(Korean Movies) 潔白, 2019

潔白, 2019

潔白, 2019
Audience over 15
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
26th Chunsa International Film Festival 2021


Makgeolli pesticide murder case at my father's funeral

Lawyer Jeong-in (Shin Hye-sun), who is trying to uncover the innocence of her mother, the narrator (Bae Jong-ok), who has lost her memory and is accused of a murder, proves her innocence as she digs up the ugly truth that the mayor Chu (Heo Jun-ho) and the villagers tried to hide. chase play

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The pesticide makgeolli murder case at a funeral home in a farmhouse.
A lawyer's daughter pursues to prove her mother's innocence, who is a murder suspect!
The birth of a quest for innocence that uncovers the hidden truth!
<Innocence> begins with a shocking incident where one villager dies and 4 others are in critical condition after drinking makgeolli with pesticides at the funeral home of an ordinary rural farmhouse. As a suspect in a murder case, the 'Speaker', who was guarding her husband's funeral without being able to greet mourners due to acute dementia, was arrested on the spot. As she takes on the defense of her mother, who is on the ground, <Innocence> continues the storyline at a speedy pace.

Jeong-in, who has to defend her mother, who has no memory of the incident and does not recognize her, is wary of the villagers by pointing their finger at the 'narrator' as a murderer. 'Jung-in', who was struggling alone to investigate the case, comes close to the truth the villagers were trying to hide, centering on 'Mayor Chu, who is a victim of a murder and stands at the center of power, and begins to confront them to prove her mother's innocence. do.

In the movie <Innocence>, as 'Jeong-in' pursues the case, the hidden secrets of 'Mayor Chu' and the villagers, as well as the mother 'talker', are revealed, conveying dramatic tension. In particular, as they struggle to prove their mother's innocence, the characters' past and even the memories of that day are revealed. It provides an unforgettable feeling of immersion.

<Innocence>, which was born as a new genre of 'the pursuit of innocence' in which 'Jung-in''s breathtaking pursuit of the truth, based on the strong storyline 'I have to prove the innocence of the mother who became a murder suspect', Ready to captivate

A lawyer who pursues the truth, a suspect who forgot the truth, a market trying to hide everything
Shin Hye-sun X Bae Jong-ok X Heo Jun-ho
A meeting of acting craftsmen from all generations!
<Innocence> raises expectations even more with the fresh casting of actors from all generations gathered in one place. Actors such as Shin Hye-sun, Bae Jong-ok, and Heo Jun-ho, who nod their heads just by hearing their name, engage in a tight battle over the truth.

Starting with the drama [School 2013], he has been working on filmography step by step in various works such as [Five Children], [Secret Forest], [My Golden Life], which was the most talked-about work, and [Dan, One Love], which recently ended in popularity. Shin Hye-sun has built up her trust in her acting skills by perfectly digesting the characters in each work. Shin Hye-sun, who has been loved by many people as an actress, has chosen <Innocence> as her first screen lead role and plays the role of 'Jeong-in', an ace lawyer from a large law firm from the Seoul District Court. Shin Hye-sun, who showed passion, said, "I constantly talked with the director and tried to empathize with and express the emotions of the character 'Jung-in'." In addition, director Park Sang-hyeon, who was in charge of directing the film, said, "It is rare to find an actor who can accurately pronounce and control the tempo of emotions like actress Shin Hye-sun. Shin Hye-sun, who showed a strong presence from her first lead role, is expected to rise as a representative next-generation actress who will lead Korean cinema. In addition, Bae Jong-ok, the representative national actor of Korea, who has worked in numerous works from screens to dramas and plays, adds weight to the film as the 'Speaker', a murder suspect who has lost his memory. In particular, Bae Jong-ok, who said, "I chose this work because of my thirst for acting transformation," is expected to perform an outstanding performance that cannot take his eyes off of his debut. Director Park Sang-hyun said, "I wanted to be with you after seeing many of your works, and I'm so happy that my wish came true. He gave a lot of strength to the film with another acting that I had never seen before,” he said, raising expectations. Heo Jun-ho, who has been showing a heavy presence in recent works such as the movies <Rogue: The World of the Bad Guys>, <Day of National Bankruptcy>, <Astronomy: Ask the Sky> and dramas [Kingdom] and [60 Days, Designated Survivor], He took on the role of 'Mayor Chu', a victim of the pesticide makgeolli murder and standing at the center of the huge power surrounding the village. Heo Jun-ho is expected to overwhelm the atmosphere in every scene and inject tension into the play. In particular, the court scene of Heo Jun-ho, who stands as a witness, and Shin Hye-sun, who interrogates him, is born as a famous scene that will make viewers sweat enough to be expressed in the director's words, “It was a war without guns and swords,” and the overwhelming performances of the two actors to expect Here, Hong Kyung, who showed a strong acting that is not like a rookie in the dramas [Life on Mars] and [Live], Tae Hang-ho, a born scene stealer, Ko Chang-seok, Park Cheol-min, etc. .

