(Korean Movies) 2007


Youth not allowed
running time
123 minutes
cumulative audience
936945 people


“When this tape was found
We must all be dead!”

heavy rain night. At the front-line guard post (GP) in the Demilitarized Zone, where no one could enter or leave, an incident occurred in which 20 of the 21 members of the platoon were mysteriously slaughtered except for one who was unconscious. The military authorities dispatch 21 reconnaissance teams to investigate the truth of the incident, but the road cut off by heavy rain is locked in GP506.

The search squad includes an old investigator (Chun Ho-jin), who is evaluated as the best elite agent in the military. The military general, who went to his wife's funeral, orders him to find the GP (Lieutenant Yu) from the slaughtered corpse. The entire Ministry of National Defense was nervous about the fact that he was the son of the Chief of Staff, who was born in the Sixth Army. The time allotted to the old investigator is until 06:00 in the morning of that day!

However, new facts are revealed. 19 corpses, 1 survivor! Not a single trace! While searching for a maze-like GP, he found an unexpected person in the power plant, a living GP chief (Lieutenant Yu)! However, he begins to show signs of suspicion by only demanding a return to the main university…

[ Frontline Mystery Overview ]

On July 27, 1953, the war was over.
Demilitarized Zone 38 degrees north latitude, 4km within the Southern Limit Line and the Northern Limit Line
While hiding the history of nameless death and suspicion
The place has been forgotten from our memories

After 50 years, in April 2008,
The place becomes the site of the shocking incident and is opened to the public.
The front-line guard post GP506. A mysterious massacre case of former platoon members!
Even the 21 searchers who were put in were isolated in the heavy rain…!

What happened there?
And what is happening now?

3 years of research and scenario work
30 sets that perfectly reproduce the GP in the DMZ
It took 10 months of filming and a total production cost of 6.5 billion won.
'Frontline Mystery Investigation Drama' was born.


April 3, 2008
Not everything you see is true!

[ GP506, where is it? ]

65km from Seoul, 50 minutes away
A place where no one can enter or exit

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a place forgotten by everyone after the Korean War
demilitarized zone. It is a mysterious space where 50 years of time have been completely hidden. This space, which was divided into special areas according to the armistice agreement after the Korean War, is 4km wide and 250km east-west based on the Military Demarcation Line, and it is a paradise of rare plants and wild animals. In this place where the danger of landmines and many other unexploded ordnance remains, countless war victims who have not yet returned are buried.

A place where no one can enter or exit, the front-line guard post GP (Guard Post)
Ironically, this space called the demilitarized zone is not actually demilitarized. This is because, like the Korean War in the Cold War era, when the US and the Soviet Union faced each other, inside the DMZ, there are heavily armed front-line guard posts, often called 'GP', armed trenches.

The main mission of the GP is to monitor the military activities of the North Korean military at the forefront and respond early in case of infiltration or ambush. GPs, usually in charge of one platoon, are armed with personal weapons, including the K-4 high-speed grenade launcher, and they are fully prepared to respond immediately to contingencies by wearing body armor and live ammunition compulsory.

The demilitarized zone, where ordinary people as well as soldiers can enter only with special permission,
That's where the GP506 is.

The place where all the events of the past 50 years were covered up, GP506
The mysterious massacre of all members of the platoon took place in GP506, which was completely isolated and controlled from the outside like this! And even the search crews who were put in to find out the truth about the case are isolated and the mysterious truth is revealed…
The place that disappeared from everyone's attention after the Korean War was transformed into a shocking character that crosses history and truth, tears and horror along with a shocking incident in April 2008 and visits the audience.

[ Case investigation log ]

event clue

One: There is no sign of external penetration. And there are no survivors…
extermination of all platoon members. North Korean military post and 300m. However, there is no sign of penetration. And no survivors other than one unconscious soldier were found. Whose is it?

Two: The corpses have strange shapes. Need to find the cause…
The bodies were so mutilated that the shape was difficult to identify. Bizarre traces that even a medical doctor has never seen are found on the body. This place has been abandoned for over 50 years… .

Three: Found a survivor! But they are speechless…
"I will kill all of our troops from now on. We must all be dead when this is discovered…" A camcorder presumed to have been taken by Kang Sang-byeong just before the incident was found. But he is unconscious. And the GP (Lieutenant Yu), who was found missing and in a panic state, is silent. What are they trying to hide?

