(Korean Movies) 美人圖, 2008

美人圖, 2008

美人圖, 2008
Youth not allowed
running time
108 minutes
cumulative audience
2342579 people
32nd Golden Cinematography Awards 2009


A sensation that transcended 250 years!
The fascinating secret of a genius painter!

The youngest daughter of the Hwawon family, which has been passed down for 4 generations, to her brother Yun-bok Shin with her mysterious drawing skills.
Yoon-jeong, a 7-year-old genius who secretly drew pictures for her. her normal life
One day, his brother commits suicide, and everything is turned upside down.
He gave up his woman for the sake of painting and started living the life of his older brother Shin Yun-bok.

The narrow border between desire and beauty
Joseon's first eroticism!

Kim Hong-do, Joseon's best painter
Yun Bok, who had a free and daring love, portrayed Joseon’s first eroticism.
will be presented However, he receives criticism and envy for his 'songhwa' as lewd and lowly.

The four men and women surrounding <Beautiful Island>
Secret and fatal love!

One day, Kang Moo appears in front of Yun Bok, who lived as a man for painting.
Falling in love for the first time in your life Yoon Bok, who wanted to be a woman in front of love,
Kang Mu, her first love, who can even give her life for Yun-bok,
Kim Hong-do, who fell in love with his disciple's talents and fell in love with all of him,
Seol-hwa, a high-class prostitute, is captivated by her love for Hong-do.
Their mixed love and love surrounding <Beautiful Island>, which has a secret hidden for 250 years,
Fatal jealousy brings unexpected unhappiness.

[ Sensation Prologue ]

Joseon's first eroticism that ridiculed taboo and hypocrisy!
Meet the sensation that will shake the world in 2008!

first sensation ; The fascinating secret of a genius painter who has transcended 250 years!
Shin Yoon-bok, are you a man? are you a woman

"Shin Yun-bok [申潤福, 1758~]
Son of Ja Ipbu, Ho Hyewon, Main Building Goryeong, and Cheomsa Shin Hanpyeong.
The crest is an appendix. I drew a genre painting well." – O Se-chang's close-up calligraphy painting [槿域書畵徵]

Shin Yun-bok, a genius painter who disappeared from history with only two records of Oh Se-chang's [Neighborhood Seo Hwa-jing], along with the myth that he was kicked out of the dohwaseo because he liked to draw fairy tales (in the early 20th century, culture critic Moon Il-pyeong).
In 2008, the 250th anniversary of Shin Yun-bok's birth, he meets his fascinating life hidden in history again through the movie <Beautiful Island>. Whereas Kim Hong-do portrayed the life of a simple commoner in a powerful masculine style, Shin Yun-bok painted a feminine style with delicate and splendid colors.

He who boldly put women, which was a taboo subject at the time, in the center of the canvas,
He excelled at expressing a woman's heart more than anyone else.

A question that started from the topic of one line in 'Beautiful Island', which said, "Under the thin jacket, I convey the feelings of my heart with the tip of a brush." Maybe 'Beautiful Island' wasn't his self-portrait?
The movie <Beautiful Island> will bring about another sensation in the film industry in 2008 by simultaneously illuminating the life of a man, Shin Yun-bok, whom we knew, and the life of a woman, Shin Yun-bok, whom we did not know.

second sensation; The borderline between desire and beauty!
Is it spring? is it art?

'Dano Pungjeong', which depicts the naked breasts and buttocks of prostitutes
'Ibu Tamchun' contains a widow smiling at a mating dog
Under the moonlight, two men and women share a pitiful friendship
'Gibang Warrior' is a story about the love between a prostitute and a nobleman taking advantage of her outing…
"I drew it because it is beautiful because the weak heart of a human being seduced and shaken because of love"
Shin Yun-bok's paintings are based on a drawing book that had to draw a standardized style and uniform discipline at the time.
It caused a sensation all over. The painters who were jealous of Shin Yun-bok's genius gathered together
Were the rare and problematic works that were criticized for being obscene pornography?
Was it an art depicting the beauty of love? Already ahead of its time 250 years ago
Shin Yun-bok, a genius painter who showed the first eroticism in Joseon, is expected to walk the tightrope once again in the movie <Beautiful Road>.

