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Finally, the family’s departure, country, gold, and paper has been released!!

Chairman Hong’s family, who lived an easy life, engrossed in the success of the company.
I am preparing for my first overseas trip after hearing the news that the departure ban has been lifted for the first time in my life…

Chairman Hong (Sumi Kim), the charismatic godmother who leads companies and families with a gangster spirit
Jang In-jae (Shin Hyeon-jun), the first person in the former Baekho clan, who has been reborn as a master of housekeeping
Jang Seok-jae (Tak Jae-hoon), the first divorced man in the family who cannot control the overflowing affair.
Jang Gyeong-jae (Lim Hyeong-jun), a family chicken who gets excited about even the smallest things.

A trip that I left for a laugh, the story of being chased to death!
Will they be able to return home safely? ?!

The king of 15 million funny comedy is back!!
2011 Chuseok, the world’s first release!!

[ Intro ]

15 million viewers
The king of comedy is back!

<The great achievements of the Korean comic family!>
2002 23rd Korean Film Most Audience Award
2002 1st Korean Film Awards Best New Actress Award Kim Jong-un
2005 26th Blue Dragon Film Festival Best Audience Film Award
2006 3rd Max Movie Best Film Award
2006 3rd Max Movie Best Supporting Actress Award Kim Soo-mi
Top 10 Korean Movies of 2006

This Chuseok, all you need is laughter!

2002, 2005, 2006! Chuseok, the biggest national holiday,
Forming laughter consensus with the most Korean comedy!
Chuseok 2011, everyone who wants to laugh, gather!!

[ Hot Issue ]

Let’s laugh on Chuseok!
The Chuseok comedy that 50 million people have been waiting for is back!
Korea’s best comic franchise, ‘Family’ series!

The ‘Family’ series, which mobilized a total of 15 million viewers, including <Family Glory> 5.2 million, <Family Crisis> 5.7 million, and <Family Resurrection> 3.2 million, is Korea’s representative comedy and the first comedy franchise movie. The ‘Family’ series has established a unique position as the most Korean comedy for each Chuseok season, the nation’s biggest holiday. The one and only ‘family’ series responsible for Chuseok is finally coming back armed with an enlarged scale and super laughter after breaking the five-year hiatus. <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, which 50 million people have been waiting for, is going to make the audience who were thirsty for laughter burst into laughter.

The fourth of the ‘Family’ series, <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, contains a variety of unprecedented events that take place as the Hong family, who has been tied to an overseas travel ban, travels abroad for the first time in their lives. The appearance of these people going through a rough process from immigration screening creates an episode that exceeds expectations and gives a pleasant laugh. In addition, this series, which will be held on a global stage, will become a legend of the ‘Family’ series as a comedy masterpiece in the Chuseok theater district.

This time it’s global!
A new story of the family begins!
The first overseas trip of an open-minded family!

<Family Glory 4 – Family Passion> will be reborn on a global scale in 2011, armed with laughter points that encompass Korea and unique comic characters. The movie <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, which will conclude the Chuseok comedy, crossed the sea to give the greatest laughter. It is the story of the first overseas trip of the family whose departure ban was lifted right away, and depicts unpredictable suffering through more than 80% of Japanese locations. Every time a sequel appeared, the family series was loved by the audience for its groundbreaking story. In this 4th episode, we plan to go beyond the episodes that have been limited to Korea, and provide global fun with powerful laughter that crosses language and borders. The movie <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion> is stimulating the curiosity of the audience by foretelling the beginning of a completely new story of an open-minded family.
<Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, which will show a larger scale and variety of episodes, won Japan’s full filming support with only one scenario. Starting with Wataya Villa, one of the four major hot springs in Japan, where traditional beauty and modern beauty are harmonized, the filming took place at the best spots in Japan, such as Fukuoka International Airport, Saga Prefecture, Jinno Green Tea Production Area, Kumamoto Prefecture, and Nagakki Prefecture Sekiya Hotel. Family Passion>’s unique fun was created more realistically and richly. With more colorful episodes and more colorful episodes, this series, with its colorful sights and unique scenery, will once again prove the title of a national representative Chuseok comedy movie, and will guarantee the best laughter this Chuseok.