Net: GP506… not even rats are found
Inside the GP in the form of a complex maze other than the blueprint. There are signs that the structure has been intentionally altered. and no mice So many bodies… What kind of place is this?

Five: The GP's diary… Incredible record!
A few days before the incident, the horse sergeant caused a scandal with his bizarre behavior, but said he did not remember anything. What the hell happened?

unresolved question

A search party of 21 isolated people, the mystery of the GP506 is repeated!
Even among the search crews, incomprehensible phenomena begin to be witnessed. As symptoms like a cold spread to them, they begin to behave strangely. And they don't even remember what they've done. An isolated GP506 sinking into anxiety and fear. For just one night, to survive, you have to uncover the unresolved questions and the truth.

what killed them
What the hell happened?
And what did they see?
The war of those who must kill all to live is not over yet…

[ Incident Issue ]

The first mystery masterpiece of 2008!

50 years after the end of the war, why demilitarized zone GP?
The Demilitarized Zone, a land of life where hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of land mines, and ghosts who could not return are trapped. And a place strictly controlled from the outside, the front-line guard post GP. A GP that has never been made into a movie and has never been released to the public has been released. Director Gong Soo-chang says that there is no place that fits the mystery genre as well as the GP space. He tried to express the dramatic tension of the soldiers who have no choice but to spend their youth like jewels in this GP, which is the closest to the group called the enemy and is completely blocked from the outside, in a mystery genre. In addition, the GP506 set in the form of a labyrinth, which gives off a confused feeling like a human abyss, will fully explain why director Gong Soo-chang chose this GP as the subject of the movie. A place where no one could ever know the exact reality, GP is a movie Through this, he will be born as the most shocking character in history. And the place that was forgotten in everyone's memory after the Korean War will focus our attention.

Korea's first front-line mystery investigation drama!
For the first time in Korea, an investigation drama based on a front-line mystery this was born A film that unravels the truth of a shocking incident that takes place when the mysterious massacre of a platoon member and even the investigative search force is isolated in a tense investigation drama. . Although the distance from the North Korean outpost is only 300m, there is no sign of external intrusion, a complex structure that turns and rotates in place, and a mysterious place where not a single rat is found in the infested corpse. However, even the dispatched search team is isolated in the heavy rain, and the nightmare repeats. As soon as they see the film, the audience becomes the eyes of 21 searchers and participates in an unprecedented mystery case investigation. what killed them What is the meaning of the clues that emerge one by one? What the hell is going on? The moment you find out, you You will discover all the shocking truths hidden within.

<R Point> Director Gong Soo-chang's second project!
Director Gong Soo-chang showed the war criminals of a Korean-style mystery thriller by bringing out the memories engraved on human original sin through the scenarios of <White War> and <Tell Me Something>. He directed his debut film <R Point> and led the audience into the Vietnamese jungle of 1975, setting a milestone in Korean mystery horror. Four years later, his second project has completed It came to us as a front-line mystery masterpiece with a truckload of data and records accumulated over three years of investigation, a scenario with a perfectly structured structure based on it, and 10 months of filming and a total production cost of 6.5 billion won. And, debuting a space that no one could have imagined on the screen, following the Vietnamese jungle, the front-line guard post GP is another shocking character. Director Gong Soo-chang is the second project from the perspective of a 21-person search party. It will lead us to the scene of the massacre and achieve a success story that surpasses previous works.

The perfect GP created by the best staff!
A low, but modest, fortress-like scale of 6,000 pyeong, 14 exterior sets and 12 indoor sets that run like a maze. Perfectly embodied texture and detail The set is another highlight. In order to reproduce the special space called GP, the art team made thorough preparations during the four-month pre-production period. Through numerous data surveys and interviews with former GPs, the texture and details of the place are perfectly realized, giving you a sense of realism as if you were seeing a real GP. Not only that. In order to maximize the effect of the incident, the machine-made dummy (model) instead of CG is evaluated to confirm the true value of Korean dummy technology. This special effect, which effectively expresses not only the appearance of the soldiers, but also the psychological state in the front-line mystery case, creates a reality comparable to that of a Hollywood blockbuster. This perfect GP created by the best staff will be evaluated as the pride of Korean film art by the audience and critics in April 2008.