Third sensation ; The hidden fatal love story of <Beautiful Island>!
is it desire? is it love

Shin Yun-bok, a genius painter who lived as a man because of painting but wanted to be a woman in front of love,
Her first love, Kang Mu, who made Shin Yun-bok want to live as a woman,
Master Kim Hong-do, who loved his disciple’s talents and came to love all of him.
Seol-hwa, a misfortuned prostitute, captured by jealousy with her love for Hong-do.

It depicts the fatal love story of four men and women who fall into subtle emotions that do not know whether it is desire or love.
The movie <Beautiful Island> is passionate and provocative. The crossed love between two genius painters and artists in the late Joseon Dynasty
To what extent is desire and to what extent is love?

[ Sensation Movie ]

Breaking the boundaries between history and imagination!
Well-made Korean Faction Movie!

The movie <Beautiful Island>, which depicts the dramatic life of Hyewon Shin Yun-bok, one of the three major genre painters of the late Joseon Dynasty, is coming to the screen this fall, bringing the wind of a historical drama faction. Korean films based on true stories, such as <Marathon>, <Memories of Murder>, and <The Voice of the Guy>, showed their potential, and after that, the 'Faction' craze led to historical dramas.
<The King's Man> drew 10 million viewers to the theater by reinterpreting the familiar tyrants and widows 'Yeonsan' and 'Noksu' as a medium of 'The Royal Clown'. This year, including <Beautiful Island>, <Sinjeon>, which is based on the world's first multiple rocket artillery 'Shinjeon' made during the reign of King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty, and <Ssanghwajeom>, which deals with homosexuality that existed during the Goryeo period, this year will once again be 'historical faction'. ' will continue its heyday. 'Faction' and 'Historical Drama', which instilled imagination into historical figures, have now established themselves as a single genre, and are becoming a staple in Chungmuro, thirsty for material exhaustion. In particular, <Beautiful Indo> is noteworthy in that it is a story of a painter that has not been dealt with well in Korean films until now. Here, the setting that Shin Yun-bok, a genius painter who was ahead of the times with sensational paintings, was a woman stimulates the imagination. <Beautiful Island>, which will be fascinated by the pleasure and fatal love of Shin Yun-bok, who showed the first eroticism in Joseon, will open a new horizon for well-made Korean-style fiction movies.

A different Chosun melodrama, meet eroticism!
A sensation following <Scandal> <The King's Man> and <Lawful Confession>!

Another sensational Chosun melodrama <Beautiful Island> will hit the screens this fall, following the genealogy of <Scandal>, <The King's Man>, and <Indecent Confession>, which created issues with provocative material and unconventional love that transcended the conservative Joseon Dynasty. . Unique materials and splendid sights that transcend the taboos of the times, such as the confrontation between Joseon's best playboy and the yobu to destroy the virtuous woman, the first royal court clown and the king's love, and the romance between the obscene novelist Chu Wol-saek and the king's woman Jeong-bin, are loved by the audience. has received The movie <Beautiful Island> started with the shocking subject that Shin Yun-bok, a genius painter of the Joseon Dynasty, was a woman. The fatal love between Shin Yun-bok, who is considered the first eroticist painter in Joseon, and Shin Yun-bok’s first love, Kang Mu, who makes bronze mirrors, as well as the four-color romance between Kim Hong-do, the teacher who loved all of his students, and Seolhwa, the best courtesan in Joseon, foretells another sensation. . The movie <Beautiful Island>, which will show the fascinating secrets surrounding the painting 'Beautiful Island' and an unconventional and sophisticated bed scene comparable to that of <Color, System>, will show the essence of Joseon's first high-quality eroticism. A fatal temptation to rekindle the myth of the historical drama craze, <Beautiful Island> is a different kind of Joseon melodrama that is more colorful than <Sexual Life>, more colorful than <The King's Man>, and sadder than <Scandal>. will do it

Drawing the life of Yun-bok Shin, the first in Korea!
Shin Yun-bok everyone knows but no one knows!

