drama full of urgency. With a flexible body from a dancer, he is expected to challenge himself in acting for the first time in his life, such as hanging on the railing of a hotel, and show a strong appearance. The comic empress Ra Mi-ran, who leaves a strong impression even with a short appearance, took on the role of a mysterious spy who appears from time to time. Ra Mi-ran said that with each shoot, the amount increased due to her innate sense of comedy. Seeing Daniel Henney's secret charm and exclaiming "I'm going to catch you", the line is counted as a famous line just by releasing the teaser trailer, foretelling a powerful comic syndrome.
<Spy> is expected to be a wonderful ensemble of actors whose quality is guaranteed just by hearing the name. We present a cool smile to Korea this Chuseok with full of comic energy.

In 2013, a new keyword in Chungmuro was 'multicasting'.
It culminates with the meeting of luxury actors!

Multicasting refers to the appearance of a large number of leading actors who have strong acting skills and a heavy presence. The multi-casting movie craze that started with <The Thieves>, which attracted 12.9 million viewers last year, and became a new trend in Chungmuro, will reach its peak this fall with <Spy>!
<Spy> boasts a formidable cast including Seol Kyung-gu, who mobilized 56.37 million viewers, Moon So-ri, a world-famous actress chosen by Venice, and Daniel Henney, who plays global roles in Korea and Hollywood, as well as supporting actors. Impossible actor Ko Chang-seok, Chungmuro's best blue chip Han Ye-ri, and comic empress Ra Mi-ran are put in to properly radiate comic energy with the strongest synergy. Because it is a rare combination that is expected to transform into a different class of luxury actors, netizens also showed high expectations when meeting more interesting people with reactions such as 'only the characters raise interest' and 'an unexpected combination of actors also expects a comedy'. are expressing
Here, six characters with their own personalities are added to create a rich drama, maximizing the merits of multicasting. Seol Kyung-gu, who had only thought about how to be funny while challenging an extraordinary comic acting, said, "I tried to focus on the situation and the characters. As a result, there were a lot of interesting scenes." The meeting of the six characters with strong personalities created a rich episode by itself. Not only laughter, but also the appearance of mysterious characters who inspire tension in the drama, and their performances that will bring out the sympathy of the audience, will open a new era of multicasting films in Chungmuro.

[ Production Note ]

The biggest weakness of husbands around the world, Ma. Nu. La!
The chatter of married men, born as the strongest entertainment movie that will captivate the entire nation!

Kim Cheol-soo, Korea's best negotiator and best spy, but there was someone whose negotiation skills didn't work at all, so that's his wife Ahn Young-hee! The super-large comical spy action that will hit Chuseok this year, surprisingly, started with the chatter of married men in Korea who became smaller in front of their wives. Director Yoon Je-gyun, who greeted the stage in Busan with the release of the movie <Haeundae> in 2009. At the after-party, he and other married male staff joked, 'Even if you are the best negotiator, if there is one thing that cannot be negotiated, it will be your wife'. It was a joke that came out by chance, but for director Yoon Je-gyun, it came to be a material that could maximize the fun of the movie, and soon started planning the movie.
As the story unfolded, the job of Cheol-su, a negotiator, changed to a spy, and naturally the scale of the film grew. Not only the spectacular action that takes place between Korea and Thailand, but also the appearance of Cheol-su, who is confused because he has to deceive his wife only while handling the case with various extraordinary weapons, satisfies both visual pleasure and laughter. make it However, the production crew of <Spy>, including director Yoon Je-gyun, were not satisfied with this and started to think about differentiating it from the Hollywood spy films they have seen often. And I decided to infuse the film with the Korean sentiment and humor, which are my main specialties. This was possible because the production team, who had already achieved great success by trying to combine Hollywood disaster movies with Korean sentiments in Haeundae, worked together. In <Spy>, you can see the blockbuster-level action, crying over the worries of his wife and children, a wife who is stressed because of SeaWorld, and a husband who is bullied by such a wife, and even our neighbors. <Spy> with Korean sentiment and humor on a Hollywood scale! It will captivate the Chuseok theater with the fun that befits a super-large comic spy action.

Now enjoy action and comedy like a blockbuster!
Large-scale location & actual helicopter shooting between Korea and Thailand!