A native laugh that makes Korea feel refreshing! A proud Korean ‘native’ family!
Korea’s representative food Kimchi, representative martial art Taekkyeon, and representative K-pop
Going through an unprecedented crisis!

The way that Korean pure-blooded ‘family’ have in common to overcome the unpredictable hardships they face on their first overseas trip. It is the ‘native’ method that represents Korea. <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion> is a Korean-style family entertainment movie that the whole family can enjoy without burden this Chuseok.

Chairman Hong, who had already said goodbye to the gangster achievements a long time ago with ‘Tumblr Kimchi’ and devoted himself to the kimchi business, decides to visit Japan, the country of ‘Kimchi’ to globalize kimchi. On this trip to promote the excellence of kimchi, Korea’s representative food, the Hong family faces an unprecedented crisis, but overcomes the unprecedented crisis with the weapon of ‘Korea’ that defies expectations. In order to get clothes, Seok-jae (Tak Jae-hoon) and Hyo-jeong (Hyun-young) perform a hip dance to the song ‘Mr.’ by ‘Kara’, the main character of the Hallyu wave, to catch the attention of the Japanese, or a scene where a talent (Shin Hyun-joon) is about to win a fight with a robber. The scenes of subduing opponents using Taekkyeon, Korea’s representative martial art, run through the entire film and remain as a heartwarming yet intense point of laughter.

Korea’s strongest comic corps, its reputation is back!!
Original member VS New Face’s fantastic breathing!!

Another highlight of <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, which will ensure the laughter of Korea this Chuseok, is the fantastic meeting between the best comedy actors and the comedy new face. They are the pride of Korean comedy, Hong Gane! The original members Kim Su-mi, Shin Hyeon-jun, Tak Jae-hoon, and Lim Hyeong-jun, along with the comic legends Licorice Jung Jun-ha and Hyun-young of the family series, and the mysterious combination players Jung Woong-in and Kim Ji-woo joined as New Face, the best combination of the strongest members who are expected to be active in the movie just by their name alone. is already a hot topic in the film industry.

Kim Su-mi, Shin Hyeon-jun, Tak Jae-hoon, and Lim Hyeong-jun, the ‘Chairman Hong family’ boasting a powerful comic force, show off their comic know-how in the four reunited episodes, and demonstrate the power of showing upgraded laughter to the existing characters. In addition, the blue-chip comic characters Jung Jun-ha and Hyun-young are armed with the skills and individuality they have accumulated in TV entertainment programs. In this movie, they perform as savvy characters and give freshness to the audience with a greater proportion. Veteran actor Jung Woong-in, who crosses musicals, movies, and CRTs, and Kim Ji-woo, who recently played an active role as a heroin in the musicals ‘March of Youth’ and ‘Rent’, are also disassembled into the characters that the ‘Chairman Hong family’ meets in Japan, leading to unexpected situations and creating new characters. Another fun to be born will be introduced.

[ Production Note ]

100% synchronization between the movie and the scene!
A penguin found by the river?! Nude show of local Japanese grandfathers?!
‘Funny Family”s ridiculous overseas shooting hardship parade!

In July of this summer, when a heat wave and typhoon swept away, the ‘Family Family’ had to go through the biggest hardship in their life due to various hardships they experienced for the first time in their lives in the Japanese archipelago. For this episode, which depicts the first overseas trip of a ‘native’ family, the filming took place in remote areas such as Japanese hot springs and mountains, and a really difficult location was made. Even after filming for a long time in the sweltering heat, sweating like rain, I had to shoot because I was shivering in the cold right away. In addition, the thrilling bus chase scene of the family team, who is trapped in a truck driven by a robber and is in danger, is a scene that can only be filmed once in half a day. However, just before the shot started, heavy rain repeatedly occurred, and this scene was completed with 5 settings for 3 days. During the filming of the scene where the Hong family is hiding in the mountains, wild animals such as wild boars and deer often block the filming vehicle and hold on to it, and sea crabs in the deep mountains appear in swarms. did. In addition, when filming the hot spring scene, local Japanese grandfathers, who are the main customer groups, often wandered around naked, making the production crew of ‘Family’, which had many female staff members, bewildered. There is an episode that makes me laugh that I had to go ahead with the filming every moment to try not to express my feelings of indifference.