The movie <Beautiful India>, which first planned the life of Shin Yun-bok, a genius painter in the late Joseon Dynasty, became a hot topic as it started the 'Shin Yun-bok Syndrome', which has recently become a hot topic in the popular culture world. From the novel 'The Garden of the Wind' to the drama 'The Garden of the Wind' based on the novel of the same name, the popular culture world these days has been fascinated by the Joseon Dynasty painter Shin Yun-bok. However, surprisingly, it is known that the movie <Beautiful Island> was planned ahead of the best-selling novel 'The Garden of the Wind' and the drama 'The Garden of the Wind', which has been airing since September. Due to the nature of the medium of film, it was the last to encounter the audience after going through a long planning stage, but the original scenario <Beautiful Island> has already been registered with the Copyright Association in April of last year. This was a precedent plan for Lee Jung-myung's novel <The Garden of the Wind>, which was published in August last year and the drama production company, Drama House, signed a copyright contract in October. Also, the material is the same, but the story is completely different, so it will be fun to compare dramas and movies. This is because the drama 'The Garden of the Wind', based on the novel of the same name, has a mystery structure surrounding the picture, but the movie 'Beautiful Road' focuses on the melodrama, so there is a big difference. Films dealing with the lives of western painters such as Basquiat, Klimt, Pollock, and Frida have already been popular overseas, but in Korea, <Beautiful Island>, the story of a genius painter Shin Yun-bok, is the first to be dealt with after Im Kwon-taek's <Chwihwaseon>, which tells the life of Jang Seung-eop. Through this, you will meet Shin Yun-bok that everyone knows but no one knows.

Alluring fascination, fall into that fatal temptation!
The rediscovery of beautiful actress Kim Min-sun!

If there is Tang Wei in <Color, System>, there is Kim Min-seon in <Beautiful Island>. If Tang Wei showed a performance that transcends sensuality and innocence in <Color, System> with an unstoppable, unconventional sexiness, in <Beautiful Road>, Kim Min-seon portrayed a bold and sophisticated sex scene with a dizzying figure that had not been seen in Korean films. Kim Min-sun, who showed an acting fighting spirit that spared no body, boasts a more mature acting through <Beautiful Road>. She exudes a fascinating and fatal charm, going back and forth between the innocence of an artist who had to live as a man because of her paintings and the sensual appearance of her first femininity in front of her beloved. Her beautiful figure, which has already received favorable reviews for showing off her beautiful back through the teaser poster for <Beautiful Road>, will shine even more in the movie.

[ Sensation Production ]

Resurrection of the soul of art beyond 250 years!
Perfect reproduction of Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do's paintings on the screen!

<Beautiful Island> depicts the life and fatal love of Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do, genius painters of the late Joseon Dynasty, so the paintings of the two painters in the film provide another attraction. Shin Yun-bok's provocative self-portrait <Beautiful Island>, <Dano Pungjeong>, <Monday Night Secret Meeting>, <Wolhajeongin>, <Ibu Tamchun>, which are more familiar through textbooks, as well as paintings from Shin Yun-bok's paintings, <Ssireumdo> and <Ssireumdo>, <Song Ha Maenghodo> Kim Hong-do's paintings have been perfectly reproduced on the screen, surpassing 250 years of history through thorough historical research and delicate copying. Choi Soon-nyeong, a professor of oriental painting at Hongik University, who directly copied Kim Hong-do's paintings, was able to easily digest the role of Kim Hong-do in the movie and even helped the actors take painting classes to revitalize the film. However, it was difficult to find a replacement for Kim Min-sun. This is because there are not many artists who paint authentic oriental paintings in Korea, and female artists are not common, and skill was also required to perfectly replicate Shin Yun-bok's paintings. After a lot of hard work, with the recommendation of Professor Soon-nyeong Choi, who was in the middle of Hong-do Kim, I was able to successfully shoot by recruiting a talented person who had completed the Department of Oriental Painting at Hongik University Graduate School. The paintings utilizing the style of Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do, who were reborn as perfect copycats, form an important central axis of the film throughout the movie, and will breathe artistic soul into the screen.

