(Korean Movies) 2005


Audience over 15
running time
107 minutes
cumulative audience
1003026 people


I am 26 years old…
The son who suddenly appeared is already nine years old? Called? Called? Called?

Even if it is fake, Dae-gyu is working hard for the revival of the record industry. Even today, a child suddenly appears in front of him, who works to seduce a woman. His name is Jeon In-kwon, and he is nine years old.. What does his son say in front of a well-to-do youth in the middle of the night? Dae-gyu, who can't hide his embarrassment, calculates the age of human rights, and there is a point where he gets stabbed, but he can't end his bachelor life like this. In order to return human rights, they blindly pretend not to know, report a missing child to the police station, throw it away on the street and run away. However, human rights that engage in human rights and human rights that are not child-like (?) psychological warfare and hand-to-hand combat with a childlike innocent face are not usually an opponent. Then, human rights offers an unexpected deal. If you promise me one thing, I will leave…

A new Goryeojang trip (?)! He is leaving his son to become a bachelor!

The proposal is to cross the country right away! Even if a nine-year-old can hold out, Dae-gyu happily leaves for three days. But instead, Daegyu gets tired first. I try to inquire about Miyeon, the mother of human rights, but to no avail… I try to give up my human rights and come back alone, but it's not easy because of my love. On the other hand, human rights who firmly believe that wishes will come true once the crossing of the country is completed. Dae-gyu doesn't know what human rights wishes are, but he cries and continues his journey to eat mustard. And the hospital I stopped by because of the sudden childbirth of the daughter-in-law of a guest house I met while traveling. There, Dae-gyu discovers the secret hidden by human rights. At this time, Dae-gyu also learned what his wish was to come true through the crossroads of the country. The touching feeling that rushes into his chest, who lived with flying wings, is now starting to give Dae-gyu a reason to end the traverse of the country… But even this is scary Dae-gyu,
Will he be able to defend the life of a bachelor, which he has been protecting for 26 years, to the end? ?

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