There were things that were surprisingly funny as well as the hardship parade. The PD of <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, who was hunting around to film the hot spring scene, found a penguin by the river. It is said that the production team, who did not believe this, later found a ‘Penguinism’ sign on the outskirts of the hot spring and crawled. Maybe it was because of the subtitle of ‘The Passion of the Family’, the movie <Glory of the Family 4 – The Passion of the Family>, which was born as a result of various incidents and accidents that are very strangely similar to the story in the movie, more vividly portrays the suffering of the family. It is enough to upgrade the expression and expectations of the audience.

Plenty of unique locations, such as clever ideas, ad-libs, and cameos!
Taste the various seasonings filmed in Japan!

Director Jeong Tae-won, who made his directorial debut with <Family Glory 4 – The Passion of the Family>, is already well-known for his brilliant wit and idea bank. <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, which is known to be interesting from the screenplay stage, had a lot of filming on location, so there were a lot of ideas added on set. In particular, director Jeong Tae-won gave the movie more fun by utilizing his own ingenious thoughts and sense of the scene. Among the scenes in the movie, the scene where Kim Soo-mi and Hyun-young take off their clothes in an outdoor hot spring and open their hearts to each other, the location changes when they discover the footbath next to the filming site. Therefore, the scene where they enter the foot bath without knowing it as a hot spring bath and have a serious conversation became a big laugh point that only <Family> can provide. In addition, director Jeong Tae-won, who saw the phrase ‘Beware of snakes’ placed all over the place because of snakes running around the hot springs, gave real snakes to the couple Jung Woong-in and Kim Ji-woo, who are chasing the whereabouts of the family in order to save the sense of realism. Kim Ji-woo surprised the scene by showing the boldness that even the production crew was afraid of, holding a snake in one hand and waving it around with an innocent expression.

The ad-libs of the actors, who were as passionate about this movie as the director, also served as a delicious sauce for the movie. Starting with Kim Soo-mi, a veteran of comic acting, Shin Hyeon-jun, Tak Jae-hoon, and Jeong Jun-ha, who have a reputation for being fun, made every scene into a sea of laughter with improvised ad-libs that are funnier than the scenario while watching each other’s makeup and acting. There are also various improvised cameo appearances that can only be seen on location. In the hot spring filming site, the actual hotel hostess takes on the role of the hot spring spaghetti host, while in the golf course scene, the hotel president directly appears and plays the role of throwing a golf ball with Jung Jun-ha’s head. The filming was made with the active cooperation of Japanese citizens, with the general manager playing the role of a hotel bellboy and a large number of local Japanese fans volunteering in the banquet hall scene. <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, which was created through the efforts of various people, is expected to find audiences as the best comedy film with a more solid storyline and vitality.

Fierce filming site, ‘family love’ shines even more
Their laughter bombs didn’t stop!

At the Japanese filming location of <Family Glory 4 – Family Passion>, which had more than 80% locations, both the actors and crew were in near exhaustion condition at the end of filming due to continuous overnight filming and showers that come and go 12 times a day. From running and running under the scorching sun to scenes that seemed impossible to film due to bad weather, the family team showed family love that went beyond camaraderie, and in the end, all scenes were digested as scheduled. Finally, on the last day of filming in Japan, the sun was setting and it was a dark night. The actors gathered at the banquet hall to commemorate the completion of the Japanese filming, and then the tension was relieved. The actual staff and actors all lost weight and even joked that it was a diet program rather than a movie shoot. Even in such a situation, with a word from Tak Jae-hoon, everyone often fell by the boat, so the friendly ‘family love’ is the strength of this movie and the vitality of the actors. Kim Soo-mi, 40 years of acting career, joked, “Acting doesn’t seem to fit my aptitude for the first time,” and led a warm atmosphere on the set. also revealed

<Family Glory 4 – Family Passion> is a family comedy that can be enjoyed by the whole family. will be delivered “I’m back with the Korean version of the <Meat Parents> series.” It is worth looking forward to seeing how pleasant and enjoyable director Jung Tae-won’s ‘Family Code’ will be in this movie.

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