A moving museum in one movie!
A splendid feast of works made by intangible cultural assets!

Most of the props worth 800 million won in the movie <Beautiful Island> are cultural assets and are attracting attention. Expensive props such as <Scandal> and <Seosaeng> have already become an issue in historical dramas, but the props presented in <Beautiful Island> are significant because they are human cultural assets and works of famous artists. The brush used by Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do, who admire and cherish each other’s paintings in the movie, is the work of In-Hoon Lee, an intangible cultural asset, and the Hwagakjang in the Sulwha Room is also the work of Chun-Seop Han, an intangible cultural asset. Hwagak is an expensive product that is more luxurious than mother-of-pearl. In addition, because only the horns of Korean cattle can be used, it is considered more precious. In Korea, only two people are working on the painting, and one of them, Chun-seop Han, was able to get the sponsorship after taking the work.
The pleasure of finding hidden cultural assets in the movie will be another highlight of watching the movie <Beautiful Island>. The movie <Beautiful Island>, where you can see the paintings of Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do, as well as cultural assets, will become a moving museum and visit the audience.

Costumes that capture the emotions of the characters!
Sometimes colorful and sometimes elegant color!

In <Beautiful Island>, costumes are another means of communication that shows the character's emotions and inner self. The clothes of Kim Hong-do, the greatest painter of Joseon, who is loved by King Jeongjo, feel dignified, and the clothes of Kang Mu, the owner of a pure soul, give a feeling of freedom. On the other hand, Shin Yun-bok's clothes with bold colors emphasized the softness and femininity hidden in the man by using colors such as purple and pink like his splendid painting style. Sul-hwa, a prostitute, gave splendor and elegance to express Joseon's most beautiful beauty and inner jealousy. The costume of the movie <Beautiful Island> was a new imaginary work to find the inner emotional line of a character, such as the color of longing and the color of darkness and light of love, just like Shin Yun-bok's painting. First, the key color for each character was determined through character analysis. Shin Yun-bok, a genius painter who was a woman but had to disguise himself as a man, represents indigo, meaning purity and passion; Kang Mu, a wild man with a free spirit but willing to sacrifice his life in front of love, is green; Brown, the best courtesan of the Joseon Dynasty, was chosen as the key color for the gorgeous red and purple meaning jealousy. In addition, the change according to the inner image of the character is expressed as a change in the color of the clothes to capture the heart of the character. Shin Yun-bok's costume delicately expresses the image of Kang Mu's bright love and Kim Hong-do's dark love. In addition, the form of hanbok follows thorough historical research, but the material, color, and pattern are combined with modern images to try something new in the familiarity. The courtesans, onlookers, and wrestlers in the painting scenes 'Dano Pungjeong' and 'Ssireumdo' each gave points through clear color contrast and the contrast of each group's costume, as if food were drawn on paper. In the scene of the procession to Jongmyo, the colorful costumes of the court musicians contrast with the pure white costumes of the onlookers on either side. As such, the costumes of <Beautiful Island> not only provide a glimpse into the various costume cultures that lived at the same time, from court costumes to courtesans and low-class people, but also provide another attraction that stimulates emotions as you can see the color changes according to the emotional lines of the characters in each scene. .

Completion of the first eroticism in Joseon!
Struggle for perfect reproduction of Chunhwa!