<Innocence>, which created explosive synergy by combining the excellent performances of the acting masters and the carefully composed scenario, is expected to give the audience an overwhelming sense of immersion and put a new emphasis on the Korean chase drama.

A new project with the sincerity of the production crew
March 2020, the birth of a well-made movie that shakes the heart!
In February 2017, the production team, who had a heavy message towards absurd power through the movie “Retrial” with the motif of the murder case at Yakchon five-way street in February 2017, presented the innocence chase drama “Innocence” once again in March 2020. Announcing the birth of a well-made movie with

The production team revealed the intention of the new project <Innocence>, saying, "This time, we wanted to show the story of chasing the truth hidden within the family that is the closest power within the fence of human relationships and the family that should be a warm fence." there is a bar In this way, <Innocence> shows the intertwined interests and twisted desires between the characters in an ordinary rural village as the background, and it truly depicts the story of a family caught up in a fight against power and facing the ugly truth.

The birth of a powerful chase drama centered on female characters!
Opening a new horizon of differentiated chase play!
Whereas most of the chase dramas so far have consisted of mostly male characters and actors, <Innocence> is a woman who leads a heavy drama by setting the character as a female lawyer who tries to prove the innocence of her mother, who is arrested as a murder suspect. It could have been completed as a central chase play. With the soft but powerful energy of actors Shin Hye-sun and Bae Jong-ok, who will infuse tension, it can be meaningful in that it has opened an era of chase dramas that are distinctly different from those previously driven by men. .

<Innocence> is a well-made movie that shakes the heart and is ready to captivate the audience with the sincere performances of the actors who breathed life into the work and the efforts of the production team who have gathered their strength silently. First of all, Shin Hye-sun's passionate performance as 'Jeong-in', who pursues a case to prove her mother's innocence, makes the audience automatically support her struggles as she puts everything aside and becomes more and more immersed in this case. In addition, Bae Jong-ok, who plays the role of 'Speaker', who is accused of murder without knowing the English language due to acute dementia, is enough to draw the audience into the screen and feel as if he is at the center of the incident. Hong Kyung, who plays 'Jeong-soo', who has autism, also presents a passionate performance that infuses the narratives of 'Jung-in' and 'Speaker'. It is said that he did not spare a sincere effort. Especially in the climax scene, Shin Hye-sun and Bae Jong-ok, who put everything down and poured out their emotions completely, as you can see in the episode where all the staff held their breath and shed tears, the passionate performance and passionate sincerity of the actors and crew are portrayed in <Innocence>. > you can see it.

[Production Note]

200% of inner strength! A convincing production!
The story behind the creation of a virtual city where the truth is hidden 'Daecheon-si' and a space that saw the end of delicacy
Even the location became the story of the production crew!
The mission that was considered the most important during the production preparation process for the pursuit of innocence <Innocence> was 'place' and 'space'. It was important to capture a sense of reality on the screen as it was based on an event that you might have encountered in real news. Above all, the village hunting process was not easy as it was set in an ordinary countryside. After much deliberation, the production team found the regional characteristics of Daecheon Bay before the integration of Boryeong and Daecheon (now Boryeong City) and incorporated it into the film. It was determined that the mise-en-scène, distinctive dialect and personality that came from the geographical conditions would better capture the story of <Innocence>. Thus, the virtual space 'Daecheonsi', where the present and the past seem to remain at the same time, was born.

One of the highlights of <Innocence> is the opening scene. This one-scene, one-cut scene depicts the family including the 'Speaker' and son 'Jeong-Soo', who are accused of murder at her husband's funeral, the villagers who came to the funeral as mourners, and their leader, 'Mayor Chu,' and the people around them. Except for 'Jung-in', the main characters appear in large numbers, and the scene of the pesticide makgeolli murder, which is the beginning of the case, takes place. Through thorough pre-simulation and rehearsal, director Park Sang-hyun and the production team calculated the location of the lighting, the camera movement, the moving distance of the main actors as well as the minor actors, and the timing of lines to effectively deliver the shocking scene of the scene, as well as between the characters. It succeeds in conveying to the audience even the invisible interests, their personalities, and the ambivalent atmosphere of the village.