[What happened there? ]

For the first time in the world, K2 appears in the movie!
The K2, which is used as the main weapon in the Korean military, cannot be left out of the movie set in the world's only divided country, the Republic of Korea, and the front-line guard post GP. In fact, the GP is also home to the best personal weapons of any unit. Thus, K2 is the first in the world to appear in a movie. It was by no means an easy task as it was the first attempt made in Korea. The problem didn't stop there. Since it was a weapon that was not easily available or spared, all the staff had no choice but to be nervous about gun management throughout the shoot. In the end, special measures were also taken to create a gun management department that allowed the directing and production departments to extract people and focus only on K2. In fact, the flash lamp was damaged by the impact while shooting blank bullets, so I tried to get a spare, but it was difficult to obtain, so I almost couldn't shoot. However, at this time, I received information that American-made fresh lamps are similar to domestic ones, and I was able to obtain them in Insa-dong with the spirit of catching straw. Of course, the amount of light was different from that of a domestic lamp, but the size was the same, so I was able to shoot safely after adding a layer of filter. The hard work of these staff will shine even more in the scene of shock where reality breathes and will be evaluated by the audience.

It can't be sweeter and more bloody than this!
Kang Sang-byeong and Lee Young-hoon were the first survivors to be found covered in blood at the site of the extermination of former platoon members. On the day this bloody scene was filmed, blood, which had to be seen more clearly than anything else, was the most precious prop in order to vividly prove the scene of Abi Gyu-hwan. When filming begins, the special makeup team, makeup team, costume team, and directing department are all mobilized to dry blood in front of the stove (?). It was filmed in sub-zero temperatures, so the blood continued to freeze! Thanks to that, Lee Young-hoon, who was deprived of all heating facilities, had to drop his body while taking off his shirt. The taste of blood made by mixing starch syrup, coloring, and coffee was sweet. However, in the cold weather, Lee Young-hoon's suffering was indescribable as his whole body hardened. Also, cleaning up the blood-swept spot after filming is a formidable task. In the middle of winter, it was not difficult to wipe off the hardened starch syrup! But everyone was so satisfied with the realistic and grotesque appearance, is there any other sweet and bloody filming set?

GP506, lost there!
The main character in the movie, GP506, is as important as an actor. The set, which the art team and the set team put great effort into for 'a space that flows like a maze, a space for talking', is said to have troubled the actors and staff during filming. The production team, surprised by the size and structure of the old and central corridors for the first time, was worried about how to shoot in a maze-like place. Despite having learned the way through several preliminary surveys and meticulous sketches, there were a number of staff and actors who got lost when driving, and they were given directions one by one. In addition, the monitor screen was placed closest to the filming location to make the movement easier, but search crews who do not film every day invariably get lost in a maze-like set and the filming was delayed. What kind of place is that? However, it seems to be true that the place that no one can enter has become a maze that no one can find, and succeeded in conveying the mystery in the film.

Loyalty! GP506 has been ordered to be discharged!
Movies with 40 soldiers in the background of the military are very different, even if they are different. Not only the actors but also the staff looked different from other movie shooting sites. The reason is that everyone is wearing a military uniform or military-colored clothing. Occasionally they wore a priest's uniform to avoid the cold, but if you see them from afar, this was the cold-weather training of the soldiers. It wasn't just that. When director Gong Soo-chang, the general commander of the movie, gives directions to actors and staff, everyone says, 'Yes! I understand!' was repeated. that's why On the set, I was able to witness the actors and staff moving in harmony than any other movie set. And this kind of military atmosphere made it possible to demonstrate the military spirit of 'If it doesn't work, do it!' It is said that as soon as it fell from the cold winter rain, the freezing rain had to be dried with a hair dryer and lighting, and it was also common to clean the white snow as if it had fallen. All of this would have been impossible without the spirit of the Korean soldier. On the day the filming actually ended, the actors and staff all said, 'Finally, you're discharged!' It is said that he felt that way. He also enjoyed the joy of being discharged from the military by blowing cakes to coach Gong Soo-chang, whom he had treated with respect, as if to repay him for training in the cold season. Director Gong Soo-chang also did not forget to express his deep gratitude to the actors and staff who waited patiently for longer than any other work.

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