The essential highlight of the movie <Beautiful Indo>, which will show the essence of eroticism for the first time in Joseon, is the perfect reproduction of Chunhwa. The not-so-decent sexual culture of the decent noblemen of the Joseon Dynasty, handed down only by Yasa, is vividly expressed around the story of the best courtesan of Joseon.
Saekjuga, a secret and secret space consisting of a 150-pyeong maze-like corridor, was born for the actual realization of Chunhwa, which will reproduce the first eroticism in Joseon.
In addition, the stage space that shows the Qing dynasty position was constructed so that the stage could be enjoyed from various angles by introducing the "ㅁ" structure that broke away from the existing Korean architectural style. In order to remove the limited limit of Settra, he filled about 3 tons of water and put a stage on it, and spared no effort to create a more mysterious and dreamy space.
The work that was as difficult as making a special set for reenactment of Chunhwa was the casting of the Chunhwa Ginyeo. The casting conditions for the Chunhwa courtesan, who had to show an unusually difficult position, were difficult. Flexibility and exposure to the naked body are the basics, and they had to have classic beauty as they were the best courtesans in Joseon. Through an audition that lasted about 100 days, I had a meeting with about 70 actors, but I couldn't find a suitable person, and I had to go all over the place to find a prostitute. Not only did he go to the jjimjilbang to find his body, but he also inquired about racing girls, nude actors, and erotic video actors, so he fell in love with the casting of a prostitute. After a lot of hard work, I was able to cast two people who were suitable for the Chunhwa Ginnyeo, and after receiving rigorous training from a professional choreographer twice a week for 4 weeks, I learned a near-perfect figure. The unconventional performances of the prostitutes in Chunhwa, who will show off glamorous and sensual positions that you can't even imagine, will give you another pleasure in watching the movie.

From painting to horseback riding gayageum!
The acting fighting spirit of actors who have been reborn as artists!

<Beautiful Island> is the first Korean film to deal with the life of a genius painter. Shin Yun-bok, who has many painting scenes in the play, and Kim Min-seon and Kim Young-ho, who play the roles of Kim Hong-do, took painting classes three times a week for three hours a day for three months. Starting with the Four Gentlemen, Kim Young-ho showed enthusiasm by copying Kim Hong-do's paintings and Kim Min-seon's Shin Yun-bok's paintings. In particular, Kim Min-sun was deeply immersed in the character Shin Yun-bok, who took oriental painting classes, as well as went to the museum in his spare time to look for the paintings of Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do. On the other hand, Kim Nam-gil, who plays the role of Gangmu in the movie, visited the craft studio during filming and showed enthusiasm to meticulously check the postures and hand movements of the workers. He also received special training in wrestling from the director. Despite insufficient practice time, Kim Nam-gil, who has mastered the techniques of field keeper and homie girl with his unique motor nerves, proved that he is an excellent actor in action acting by directing scenes of a wrestling match full of excitement. Meanwhile, Choo Ja-hyeon, who appears in the movie as a prostitute who is good at gayageum, also showed enthusiasm for taking gayageum lessons twice a week for a month. Choo Ja-hyeon had a harder time playing the gayageum than ordinary people because of her long fingers, but nevertheless, she worked hard on the gayageum and surprised those around her by showing her own gayageum performance in every scene in the movie except for the close-up of her hands. Kim Min-sun and Choo Ja-hyun showed their fighting spirit by directly digesting the scene of riding a horse in the movie. You can fully look forward to their performances as artists in the movie <Beautiful Island>.

[ Sensation Painting ]

More useful movie information if you know!
A masterpiece from the movie preview!

Beautiful Indo (美人圖): Painted on silk 114.2*45.7cm Kansong Art Museum
Hyewon Shin Yunbok's representative work. A masterpiece from the end of the 18th to the middle of the 19th century that well revealed the realist sense of aesthetics.
The men's purple three-legged jeogori, worn on a gray-blue skirt with indigo dye, and purple pus on the side accentuate the beauty. excites

What is 'Beautiful Island' in the movie <Beautiful Island>?
Imagination that started with one line, “I convey the love that fills my heart under the thin jacket with the tip of my brush.” Wasn't Beauty Indo a self-portrait of Shin Yun-bok? In the movie, the painting 'Beautiful Island' comes from the decisive scene where Shin Yun-bok shows his femininity for the first time in front of his beloved lover, Kang Mu. The excitement of living as a man because of her paintings and wanting to be a woman in front of love is portrayed in the way she reflects herself in front of a mirror. She leaves a beautiful self-portrait of herself.

Dano Pungjeong (端午郅情): Colored on paper 28*35cm Kansong Art Museum
In the upper center of the painting, a woman on a swing is depicted in strong colors to form the focal point of the screen, and the almost flawless composition such as the creek and mound flowing down from the upper left corner is the highlight among Shin Yun-bok's paintings. It boldly depicts women with large spools of hair, women of half-nae bathing by a stream, and monks hiding in the crevices of rocks and looking over them.