The delicate set design that expresses the situation and emotions of the two main characters, 'Jung-in' and 'the speaker' through the structure of space, is also worth paying attention to. The first space is the reception room in the detention center where 'Jung-in' in the play finally meets the 'narrator' properly. The production team tried to express 'Jung-in''s vague feelings for a mother who lost her memory and did not recognize her, and the feeling of isolation of the 'narrator' who was arrested without knowing the English language, through a closed space. The intensity of the light focused on the characters, the faces of the two people reflected on the glass window, and the point where the reflected faces overlap, etc., allow the audience to assimilate the emotions of the two people. In particular, since this reception room is the background of the climax scene in which the emotions of the two characters in the second half of the play reach the climax, the power of the production that allows viewers to follow the emotions of 'Jeongin' and 'Speaker' can shine even more. The second space is a courtroom set in which a tense angle of confrontation unfolds. The tense confrontation of 'Jung-in', who insists on the innocence of 'the speaker' against the witnesses on the side of the prosecution and the 'mayor Chu', and this space filled with tension and intense anger, the temperature and color variations of the light coming through the window. It maximizes the emotions of the changing characters. The camera also uses a standard lens and a telephoto lens rather than a wide-angle lens that can cover a wide range, effectively conveying an objective story as well as carefully capturing the expressions of the actors.

The production team, who made use of the concept of space that can effectively show the tension of the story and the relationship between the characters and completed it as another protagonist, will be another point of observation to watch <Innocence>, a chase drama that proves innocence.

Makeup that melts the character's emotions as time goes by
From the car chase scene to the enthusiasm of the staff and actors who spared no effort in reaching the underwater filming
A new pursuit of innocence created by perfect synergy!
Shin Hye-sun, who is not afraid of a challenge, Bae Jong-ok who has a thirst for transformation, Heo Jun-ho who shows the best performance no matter what clothes he wears, new stealers Hong Kyung and Tae Hang-ho, and the staff who have run to complete the movie with sincere productions. , and the hard work of everyone, <Innocence> was born as a different chase drama.

First, in <Innocence>, Bae Jong-ok catches the audience's attention with his unconventional makeup. The makeup team worked hard to capture the difference between the 'narrator's youthful days and the present, and 30 years of age, on Bae Jong-ok's face. The 'Speaker' in his 60s used a lifting band and a wig to express the appearance of a character who is living an uneventful life. Based on special makeup, dentures, lenses for different eyes, wrinkles and skin texture were emphasized, and wigs and damaged nails were added to transform Bae Jong-ok anew. It is said that Bae Jong-ok said that he had a 'thirst for transformation' even in the arduous makeup process and that he had fun. Shin Hye-sun, who saw Bae Jong-ok dressed as a 'narrator' who had lived a hard life, said, "I just looked at it and tears came to my eyes. The story of the character 'Speaker' was felt in the senior's eyes and facial expressions." Heo Jun-ho, who plays the role of Mayor Chu, a character in which 'Jeong-in' and 'the speaker' confronts, also hides his real face through special makeup to express the age difference between the past and the present. At the beginning of the play, 'Jung-in' emphasized the coolness of actress Shin Hye-sun while preserving the urban image of actress Shin Hye-sun. effectively communicate to the audience.

As the genre of chase drama was introduced, the realistic action scenes of <Innocence> are also worth seeing. In the car chase scene where 'Jeong-in' is chasing for clues, in order to save reality, the camera was set on the car and the situation was shared over the radio. It is said that Shin Hye-sun's excellent driving skills shined, and director Park Sang-hyun did not spare praise. The underwater filming that took place last winter in a cold wave is not to be missed. This scene, which contains a past incident that started the incident, was filmed on a real lake. Jun-ho Heo and the staff of 'Mayor Chu' held the key to the movie despite considerable physical exhaustion as they filmed in the water all day. I was able to finish filming safely without missing the tension until the end.

<Innocence> is completed with the passionate passion of the actors and staff, from the actors' unconventional makeup, the delicate efforts of the production team that can see traces of trouble even with a single costume, and the action that did not spare the body. It will provide you with fun.

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