There has never been such a scale in a Korean comedy movie until now! <Spy> satisfies the eyes of the audience with an overwhelming scale that has never been seen before. What stands out the most is the large-scale location filmed between Thailand and Korea. In the opening scene, the scene where Cheol-su goes to a group of terrorists to negotiate was filmed in the jungle of Kanjanaburi, Thailand. The scenery of the river, which was shot in parallel with aerial and water shots, harmonizes with the determined face of Cheol-soo, raising the initial tension to the extreme. Moreover, the Kanzanaburi River was the location where the elephant scene in the movie <Oasis> was filmed, and it is said that it gave Seol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri, who were reunited after 11 years, a special memory that they could not have imagined. The exotic scenery of Thailand was captured in various ways by filming at 'Wat Arun Temple', one of Thailand's famous temples, and 'Blue Elephant' restaurant, which is also used as a cooking school for the Thai Royal Family. Locations reminiscent of traveling in eight provinces, such as Yesan, Taean, and Jeongseon, were held not only in Thailand but also in Korea.
The car chase scene filmed while controlling the entire Kyobo intersection in Gangnam and the action scene using a real helicopter are representative scenes that show the essence of <Spy> action. In particular, the car chase scene in which the producers who took Korea's speed action to the next level with the movie <Quick> showed off their senses deliver exhilarating pleasure and thrill. The helicopter scene, which had a lot of risk because a real helicopter was mobilized, was filmed based on the thorough preparation of the actors and staff, and completed high-altitude action that was not seen in existing Korean films. Usually, the helicopter is landed on the ground, but in this work, for reality, the helicopter was attached to a wire and floated in the air. This was also the first attempt in Korea.
The movie <Spy>, which was created with the passionate passion of the best actors and staff, will present a different level of laughter and a different level of action with an unusual size and sense.

This is what true espionage action is!
The toughest force actors and the best staff make the action of <Spy>!

A super-large comic spy action <Spy> that will delight the audience this Chuseok! Action is a very important part of the film as it depicts the best spy's performance. Martial arts director Choi Dong-heon, who was in charge of the action of <Quick> and <The Last Weapon Bow>, wrote an action that is not overly flashy and shows age, considering that <Spy> has a lot of comic elements and the best spies fight each other. . And it was also the passion of the actors that completed the action created by the best staff.
Seol Kyung-gu, who Moon So-ri revealed that "even if I jump rope, I work really hard", practiced nonstop for three months to the point that martial arts coach Choi Dong-heon was tired. Daniel Henney, a walking visual perfectionist, showed off his tall and muscular body to the fullest, and every single action shot was truly a 'moving pictorial'. Actresses were no exception. Moon So-ri, who had to crawl and roll on the floor in a restaurant shootout, suffered bruises throughout the filming process. The unseen martial arts team put pads on their knees, but Moon So-ri said that she was caught by the camera and moved to the shoot with her bare body. Go Chang-seok, who dreams of becoming Korea's Hong Geumbo, surprised the actors and staff with his unexpectedly agile appearance. The 'Go Chang-seok lizard crawling scene', which is attracting attention among netizens, was expected to be filmed several times because of the narrow tables and many chairs. However, contrary to everyone's expectations, Chang-seok Ko vomited a flair as he passed the table very quickly and at once. Han Ye-ri showed off her hidden guts and showed her side as a next-generation action actress by hanging directly on the veranda of a 13-story hotel.
The actors' deadly action continued after that, and they showed their true value in the movie's highlights, the abandoned coal mine scene and the helicopter scene. In the actual shootout filmed in an abandoned coal mine, it was hard to even open my eyes because of the dust that had accumulated in the abandoned coal mine for decades, but none of the actors complained. The actual helicopter scene filmed inside the helicopter was so narrow that there was an accident where Seol Kyung-gu and Daniel Henney accidentally hit Han Ye-ri while filming the fighting scene. However, Han Ye-ri supported the two actors with a smile, and Seol Kyung-gu and Daniel Henney performed high-level performances that add emotion to action. The action of <Spy> was more difficult than ever! However, the meeting of the best staff and the actors who did not spare their bodies, it was completed with a hotter and cooler action scene than any other movie.

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