What is 'Dano Pungjeong' in the movie <Beautiful Island>?
A stream where Kang Moo introduced himself to Yoon Bok, who saved him from the crisis, under the pretext of paying off his debts. The best place for Yun-bok, who always wants to paint genre paintings, is none other than a stream where high-class prostitutes usually bathe. The scenery along the stream reflected in the bronze mirror provided by Kangmu, and the gloomy appearance of the gisaengs taking a bath are dizzying. The behind-the-scenes story of the painting 'Dano Pungjeong' and the scenes in the movie that vividly reproduce the painting are the highlight.

Moon Night Secret Meeting (月夜密会) : Coloring on paper 28.2*35.2cm Kansong Art Museum
Another representative work of Shin Yun-bok, which shows sensual beauty with bold description and color.
A man embraces a woman under the shadow of a wall lit by the full moon on a deserted alleyway. The woman standing at the corner of the wall and looking anxiously at them heightens the tension in the painting.

What is the 'Monday Night Secret Party' in the movie <Beautiful Island>?
In the movie, the painting "Moon and Night Secret Meeting" is one of the paintings in the notebook of the disciple Yun Bok, where his teacher Hong-do Kim felt emotions he did not know. Kim Hong-do, who sees the 'Moon-night Secret Meeting' in the flower book that he accidentally saw secretly, feels like he is spying on the love between Yoon-bok and Kang-mu, and is captivated by strange jealousy.

Wolhajeongin (月下情人) : 35.6*28.2cm Kansong Art Museum, painted on paper
“The heart of two people in the middle of the night, only two people know.”
A work that shows the delicate sensibility of Shin Yun-bok. A work of secret love between two men and women under the moonlight.

Who is the 'Wonha Jungin' in the movie <Beautiful Island>?
'Wolha Jungin' is a work that Yoon Bok, who was first caught seeing a woman for the first time, drew his heart fluttering with Kang Moo. It contains the trembling emotions of Yoon Bok and Kang Moo secretly making love at night.

Ibutamchun (二婦探春): Colored on paper 28.2*35.2cm Kansong Art Museum
A work that evokes laughter by the blatant expression of a widow named Cheongsang who couldn't hold back her laughter when she saw a pair of dogs mating on a spring day and a servant who tried to dry them.

What is 'Little Tamchun' in the movie <Beautiful Island>?
In the movie, 'Tamchun Lee' is a work drawn out of curiosity when Hong-do Kim visits his teacher Pyoam Kang Se-hwang's house and chats, while Yoon-bok looks around the yard and sees a widow and a servant in a suit smiling over the fence.

Ssireumdo: Painted on paper 27×22.7cm, National Museum of Korea
It is one of Kim Hong-do's representative genre paintings. The final struggles of the wrestlers competing for power and the mixed facial expressions and gestures of resentment of the spectators are vividly conveyed with a heated atmosphere as if they could be grasped.

What is 'Ssireumdo' in the movie <Beautiful Island>?
Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok go out to the author's street to draw a sequel to King Jeongjo. 'Ssireumdo' was drawn by Kim Hong-do when he saw Kang Mu's wrestling match in the middle of the street. Kang Moo wins the match and presents the prize, a calf, to Yoon Bok.

Acquisition degree (拾得圖): Colored on silk 21.5*15.2cm, Kansong Art Museum
It is a painting that expresses the life of the master master who satisfies the hunger of the people by wandering the world with a simple composition and jokes of ink. It is also a picture that gives a glimpse into the life philosophy of the unit.

What is the 'acquisition degree' in the movie <Beautiful Island>?
For Kang-mu, who was caught still by breaking an expensive mirror, Yun Bok copied the master Kim Hong-do's painting 'Acquisition'. Among the beggars of the Tang Dynasty who lived as beggars and cared for the poor, officials who had trouble with Yun Bok's wisdom and writing style, who mimicked the paintings of Seul-guk like a ghost, also let Kang-mu go.

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